How to Grow Marijuana with Fluorescent Lights

It’s possible to grow marijuana indoors using fluorescent lights and create an outstanding, mature potent harvest. All you’ve got to do is know the life cycles of your plant and mimic the environment that is most suitable for it.

standard four-foot fluorescent fixtures

Mimic means to emulate, not necessarily re-create, therefore, close is usually good enough. Light, temperature, medium, humidity, rain, nutrients. I use standard four-foot fluorescent fixtures purchased at your local Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot for about eight dollars. Then I use a standard 40-watt residential bulb and an aquarium/terrarium bulb, also 40 watts. The two produce a nice and suitable combination of light. All of this is all pretty cheap.

fluorescent growing

Always keep the plants 2-4 inches from the bulbs at all phases of growth. With fluorescent growing, you grow near the bulbs because they are not hot like HPS or metal halide. Start with seeds on moist paper towels laid on a tray.

Cover them with another layer or two of paper towels. Put it in a dresser drawer for two days, checking on them every once in a while. They will soon sprout. Take those that do sprout and push them in 1-2 inches below the surface of your potting soil mixed with perlite. You want 80/20 dirt to perlite ratio.

Start with small 3-4 pots

Start with small 3-4″ pots (top diameter). Put under 24/7 fluorescent light. As they break the soil and grow upwards keep the lights adjusted to 2 inches over the tops.

Transplant to a six-inch pot

Transplant to a six-inch pot once the plant outgrows the starter pot, usually around week three.

After four weeks of vegetative growth you should be able to go to a 14 on 10 off cycle. Eventually, your strain will sex. Some will sex better and faster at 12 on and 12 off when growing with fluorescent light. I say start with four weeks of vegetative growth then move on to sexing/flowering.

It might actually be more than four weeks depending on your strain and how well it takes to fluorescent growing. I’ve had decent luck with the strain I’ve used and I look forward to trying different, established well-known strains.

how to see weed growing male pollen packets

The distinguishing factors when determining the sex of your plant are the pistils. You want to make sure you do not see any tiny pollen packets growing – this is a male plant indicator. I have discovered there are many ways to grow with normal seeds and soil. However, when you use newer technology and more expensive equipment, the techniques and methods and tastes vary a whole lot more.

Your plants will respond one way or another to different ecological changes thrown at it. If it appears you have only development and growth and eventually budding/maturing plants, it’s likely that you are doing something right.

Basically, all you do is germinate/sprout your seeds. Then stick them down in dirt medium. Place them on 24/7 lights and keep them watered as well as fed through the duration of vegetation. Finally, there’s the flowering stage and you should be all set.

look for cannabis flowering stageI hope your get your process down by attempting to grow some old seeds. If you’re like me and have a few lying around, get some to germinate. Plant them. Experiment. Ask questions. I will offer any help I can in my replies to your questions. I am not a professional but have had great success with fluorescent cannabis growing up to now.