How to Clean a Glass Bong for Beginners

One of the worst things is a dirty glass piece. All innuendos aside, smoking out of a device that has a nasty buildup is horrible. You should always remember to clean your pieces.

Glass pipes are meant for slow easy hits, and if you let it get too cruddy, then you are defeating the purpose. You also run into a bigger chance of inhaling hot embers due to having to hit it harder. I have had that happen on many occasions when I had no motivation to clean my bong. It sucked.

Change Out the Bong Water

Change Out the Bong Water

If you are using a water pipe, such as a bong or bubbler, then please change out your water. That is nasty. Have you ever sucked in hard on a bong only to have nasty water come back into your mouth? Again, this is nasty. I may have said that one too many times, but when it happens, you will understand how disgusting it is.

Clean Your Glass Bong Often

Clean Your Glass Bong Often

Cleaning your piece is not hard at all. It only takes about 30 minutes, and you can do it with household items. More than once, I have had to smoke out of a dirty pipe that a fellow patient was too lazy to clean. Don’t be the guy that never cleans his smoking devices.

Over time, any frequently used bong or pipe will begin to collect tar and other particles and will require cleaning. There are several ways to clean bongs and pipes. This guide will detail a few of the ways that I found effective. This is by no means a definitive guide, so feel free to submit suggestions and or corrections on our contact page.

Use Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Bong

Use Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Bong

One effective method of cleaning bongs and pipes is to use an alcohol like isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to break down the deposits in the bong or pipe.

  • Simply submerge the bong or pipe completely in alcohol and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours. Rinse with water and you should have a sparkly clean piece again.

The only downsides to this are that the first few uses after cleaning can have some alcohol scent left over. This method is also very time consuming and requires waiting unlike some of the other methods.

Use Salt with the Isopropyl Alcohol

Use Salt with the Isopropyl Alcohol to clean bong

A variation of the above technique that works much quicker is adding salt to the alcohol and shaking the bong while covering all of its openings, the salt works as an abrasive and helps to scrub the deposits off much quicker than the alcohol alone.

Commercial Bong Cleaning Products

In our research on the best methods of cleaning bongs and pipes, I found some commercial products that suited our needs and made the process easier.

The Original Buddy – Magnetic Glass Cleaner

The Original Buddy – Magnetic Glass Cleaner is a neat little device that has a magnetic scrubber that is dropped into the bong and then directed around the bong’s inner walls with a magnetic wand, cleaning any area you pass the wand over.

I also discovered several cleaning solutions made specifically for cleaning bongs and pipes, however I also found that for the most part the do-it-yourself cleaning techniques listed above worked just as good if not better than their expensive store-bought counter-parts.

Tips for Preventing Dirty Bongs

Tips for Preventing Dirty Bongs

Here are some tips on preventing your bong or pipe from getting dirty in the first place.

  1. Don’t use any other liquids besides water inside of your bong, other liquids tend to leave sticky residue which can be painful to cleanup.
  2. Tap water often has many organisms or minerals and for this reason should not be left in the bong for an extended period of time. If you plan on not changing the water very frequently, use distilled water as it is pure and has no minerals.
  3. When the remaining burnt ashes are “pulled through”, the ash and other residues dissolve into the water causing it to stink and change color. To maximize time between cleanings, try not to completely pull the ash through.

You can Collect Bong Resin

Collect Bong Resin

There is another added benefit to cleaning your bong. Resin. Yes, the black sticky stuff at the bottom of your pipe is a benefit. This is completely smokable. It will also get you pretty blazed depending on the quality of bud that you had previously smoked.

Now although I don’t necessary recommend that you clean your bongs just for weed resin, it is a bonus of the process. At this juncture you have to make a decision. You need to decide if you want to keep the resin that is in your pipe, bong, or other glass device.

If you chose the path to collect it, then don’t do the next steps. First you must scrape the resin out of your pieces. Use the scraping utensil to get out as much of the resin as you want, and then proceed.

Cleaning Your Dirty Bong

Cleaning Your Dirty Bong

Sweet, so now the fun part. It’s pretty straightforward, but I don’t recommend cleaning while medicated. It’s not a difficult task, but just imagine how much it would suck to break a pipe.

One warning, do not try using ISO alcohol on an acrylic bong, you will melt it.

  1. Depending on the size and how dirty the piece is, you can either let the bong soak for a bit, seal and shake, or you can just dig in and scrub. I usually do the latter of the three. I am impatient, and I do not want to wait all night for my bong to be clean.
  2. If you choose to scrub there is really no method to the madness, just use an ample amount of your abrasive, hot water and scrub away.
  3. Next you pour the abrasive of your choice and the ISO alcohol into the bong, cover the holes, and shake it. This would be the part where you would probably break it if you were intoxicated. After doing this for a few minutes, pour the liquid out and you should notice that most of the newer resin is gone.

If shaking it a few times didn’t clean it out, then it looks like it’s an overnight bath for your bong.
bong bath soak

  1. You need to fill up a container with enough hot water to cover your piece, you can probably locate a large bin or tub in your home for this.
  2. After finding the container, pour a mix of the ISO alcohol, hot water, and abrasive, and let it sit. There is not a precise measurement for the water and alcohol mixture. You need enough to break down the resin, so don’t skimp.
  3. The next day your bong will look brand new and now you only need to let it air dry. Do not smoke out of the wet bong! Remember that you just used alcohol in the container, and if you light up, you are probably going to regret it.

Just be sure that you let the piece dry and the alcohol is all evaporated. No matter the method you chose, make sure to be careful with the resin, it will stain your clothing and will block up the drain. Make sure to clean it up quick.

Sweet, you’re done! It’s time to grab some AK-47 and test this bitch out. Check below for the before and after photos of the test pipes.