Best Online Headshops of 2022

Online headshops are very convenient these days and you can find many great deals, dab rigs and glass bongs online without even leaving your home. Many online shoppers are worried about the glass breaking during shipping. We assure you companies do not want your product to arrive broken at your door. They take every measure to secure and wrap your glass in bubble-wrap as well as adding a “fragile” label on the packaging.

A fantastic pro of shopping online headshops is the complete shipment tracking you receive with every order. You will be able to monitor and follow your package as it is shipped from the warehouse to your doorstep. This is our favorite part of ordering from online headshops.

After thorough research we have come to the conclusion that the following online headshop met our guidelines, so we are recommending these online headshops if you are looking to purchase your paraphernalia online:

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Ordering from online headshops can be easier and can save you the headache of driving out to the local head shop. Unfortunately it comes with it’s own set of cons. Shipping can take anywhere between 2 days and up to 2 months if you order from the wrong seller. When ordering from an online smoke shop you need to check their shipping & return conditions before you make any purchases. You will then be able to evaluate when your product will arrive, and what items you can return if necessary.

Online headshops are fun to shop. You can search their large array of paraphernalia and find the right product you need with no hassle. Then there is also the enjoyable thrill while your new piece is out shipping. The tracking code will let your track your package as well as give you an estimate on package delivery day.

Locating Local Smoke Shops

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It is very important to find the right head shop near you that has great customer service as well as a normal return policy. We’ve had friends whom had made the choice to invest in a very expensive dab rig set up, only to get home and have it shatter. This could happen to anyone and many of the dab rigs local smoke shops offer have been mass produced and never actually tested. It is best if you could find a local smoke shop with a fair return policy.

Finding local headshops shouldn’t be too hard of a problem. You can search “local headshops” on google and you should have a few that are nearby. Most times your town/suburb might not have a local head shop but the nearest city to you should have a couple spread out throughout the city. If the nearest city to you is quite far away we would suggest you check out some of the online headshops we recommend.

Another thing to look for in a local smoke shop is the quality of products they are selling. As you get more and more familiar with dab rigs and water bongs and all of the other paraphernalia available, you will get a feel for what the top quality products are and what ones you have to keep on buying. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the super expensive set ups and be aware of all the glass in the shop.

Location Recreational Marijuana Shops

Those of us who are fortunate to live in a state that has passed recreational marijuana, have the ability to purchase marijuana, dabs, cheap bongs, herb vaporizers, and other forms or products that contain THC at their local shops. If you so happen to have one near you, use these steps as a guide for your upcoming visit:

Figure out a quick plan

You want to get a hold of your dabs, or other products, but there are many different types of strains and products to choose from. Create a budget (and stick to it) as well as a small list before you head into the shop. Trust me, once you arrive you will be itching to purchase a little bit of everything

Bring your current, state-issued ID or passport

If you want to make a purchase, or event get inside in the first place, you will need to bring your current state issued id or passport. They will confirm your ID before they let you in and before your purchase.

Bring cash

Although a few dispensaries accept credit and debit cards, many do not because of the federally-owned banking systems. Be sure to bring cash if you want to leave with anything in your pockets.

Leave the cell phone at home

Why may you ask? Many dispensaries have a strict no pictures policy. They will restrict phone usage inside their shop so might as well not bring it in.

Respect the space

There will usually be a (long) line for checking out. Many dispensaries line everyone up and expect you to be respectful. Please allow a few feet for those in front of you.

Ask questions…. but not too much

The first trip you will be super curious about the products they are offering. If you are truly uncertain about a dosage or specific train ask some questions to get proper guidance.

Don’t haggle your budtender

There is no sweet talking a budtender. Just don’t do it.

No consumption on dispensary property

Marijuana consumption is not allowed on public property and dispensaries are no exception. You cannot pack your bowl, roll your joint, or smoke anywhere near the facility.


We understand that marijuana is somewhat notorious for producing paranoia (75 years of anti-marijuana propaganda doesn’t help), but marijuana reform has come a long way and has brought with it both sophistication and security. Spa-like dispensaries are becoming the norm because they encourage patrons to relax and enjoy themselves. Many even function on a first-name basis to make the place feel more like home so don’t worry when you visit the dispensary because every little thing is going to be alright.