Top 4 Things to Consider Before Growing Cannabis At Home

Hobbies come from all different types of interests. Some love to cook. Others enjoy activities such as yoga, paint ball, tennis, basket weaving, or hitting the bong. Then there are those that just have a natural green thumb. Many call these people gardeners. I however, consider myself a professional. Yes, I am a cannabis farmer.

Maybe you’ve been thinking growing your own indoor garden would be a fun hobby. And, that’s exactly why I’m here. However, since vegetables basically suck and taste like poop, I’m going to be your resident expert on the finer methods of growing weed.

Let’s start with a list of things to consider before you make the commitment to grow your own marijuana. That’s right…I said commitment. You have to be committed. That’s actually the first step. Commitment is required to keep your plants looking healthy and beautiful. Remember mindful meditation, energy exchange and strong intent is what will produce the largest yields and potent flowers. Now, onto the list of weed growing considerations.


Weed security growing at home
Security is the no.1 consideration with good reason – growing marijuana is illegal. Of the 50 states only 9 have passed some sort of recreational cannabis law. All legalized states vary in growing cannabis laws; you should already know by now if your state allows the public to grow cannabis. For the rest of you, the word security could also be defined as concealment. Camouflage, if you will. The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Do I mind breaking the law? It’s one thing to purchase a bag from a friend, but growing weed takes you into an entirely new prosecution category. Be sure to talk with a lawyer or local law enforcement to stay updated with your town/city rules on growing cannabis. Take notice that new laws and regulations can take up to two years to be in effect.
  2. Do I have a place to put my garden where it won’t be noticed by less-than-open-minded (usually uninvited) guests? You also want to make sure the spot you pick is out of the reach and/or smell of any service people. Although it seems unrealistic, you just never know when one of those pesky, “I wanted to be a cop”, electricians will come a calling.


weed grow lights
Hear me now! When I say lights, I mean big ass lights! Actually, lights are easy to find just about anywhere. If you’re a decent electrician, you can get what you need at a large hardware store. If you’re not handy with wiring, it makes more sense to get your light from a grow shop. After all, I’m a farmer, not a doctor.

Light is very important for gardening and delivers the required energy required by most plants. For growing, a 250w-1000w light is required to promote flowering. Here’s a little equation for you: The larger the garden, the larger the light you’ll need. Not trying to be smart, it is just that simple.

If you need help finding the right light for your garden, just ask. Don’t worry about getting into any trouble with the grow store staff. They’re probably stoned themselves. A bit of discretion is encouraged, but anyone working at a grow store knows why you’re buying a light from them.

Of course, with the recent legalization in some states, it’s not like grow stores are popping up in your town. It takes some time for the state government to implement new rules and regulations. It may take them up to two years to figure out the best way to introduce consumer cannabis. So, if you don’t have a grow store nearby don’t be too worried, more than likely, in just a few years recreational cannabis might be on the ballot.


weed grow medium
There are several different types of grow medium to consider. The easiest is a potting soil mixture. One of my favorite soil recipes is:

  • 1 bag potting soil
  • 1 bag vermiculite
  • 1 bag perlite
  • A tablespoon of hydrated lime
  • A scoop of sterile cow shit

These ingredients are available at most local nurseries; Home Depot caries most gardening supplies as well. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Just about any type of soil mix will work for the beginner.

Remember cannabis is a normal plant and grows in most soils. There is no need to go too crazy with the ratios of each component. Follow each bags recommended ratios and everything should be just fine.


weed genetics strains
Plant genetics is actually the second most important consideration. Yes, I probably should’ve listed this as 2 but give me a break. Genetics controls the quality, taste, smell, and most importantly; the high weed gives you- THC content.

If you don’t have any personal connections to get quality seeds from, there are several seed banks online that’ll ship seeds to states where recreational cannabis has been legalized. Canadian seed banks generally have the same stocks as dutch seed banks, and if they don’t, they likely have something similar.

You can also ask your local friends (that is if they enjoy cannabis) if they have any seeds from their last grow. Many people have taken up the hobby of growing cannabis at home and they likely will have some seeds for you from their last grow. Of course, you still will not know the exact strain but this is always the next best option if you cannot purchase any seeds.

If you do not have any friends the next best option would be to ask your buds tender or a local grow shop. Sometimes they have extra seeds ready to be thrown out. They usually do not mind helping a fellow grower and would hate to see the extra seeds go to waste.

Now go ahead and take a minute to absorb these main considerations when starting your own garden.

What do you think? Are you ready?