Why Marijuana Legalization Just Makes Sense In 2018

Legal weed could be coming soon

It’s time to let go of preconceived notions and take a factual look at why marijuana legalization just makes sense. The USA could not only save millions of dollars by making marijuana legal but also bring in valuable tax revenue.

Just as organized crime flourished during prohibition, making marijuana illegal has also encouraged criminal activity, causing damage both to people and property. While marijuana is a drug with intoxicating effects, it has not been shown to cause physical dependency or have health and mental effects more serious than those caused by other legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes or prescription medication. The ‘gateway drug’ argument has been shown to be overstated and again, the same argument could be made for legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Marijuana legalization would free up law enforcement and the courts to concentrate on more serious crimes and to work on reducing the manufacture and trafficking of more dangerous drugs such as heroin and crystal methamphetamine. The true cost of making marijuana illegal might never be known as it’s difficult to put a dollar amount on human potential that is stunted by having an arrest record, families that are thrown in disarray when one member is jailed and so on.

The individual social benefits of marijuana are very similar to those of other legal drugs like cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol, such as increased feeling of well-being, relaxation and relaxation of social inhibitions. Again, any drug has dangers and can be abused and the risks involved with marijuana use are very similar to alcohol use, both in kind and severity. The answer, then seems to be to education and to continue to have penalties for irresponsible use of drugs like driving under the influence.

There can be positive health effects to marijuana use and these should be considered when thinking about why marijuana legalization makes sense. While many of us only think of marijuana as being beneficial to those undergoing chemotherapy, it can offer medical and therapeutic benefits for those suffering from many different health conditions. Smoking marijuana can increase appetite and relieve feelings of nausea, produce effective pain relief and allow those suffering from chronic conditions a chance to relax.

Making marijuana legal means that the government can tax marijuana, can ensure that buyers are not getting ripped off or worse, given drugs with toxic additives and can effectively educate users about safe use. Right now, this is not really possible as it is an illegal substance in many of the states so the only education most people get is ‘just say no’. As we’ve seen from the failure of abstinence only sex education, that is not an answer and our young people would be better served by learning the facts about marijuana use.