What is CBD and why is it so popular? Side effects? Cures? Laws?

Why is CBD so popular?

Cbd is the newest craze on the market. CBD is not typically psychoactive but many users report it is half as strong as thc. There are some anti-inflammatory properties associated with this form.

Also known as Hemp – is cannabis sativa, rudderalis, with a limited (less than 1%) concentration of THC. Products made from hemp seeds are virtually inactive and do not get you high.

However, there is THC in almost in every CBD products even if it is just trace amounts.

What are the CBD Regulations and FDA rules?

• There seems to be no single agency that follows or regulates the end products of CBD. However recently some states have started to regulate CBD products.

• The FDA has recently issued warning statements about the false claims but has yet to significantly
enforce them, there are also knock off brands being sold.

• You can find CBD vapes or gummies and other products at almost every store in America. There are no regulations on content and no supervision/regulation on who purchases this product. Unfortunately young adults have access to it.

• American Veterinary Medical Society does not recommend any dog thc products for purchase everywhere. THC is toxic to dogs..

What are the CBD side effects?

CBD is metabolized via the liver after consumed. There are a lot of different drug interactions going on.

Most important medications altered by CBD

• Anticoagulants – Warfarin
• Anti HIV medications
• Seizure medications
• Basically any medication altered/metabolized by the liver.

What does CBD cure?

crohns disease cancer diabetes cbd oil cure

CBD is a new product available due to the 2018 farm bill so there really has not been much testing done yet to confirm these.

There has been a lot of speculation and talk about if CBD can cure – or at least aid in the following:

• Arthritis
• MS
• Cancer
• Migraines
• Eczema
• Schizophrenia
• Obesity
• Female sexual health
• Mood
• Memory
• Huntington’s disease
• Temperature
• Alzheimer’s
• Motor Control
• Anxiety
• Hunger
• Bipolar
• Seizures

What are the Top 6 CBD Cancer cure oils?

Top 6 CBD oil for diseases

What is Cannabis Sativa vs Cannabis Indica CBD?

CBD oil cure for anxiety

Cannabis sativa – this strain usually produces euphoria which some people people say is more stimulating and energizing.

Cannabis indica – this strain usually produces euphoria with “in da couch” sedation.

• These both types of THC.

• THC is psychoactive.