How To Find Your Lighter in an Emergency! A Step-by-Step Guide

Realizing you’ve lost your lighter can be a frightening experience. One moment you’re in bliss, the next moment you’re in a world of crazed pandemonium. The shock and confusion has even made people seek help through grief counseling. We want to help you through this painful ordeal with our easy-to-follow guide.

Step 1.

remember your lighter

Remember what your lighter looks like.

Step 2.

try not to panic

Try not to panic.

Step 3.

check your pockets

Carefully check all pockets

Step 4.

look under the couch

Look under all couch cushions near the bong.

Step 5.

check with your friends

Accuse friends of stealing your bic lighter.

Step 6.

Check under couch cussion

Check under the cushions again, careful for your water pipes!!

Step 7.

check your left hand for lighter

Look in your left hand.

Let us know where you found your lighter!