Enhance Your Social Bong Smoking Sessions With These 5 Tips

You’re out drinking, enjoying the beautiful night, and a friend pulls out his latest coolest bong. This thing is gigantic and has at least two percolators. The bong looks super trippy because of the intense colorful glass art inter laid inside the bong.

That’s great, your ready to join your friends, but your social bong smoking rituals are a bit rusty. How much should you smoke? How hard do you inhale? Do you break up the cannabis before loading it? Who do you pass next to after taking bong rip?

If you are not too familiar with social bong smoking, we have created this post to help you remember the top 5 things when you’re out smoking a bong with friends.

Corner the bowl

Corner the bowl

For those who don’t know what cornering is, it means lighting a small portion, or a corner, of the packed bowl, to preserve the ‘greens’. You do this because you want to give everyone in your smoke session the chance at a flavorful and tasteful bong hit.

Cornering is usually only done on glass bongs and glass bowls. When you corner the herb, you make sure the flame stays on the edge of the cannabis, on one side of the bowl, while you are inhaling. This will cause only a portion, or a corner, of the finely ground buds to light up, leaving plenty of ‘greens’ for your friends to burn.

Cornering also allows the bowl to last much longer, as apposed to torching the bowl, where you could possibly, in one hit, leave nothing but ashes for your friends.

Use hemp wick

Use hemp wick

Hemp wick is also known as hemp string, hemp wire, hemp line, and beeline. This was recommended to me by a chronic smoker who I have been friends with for many years. He uses hemp string for every smoke session and stands by it.

Hemp wick is made with a coat of bee wax, preventing it from burning quickly. This allows you to have a constant candlewick-like flame always lit and ready to be passed around with the bong. Not only does this make it much easier than a lighter, it also gives you a much better tasting bong rip.

When your ready to share that fruity delicious blueberry haze or that bubble hash with your friends you’ll want to use hemp wick. It definitely gives you a smoother hit and it makes your hit much tastier.

Check your bong water level

Check your bong water level

If you’re about to sit down and rip the bong, please check to make sure you have the right amount of water in your bong. This is easily done by filling up the bong with some water and inhaling as if you were about to smoke.

If you didn’t get any backsplash of small water droplets add some more water. When you start to feel the small water droplets as you are inhaling then you know this is the max the bong can be filled with water.

Keeping just the right amount of water in your bong is important for the best and smoothest rips. If you add too little you will leave everyone coughing up a lung or two, too much and everyone will have some great tasting bong water in their mouth.

Get a grinder

Get a grinder

When you have to sit there and dedicate one person to break up the buds it can be quite annoying, especially in a social situation. Everyone is excited and pumped to taste this new buds you hyped them up with, but now they have to wait while you break up the flowers.

Breaking up your buds is important when smoking out of a bong because it allows the buds just enough oxygen to fully burn through, and burn quicker, when you take a rip. This means you don’t have to be sucking the life out of the bong and it is much easier to corner the bowl.

A grinder is handful in social situations because it can break up your flowers in just a few seconds. There are many different grinders available, plastic or metal they all get the job done much faster than a person can. Grinders also break up the buds consistently and allow you to collect the crystals that drop when the buds are grinded.

Save your lungs

what is a gravity bong

You don’t need to kill yourself in one hit. Inhale lightly, obey your limits and don’t give yourself a headache. If you have ground the flowers then there should be no need to inhale very hard.

If you are having a hard time inhaling then this means either the bong is clogged, or most often, that you just threw a nug into the bowl. A dense nug has virtually no oxygen flowing through it, how do you expect it to light?

You need to break up, or better yet grind up, your buds before you pack the bowl. When you inhale too hard, it makes it much harder to clear the bong when you finally pull the slide. Don’t take every hit like it’s your last.

Keep your bong clean

bong bath soak

Bongs are designed to filter the smoke with water. When you smoke a bong, the water breaks up the smoke particles and holds back the dirty and unhealthy parts. This is the source of the dirt and grime your bong has only a few uses.

The slide eventually develops gunk and can cause trouble when clearing hits. To prevent this, you will need to keep your bong clean. After all smoke sessions, it is always good to clean your bong. Do not be lazy and allow the grime to collect, this will only make it harder for you to clean it later.

If you let the grime collect you will also notice that your bong hits are extremely harsh. This is because, when you take a hit, some of the grime detaches when you are inhaling, changing the taste of the smoke. This means it is time to give your bong an iso bath.

Enjoy the session

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Great, now that you have caught up on your old bong smoking habits, it’s time for you to go find some friends and share your amazing buds or oils. Bong sessions have got to be one of my most favourite things to do with friends, I hope you get the chance to share such an experience yourself.

Share within the comments what you recommend for others when they are out smoking with their friends.