How To Store Your Cannabis So It’s Always Fresh

I’m impulsive. If I see a good deal at a Collective I buy more than I probably should. Call me thrifty, cheap, whatever. I like a good deal, and when I spot one, I dive head first.

The biggest problem I have, other than which strain to choose, is how do I store it and keep my cannabis fresh. You may happen to purchase a large amount of weed in the future and you might find yourself asking how to store the cannabis, if so, remember this post!

Why should I store my Cannabis?

Why should I store my Cannabis

Just like most things, marijuana has a long shelf life. Marijuana has two enemies, mold and oxidation. It is your job to protect your medication, and if you don’t take preemptive measures to protect the marijuana, you may lose your medication to all sorts of dangers.

Although your bud won’t follow you to the grave, with a little help it will stay fresh for a long time.

How to store your Cannabis so it is always fresh

How to store your Cannabis so it is always fresh

The first thing that you will need to do is head to your local big box or grocery store and pick up your supplies. Make sure that you purchase the correct supplies. Don’t half ass it. This is your medication, and you have to take the right steps to ensure that you do not lose quality or get mold!

When choosing how to store your marijuana, you should only look for canning jars such as Mason Jars. You can also choose to store your stash in things like plastic bags or glass jars with corks, but you lose out on the quality preservation that you get with canning jars. You can also make a neat book stash box using our guide here.

If you use a bag, you can be guaranteed that your bud will lose a lot of quality in about 2 months. I would not use plastic baggies at all. Plastic bags are known to have static electricity which will pull off the trichomes.

If you plan on only storing for about a year, then a glass jar with a cork seal is a good option. After a year, the bud will begin to lose taste and quality will degrade.

Be gentle with your cannabis.

Be gentle with your cannabis.

When you place your marijuana into the jar remember to not shove and pound the cannabis into the jar; leave some room so the buds are not squished. You also need to think about how often you will be taking marijuana out of your storage jars.

If you plan on making daily trips, then you must use multiple small jars for storage. You should also remember that you have to leave the jars closed, or you will have wasted your time. The more times you open the jars, the less fresh the bud will keep. Store your new tightly sealed buds in a cool dark area.

Store your cannabis jars in the refrigerator.

You have the option of storing the jars in a refrigerator but remember to not freeze the buds! It is commonly heard that you can freeze your stash in your freezer, this is not a good idea. If your marijuana has any moisture it will freeze and then cause the buds to burst, along with the THC, and thus a large degradation in quality.

Restore your cannabis moisture with orange peels and lettuce.

Restore your cannabis moisture with orange peels and lettuce.

The time has come! You want to smoke some of your packed away bud with your new bong. Remember to get what you want out quickly and return the rest to the cool dark area. If you are taking out some for a weeks’ worth of smoking, and you find that it is a bit dry, you can place a very small amount of lettuce with your weed to restore the moisture.

Lettuce is a great choice because it will restore moisture without changing the taste of the bud. If you would like to add a citrus flavor add an orange peel. Just remember to not get your weed too moist! If you give it a bath and then store again, you are creating a recipe for mold.

Just toss in a orange peel, or lettuce, into a container for a few hours and then remove it.

What to do if you see mold on your Cannabis

What to do if you see mold on your Cannabis
So you got mold. Damn man. This is going to be tough. You have a decision to make.

Should you go forward and chance the possibility of smoking mold contaminated weed or toss the batch? The correct answer is toss it.

I know man. It sucks. Good news is that you will not get sick. Smoking moldy weed is a BAD idea. If you chance it, get ready to possibly be sick. You will most likely puke your guts up, and not only that, you run a chance of getting an infection in your respiratory system.

Nothing sounds less enjoyable than finding out that my lungs have an infection from moldy marijuana. Don’t forget, a lot of people are allergic to mold! An allergic reaction to mold could make you very sick.

Best way to store your cannabis

Best way to store your cannabis

The best way to keep your weed safe is to keep it dry and stored properly. After you take your marijuana out of storage you should always smell your weed to make sure that it does not have a musty nasty odor.

If your weed smells like a locker room, you have a problem. Don’t be fooled by mold. It can often look like some of the crystalline features on the cannabis. Just look for any signs of webbing on the plant. Be safe out there medicators; remember to keep your stash free of mold.