How To Clone Your Marijuana Plant Made Simple

There is no better way to keep the quality and integrity of an exceptional marijuana plant, than to create an exact duplicate of it. Luckily, in her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature provided the means of doing that. I’m going to teach you how you can start with Marijuana Cloning!

The basics of cloning marijuana plants

Cloning marijuana success

I’m not going to go over the fundamentals of the botanic reproduction cycle, nor do I plan on explaining the process of regeneration at the molecular level. I also will not bore you to tears outlining things like oxygen and soil conditions. Today I will tell you how I clone my favorable marijuana crops.

Go buy the materials needed.

To begin with, there’s a couple of things you want to pick up prior to cloning cannabis. The best places to go would be either a Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot. Make sure to grab some extra more miracle-gro moisture control potting soil while you’re there. Can never have enough.

Grab plant rooting hormone

cannabis plant rooting horomone

For cloning cannabis, we need to grab some plant rooting hormone. You can find it in the plant section or the garden center, which all stores should have. Most will be on the side of the store. Look for a fence and flowers, that’s where you can find most of your growing supplies.

If you have any problems finding it, you can always ask the clerk. On the other hand, if you don’t want to call attention to yourself, you can find it by spending some time and looking.

Grab peat pellets

growing cannabis in peat pellets

Now you need some peat pellets for cloning your cannabis. Most garden centers seem to supply trays of twenty-five. You want to look for the larger pellets. These will be used with the soil to create an enriched grow medium. Check out the image below so that you can get an idea what it is where looking for. You can also do a simple Google search for peat pellets to see if local shops sell any locally.

Anyway, they usually put the peat pellets with the pots and planters. Sometimes they have a display at the checkout counter (in the garden center) so be sure to check there as well.

Mixing the soil for cloning cannabis

Now, head on home, and follow the directions below to create your cloning cannabis in grow medium:

First you need to gather a few household items and prepare a few things:

  • Razor blade: Any kind will due as long as it is sharp and clean, and by clean I mean not rusty or dripping with oil. If it looks clean just wash it off carefully with a paper towel and use it.
  • Planter or container: seven or eight inches in diameter, and seven or eight inches high. Whatever you decide to use will probably work, but you’ll want to fill it with potting soil same as you would for any start or transplant. You will need one per clone.
  • Shallow dish or bowl: Filled with some water, deep enough to dip the stem in without touching the base of the container.
  • Peat pellets: These you’ll need to wet down and expand completely, it should look like a tiny brown blown up saucer, or whatever, when they are fully saturated. Just follow the instructions that comes on the packaging. You’ll use one of these per clone.
  • Plant rooting hormone: The best thing to do would be to pour or scoop appropriate amount into a clean and dry small container and place it next to the bowl of water.

Cloning your cannabis plant

Now you are ready to clone your marijuana crops. It is always best to work on a desk or a flat surface. Make sure you have everything in reach since it’s important to get a freshly trimmed clone to its grow medium as quickly as possible.

Using a toothpick or small poker, clear a small hole about a quarter inch deep into the tops of each peat pellet. The hole has to be just as wide as the stalks of the clippings.

choosing stem when cloning cannabit with rooting horomone

Assuming your marijuana plant is doing well and has lots of new growth, carefully pick a small branch. Estimate at least a quarter to half inch distance from the stem and cut it off on a slight angle from the host plant.

cut it off on a slight angle from the host cannabis plant

Without touching the cut end of the marijuana clone dip it into the water and then into the plant rooting powder.

dip the cannabis into rooting powder horomone

Now carefully insert your clone into the hole you’ve prepared in the peat pellet. Try not to disturb the power, which has stuck to the cut end.

Gently press the top of the pellet to close the hole around the stem. Finally, bury your marijuana clone within a quarter inch of the top of the pellet. The plant into the awaiting planter.

Cloning marijuana success

cannabis clone wither and sag

You can look at your new marijuana clone as a new beginning. At first you will see your cannabis clone wither and sag within the first ten to fifteen minutes. There is nothing to worry about as long as you see the clone spring back to life in a few hours. This is the best part of cloning your own cannabis plant. You get to see life spring up in front of you, literarily.

Here is a helpful hint for the serious growers: If you are cloning from multiple plants be sure to index and identify the clones. You always want to be able to match your plant to their prospective hosts.