What is Marijuana Withdrawal and How to Cure Withdrawal Symptoms

What is Marijuana Withdrawal and How to Cure Withdrawal Symptoms

The definition of withdrawal,

Drug withdrawal is the group of symptoms that occur upon the abrupt discontinuation or decrease in intake of medications or recreational drugs” – Wikipedia

According to animal research and controlled studies of cannabis smokers during therapy of dependence, suggest that marijuana, exactly like with other drugs of dependence, experience withdrawal symptoms of many forms. Signs of marijuana addiction are very similar to that of tobacco addiction, they urge.

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Marijuana withdraw symptoms include:

Signs of marijuana withdrawal first arise in serious habitual users within the first 8 hours and would be the most noticeable during the first ten days, but withdrawal symptoms can persist as long as 45 days. The withdrawal from marijuana is recognizable by behavioral and psychological distress.

Most individuals believe marijuana is a benign drug that makes you have the munchies, there’s debate in the scientific community about whether withdrawal causes significant symptoms. I think that it is dependent upon the persons personality.

For an example, someone that has a history of anger, depression, cognitive disorders, or perhaps mixes another drug with cannabis, can raise the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal. Individuals who use marijuana without thinking of its side effects also demonstrate a great deal of irresponsibility. Their altered perception or thoughts, while intoxicated on marijuana, may make them feel the need for this feeling.

The best way to prevent cannabis withdrawal effects would be to use it in little doses and avoid taking it on a daily basis. Smoking marijuana takes a lot of responsibility and discipline in determining when the medication is suitable to use at the present moment.

It’s best to avoid thinking that almost anything is achievable while using cannabis. While most of the times it is, you want to avoid situations where you could be the direct result of a financial, physical, or emotional diversity. For example, avoid smoking cannabis should situations where you have to operate machinery potentially come up, or where critical and fast thought process is required. Do not smoke if you need a lot of concentration, labor, operating a car or machinery. It’s just common sense.

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The symptoms of marijuana withdrawal include but are not Limited to:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Physical tension
  • Decreases in mood and appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Physical tension
  • Restlessness
  • Anorexia
  • Insomnia
  • Increased aggression/anger
  • Strange dreams

Since cannabis is an illegal substance in many of the states, lots of men and women consider using marijuana for substance abuse. Substance abuse is the maladaptive pattern of recurrent substance use created by recurring common adverse effects (effects and side effects).

Not everybody suffers the withdraw symptoms of marijuana. Just like cigarettes and alcohol, smoking cannabis is much of smokers’ daily rituals. A lot of people can build businesses, attend festivals and treat physical as well as emotional pain all while hitting the bong every day. It’s not hard to get things done while stoned out of your mind.

Just like all meds everyone reacts differently. It’s great practice to take a rest from cannabis for a month or more, so that the withdraw symptoms can be recognized by the individual themselves. You can then counter these symptoms of a few simple remedies that actually work.

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Things that can help you take a break from cannabis include (but not limited to):

  • Composing a daily log of events
  • Listening to music
  • Taking walks
  • Hanging out with a person who does not smoke marijuana
  • Remind yourself to think positive
  • Set a goal to achieve (and period of time to finish)
  • Tell others what you’re doing for yourself

Be creative, there are a lot more of these ideas out there. Use these ideas as a starting point and figure it out from there. Distracting yourself will prevent the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana, as long as you’re positive about it rather. Don’t go to other drugs to cover the unwanted withdrawal effects. This include cigarettes! Having simply one negative thought can bring on a whole set of chain reactions that literally enhance and increase your withdrawal symptoms.

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Lastly the strength to stop smoking marijuana comes from the individual themselves. Marijuana shouldn’t be blamed for dependence because of the effects it has. If you think you’ll have a problem using cannabis then simply do not use it. It is all about responsibility as well as the reputation you give cannabis.



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  • I smoked for 35 years and am on day 29 of being sober from marijuana. Although my withdrawal has diminished and the cravings have escalated, I feel agitated and nervous about three times per day.
  • I've heard others say that they have experienced headaches when they have stopped, so it may be a withdrawal symptom that a number can experience, different people can experience different symptoms.
  • Even though it's tempting to vape to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms, the only real way to be free of the addiction once and for all would be to completely exclude it from your life. I found it took my body six months to go back to normal after quitting cannabis.
  • My mental state is not to great at the moment going through the withdrawals. Feeling very agitated and angry and all I can think about is vaping some of the smelly green cheese to put me to sleep..
  • I'm not sure why I did not experience the withdrawals. I have no trouble sleeping, or socializing. The only symptom I seem to have is a wave of a slight lingering pressure.
  • I am on day 5 of no smoke... I've been experiencing the common withdrawals. Sweating at night, sweaty palms, nervousness, a cup of coffee makes me feel like I drank 10. My energy, endurance and social life has also taking a hit.