The Opponents of Marijuana Legalization

There are many opponents to medicinal and recreational marijuana. Most, if not all, of the motives revolve around money. Here are some of the opponents and the possible threats that recreational marijuana poses to them:

Local Hood Dealers and Marijuana

Local Hood Dealers and Marijuana

Some people think recreational marijuana would result in more local ‘hood’ dealers. These are the guys who always nag you to buy a dime or two.

Of course, those people are wrong. Recreational marijuana would eliminate the black market for cannabis. Every individual’s prices would drop so low they wouldn’t be able to afford to flip their buds anymore.

It would no longer be economically feasible for a dealer to run an operation. The price of cannabis would drop, and all the dealer’s customers would have to:

  1. grow it themselves or
  2. turn to a government taxed and regulated system of purchasing it

That is, if people even wanted to smoke weed anymore when it is legalized in USA. Prohibition, more often than not, encourages kids, and even adults, to experiment with cannabis because of its illegality. Our inherent nature: to rebel against our parents and the system.

So the dealers will lose their money.

Mexican Gangs and Drug Cartels

Mexican Gangs and Drug Cartels

The Mexican drug cartels are running the Mexican government and law enforcement through fear and bloody battles. Cannabis has long been their favorite drug to send over to USA using their curriers.

They have supplied USA with cannabis for a very long time and they rely on weak border security and strict cannabis laws. Cannabis has a black market, there is much money to be made from exporting it to the USA.

Indeed, the easiest way to defeat these cartels would be to legalize cannabis, remove the black market completely. Any logical human being can conclude that they would most likely start moving harder drugs, such as heroin, to the States. This means along with the legalization of cannabis we need to build and develop a stronger border security that would deter cartel couriers.

“I learned that not only did they not fear our war on drugs, they counted on it to increase the market price and to weed out the smaller, inefficient drug dealers. They found U.S. interdiction efforts laughable. The only U.S. action they feared was an effective demand reduction program. On one undercover tape-recorded conversation, a top cartel chief, Jorge Roman, expressed his gratitude for the drug war, calling it “a sham put on for the American taxpayer” that was actually “good for business”.”

– Michael Levine, Former Federal Narcotics Officer

So the cartels will lose their money.

Law Enforcement and Marijuana

Law Enforcement and Marijuana

One would think law enforcement would be against legalization because they don’t want to look soft. Maybe because they think they are protecting the people. In the end, our officers are the ones who created the cannabis black market.

When you create a black market, you create the danger that comes with people who want to circumvent prohibition. Thereby putting law enforcement officers, who are just people by the way, and innocent bystanders in harm’s way.

However, without drug offenders to chase around the countryside the enforcement agencies would have less work to do. Legalization would mean less work and so less job security for people in agencies such as the Police, DEA, FBI, and the CIA.

Not to mention the Xe (Blackwater) mercenaries that are sometimes used to raid the dangerous (sarcasm) medicinal cannabis dispensaries full of unarmed sick people.

This is without mentioning the court system that drug offenders must go through. For every court appearance there are lawyers, judges and many other legal staff to pay. These people are more often than not the most well-paid individuals in the cycle.

So the Police, DEA, FBI, CIA, Xe (Blackwater mercenaries), lawyers, judges and legal staff all stand to lose their money.

Marijuana and Prisons

Marijuana and Prisons

This brings us to the prisons that are needed to lock up the drug offenders. In 1984 the US Government started outsourcing the prison system to private companies. In order to make more money the private companies need more prisoners because the get paid for each prisoner. The more prisoners they get the more money they make.

If cannabis is legalized, many private prison companies will lose a large source of prisoners, and of course money. Therefore, it is in the prisons best interest for cannabis to remain illegal. This will allow them to rely on their prisoners for their paycheck. In fact, if you did not know, lobbyists for private prison companies lobby the government for harsher sentences. This includes all offenses.

This is how our prisons are filled with people who are serving life sentences for simple possession of a natural plant, or its flowers.

So the prison companies will stand to lose a lot of money.

Tobacco Alcohol Companies and Marijuana

Tobacco Alcohol Companies and Marijuana

The tobacco and alcohol companies have established a good market for their products, also known as drugs (nicotine). These companies make a lot of money each year and yet their products kill millions of people worldwide each year.

Cannabis, a drug with no documented deaths, will create massive competition in the tobacco and alcohol markets. These companies also lobby the government to keep cannabis illegal. They also lobby against many other healthier alternatives to smoking, such as vaping nicotine.

So the tobacco and alcohol companies will stand to lose a lot of money.

Marijuana and Pharmaceutical Companies

Marijuana and Pharmaceutical Companies

These companies stand to lose big time. With all the proven medicinal benefits that cannabis provides, how will the pharmaceutical companies make any money if people can grow their own medicine at home? Many of the conventional medication have negative side effects that make it harder for the patient to function.

Medical cannabis specialist Dr. Tod Mikuriya recorded over 250 indications for medical cannabis, as classified by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9). These include Alcoholism, ADD, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Depression, Epilepsy, Hepatitis C, Parkinsons, PTSD just to name a few. Many expensive and side effect ridden medications could be successfully replaced by cannabis.

Finally, just like the tobacco and alcohol companies, pharmaceutical companies also lobby the government to stop the legalization of cannabis.

So the pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a lot of money.

Marijuana and Cotton Clothing Companies

Marijuana and Cotton Clothing Companies

Hemp is thrown in the sack with cannabis even though it lacks the psychoactive chemicals. This is because it poses a threat to the cotton industry, and clothing companies that use the cotton.

It is well known that hemp is a superior clothing material to cotton and should hemp clothing become mainstream these companies would stand to lose a lot of money. Another anti-competitive reason for prohibition.

So the cotton and clothing companies will lose out.

Forestry Paper Industries and Marijuana

Forestry Paper Industries and Marijuana

Here’s another surprise that most people wouldn’t have thought of. Hemp is a lot more efficient at making paper and requires less treatment to make paper than traditional forests. Should hemp become legal these companies will have to make changes that would cost them money, even though they would stand to make more in the future.

Not to mention human nature is to fear all change.

So the paper and forestry industries would have to make changes.

Corrupt Politicians and Marijuana

Corrupt Politicians and Marijuana

No government is free of corruption. Corrupt politicians could be paid off by any of the above parties to ensure that cannabis is never legalized. Unfortunately, being in a place of power, they can speak to the people, misinform them, and downright lie to them to make sure that the general public never wants cannabis legalized. Even though it could help them.

So corrupt politicians stand to lose money.


We have three groups of people that stand to lose money should cannabis be legalized.

  • Criminals – Gangs, Dealers, Cartels
  • Law Enforcement – Police, DEA, Xe (Blackwater mercenaries), FBI, CIA, Lawyers, Judges, Legal Staff
  • Private Companies – Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals, Prisons, Clothing, Cotton, Paper

These are the opponents standing against cannabis legalization. Don’t be fooled, they are not doing it to protect your children, or to protect you from yourself, they are doing it for their own selfishness and greed.