The Legalization Of Marijuana In Colorado

The Legalization Of Marijuana In ColoradoI remember clear as day when cannabis was legalized in Colorado. I know it wasn’t that long ago, but I can remember the sensations, the yelling and even the smells that were coming from the street that night.

I had been stressing over the presidential election hoping with meager reserve of hope that the president I would vote for would win. I remember the stress and then of course the feelings that came over me once our president won.

I was so focused on that experience that I completely forgot about the potential legalization of marijuana. When I voted for Colorado Amendment 64, I did so absentmindedly. I came from a state where marijuana was incredibly criminalized and I had even less hope that this act would pass. As I said, I even forgot it was on the ballot.

So when I left the election party and walked out onto the streets of my Colorado hometown, I was surprised to see people dancing down the street and screaming in excitement that marijuana was legalized.

I didn’t believe any one, I assumed people had been celebrating too much around the presidential election but I was absolutely wrong. These individuals were celebrating the legalization of marijuana.

legal containers around marijuana

Of course, you couldn’t immediately buy marijuana because there were so many logistics that still needed to be worked out. They had to decide about taxes and how they could create legal containers around marijuana to ensure that people were using this recreation in a safe manner.

One of the things to consider were marijuana couriers who could safely and quickly transport marijuana to the desired destination without revealing they are transporting a stash box full of medical marijuana. Many shops pride themselves on having the fastest delivery services available to ensure that every dispensary is going to receive their order as soon as possible to get it into the public’s hands.

marijuana couriers

So, a little over a year later, people can buy marijuana legally and this would not be possible without the cannabis couriers who ensure that there is plenty of product in each dispensary.

Now people are flocking to Colorado even more so than the usual tourists who have come to be in the mountains and see the wild life.

The jubilation that came from the streets on the night of the passing of Amendment 64 is now met with excellent customer service and a great supply to meet their demand.

legalization of marijuana

A few years ago marijuana wasn’t legal and now you can get weed coupons!

It seemed to me that so many people were opposed and I grew up in a state that really criminalized marijuana so I certainly couldn’t fathom what the recreational legalization of cannabis would look like.

By the time I went up to the front range to live, there were recreational shops popping up all over the place. That is something I didn’t think could happen in my life time or at least as soon as it was happening.

Now not only were there medical dispensaries everywhere, there were actual recreation dispensaries opening everywhere and there are more and more opening all the time. Friends would tell me that they would get all sorts of weed and cannabis deals from these dispensaries like get a free joint when you buy your first quarter from them and things like that.

recreational marijuana sales

One dispensary I know people really enjoy going to is the Cannasaver, which is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that is always offering more deals to people coming in. I certainly never thought you could get recreational marijuana coupons in my lifetime and now they are definitely doing it.

Companies like Cannasaver are being very creative in how they are offering their goods and services.

It is so amazing to me how far we have come historically as a nation when it comes to marijuana.

Growing up, weed was so incredibly taboo and now people are offering all sorts of discounts and coupons for cannabis, it is really just amazing. People have told me how much money in taxes we had raised the first year alone in recreational marijuana sales and it is a staggering number.

I am so thrilled that my vote made a difference even when I didn’t think it would. Now people can even pick up their very own weed coupons at their local recreational and medical dispensary shops. Poor Obama definitely paled in comparison to the marijuana hype in Colorado.

What are The Colorado Marijuana Laws

What are The Colorado Marijuana Laws

Under Amendment 64: marijuana is legalized for personal use in the State of Colorado. Under this law, adults may privately possess and legally use cannabis and other derivatives. Possessing and cultivation laws will be based on quantity, those who disobey the quantity laws are subject to penalties.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 required the state’s Department of Revenue to adopt all necessary regulations by July 1, 2013, and to begin accepting and processing license applications that October 1st. The plan called for commercial retail sales by early 2014.

The Colorado medical marijuana law mandates the use of cannabis for medical purposes, this law allows patients to buy limited amounts of medical cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries.

Those approved for Colorado’s medical marijuana program may legally possess the drug. However, they are only allowed to possess no more than 2 ounces of usable cannabis at one time.

Adults in Colorado can legally transfer no more than 1 ounce of cannabis without compensation. Retail sales of marijuana in Colorado are only allowed through state-licensed entities, all other sales are subject to criminal prosecution.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 makes it legal to privately grow marijuana. Growers can cultivate no more than 6 cannabis plants at one time, with no more than 3 of them being mature, all other cultivation is illegal, and penalized.

Marijuana is legal for personal use in the State of Colorado. Those who cultivate their own cannabis may use it outside of public view without penalties from the state. People suffering from certain chronic, debilitating medical conditions may use cannabis under the state’s medical marijuana law.

Recreational Cannabis Enforcement in Colorado

Recreational Cannabis Enforcement in Colorado

The federal government maintains the power to enforce federal law, however, it cannot compel states to assist in enforcing that law. The states have no obligation to forbid the same drugs that the federal government forbids.

The practical capacity of the federal government to suppress marijuana production and sale without cooperation from the states and localities is open to question, since more than 95 percent of marijuana-law arrests are made by state and local police rather than federal agents.

By contrast, federal officials lack the resources to identify or take action against the individuals who can now legally possess marijuana in both states, or against individuals who are authorized to grow (but not sell) small amounts of marijuana, either as authorized medical users in Washington or all adult residents of Colorado.