How People Smoke Marijuana in the 21st Century

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One question I always get asked is “What are the best/healthiest ways to consume THC?”. Well here are some of the more commonly known ways of consuming weed.


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One-Hitters are not so popular around here because I’ve only seen them a couple of times. These can come in many different styles, in my opinion the ones that look like a cigarette are the most popular. One-Hitters are not my style I don’t like getting ash in my mouth and they simply just don’t get me to the level that I want.  I will say they are very stealthy for when your somewhere public and you want to take a quick hit.

Tea & Sodas

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Teas can be made fairly easy by boiling water and pouring it over your leaves and stems and letting them soak for about half an hour. Adding oil, butter or alcohol is necessary for dissolving the THC. It is a nice way to relax and drink some tea for those cold winter months.


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Edibles often made with butters or oils derived from the cannabis plant, often called cannabutter or cannabis infused oil, are simple and give you a different pleasant feeling. It is more of a deeper body feeling mostly used for body aches. The problem with edibles is that every edible has a different amount of THC as well as they taste amazing. People also tend to overdose on them. Edibles are like drinking alcohol; your body takes more time to digest the goodies so you really don’t feel it at first. It takes some time which causes a lot of people to eat more (like me). My experience with edibles was great at first until everything hit and my stomach couldn’t take it anymore. I will definitely be munching on these again now that I have a little bit of experience.

Tinctures & Tonics

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I’ll be honest with you guys, I have never tried these.  I’ve just never had the opportunity to try them. From what I understand you can put them in food or drinks or by placing some drops under your tongue. They work pretty much like edibles but are made differently. Tonics are usually used when you feel sick or nauseas or just don’t want to smoke.


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Topicals are a great way to consume marijuana without any psychoactive effects. You use topical application infused with hemp by placing it directly on your skin.  This will provide you comfort from muscle aches, swellings and joint pain.

Hash & Wax Bars

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Hash is made by collecting the resin from flowers of a female marijuana plant. It can then be smoked, eaten or added to tea. Smoking hash is probably my top choice for consuming flowers. My favorite is to smoke hash with an eCig. It tends to hit you faster and usually a couple good hits will give you a really nice and relaxing feeling.


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Blunts are one of the public’s favorite, everyone knows someone that can roll a nice fat and tight blunt. Blunts are great for solo smokers and for those that like to share with a group of friends because you can pack a lot of flower into a blunt and they burn for a long time. Some people don’t like them because of the flowers mixing with the tobacco but who cares, fat blunts are the shit.


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Joints are typically smaller than blunts and are easier to roll, well at least from my point of view. I really don’t like sharing my joints as much as blunts because they burn faster. I also like the taste of a joint better but I am still a blunt man if I had to choose.


pipes smoking
I personally love to smoke out of pipes. This is a great way to enjoy a session. Sadly, heavy smokers like me need to load them a couple of times to get where we want to be. Pipes are small and can be hidden fairly easily (most of them). Pipes are my favorite when its only me and another person smoking. Three is a crowd and you will need to keep loading it constantly.


what is a bong
Now this is where it’s at, best bongs are the way to get stoned period. I absolutely love smoking out of a bong. Either a homemade contraption or a 5 foot bong, I am ready for it. Smoking out of a bong for the first time will probably make you cough and tear up (happy tears or just noob tears). After the first hit you’ll realize that you’re in love and will even name your bong.


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These seem to be a cross between a pipe and a bong. Very similar to pipes but there is water involved with no removable bowl. I’ve actually only seen a bubbler in action once and I wasn’t really impressed, thanks but I’ll stick to my pipe.


smoke weed out of apple
What can I say, one apple a day to keep the doctor away, am I right or what? Smoking out of an apple is not really convenient but it’s a nice experience. Try it at least once.


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Not really a healthy choice to be smoking out of a can but who hasn’t? Sometimes you gotta do what you gatta to do. Smoking out of a can seems to be very popular for those times when nothing else is available.


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This is the healthiest way of inhaling flowers. The taste and feeling is better. They are usually expensive and I honestly think I would switch to them but I am not ready to give up my other smoking methods. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy vaping.

Now you know the numerous ways to consume your flowers. I imagine a lot of you have made a homemade bong before or smoked out of some weird shit. Use our comments to submit a picture of your contraption.



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  • Legalizing marijuana won’t hurt any children. I’m not a father, but I would much rather have my kids smoking weed than drinking. Irresponsible drinking can leads to death and accidents, irresponsible weed use leads to laziness and the munchies.
  • People have been smoking weed for so many years without any noticeable health issues. I personally don't know why marijuana is still illegal. Especially when alcohol is legal and when there is so much data showing how bad alcohol is for people (and also addicting). Yet it is legal, this makes no sense at all. People on alcohol become violent, some become super depressed. People may develop liver cancer, cirrhosis esophageal cancers or stomach cancer etc. If alcohol is legal how come weed is not?
    • This is one of the biggest points in the current cannabis reform stance. How can alcohol, a drug responsible for 88,000 deaths every year ( be legal? You tell me. Either way, cannabis reform looks like it's on the right track. Very soon we will have legal cannabis.
  • If anything cannabis saves lives. About a year ago I was on the verge of suicide and was extremely depressed. Then I started smoking cannabis and it made my life 100x better and I figured out I actually wanted to live. So technically I owe my life to cannabis.
  • I ran a marathon before and later when I got home I smoked a large bowl and it felt so amazing afterward, I don't know why but it truly was an experience.
  • I started smoking weed when I was younger like most high school kids. I didn't really smoke cannabis until I was older. When I did start smoking again I stopped taking my meds and I am glad I did because those meds could have cause some serious problems from long-term use.
    • Many people, just like you, choose to go to cannabis because of the negative effects most prescription medicine have. I see it this way, if cannabis has minimum long term side effects, why would you use prescription meds that have serious deadly withdraws? Of course cannabis is not for every medical issue, but it helps with many things.
  • Both of my parents are recovering from alcohol and cannabis addictions. My cannabis use was much greater than my alcohol use. From my personal experience I can definitely say that cannabis can become an addiction, especially for people who are depressed.
    • Cannabis is known to have withdraws, like much of the other drugs out there. Depressed individuals should not use drugs, this includes cannabis, to escape from reality. They should first face their issues and come to peace with where they currently stand. Abusing drugs with cognitive disorders is always bad. The pain relieving properties in cannabis help release depression and anxiety, but one must not rely or depend on substances for such relief.
    • Just like all drugs, cannabis has negative side effects with chronic use. Same with alcohol. I also found that there are many less negative side effects when using cannabis versus when drinking heavily. I agree with your statement that alcohol is way worse than weed.
  • It seems utterly ridiculous that we are still wasting our time and our resources to ruin peoples lives because they are smoking weed. Cannabis is the best thing that happened to me.
    • I think the future holds recreational cannabis in high regard. Many states have already legalized recreational cannabis (but have not opened up sales to the public yet) and even a few more will have cannabis on this years voting ballot. Cannabis will be legal in no time.
  • I’ve been smoking weed about 2 to 3 grams per day for well over the last 20 years. I was never interested in trying any of the other hard drugs out there.
    • Of course not, it all has to do with your Will. Are you going to let other things (drugs, money, power, fame) dictate how you feel or are you going to muster up the Will and choose how you want to live your life. If you let drugs determine how you are feeling then your Will has been depleted.
  • I think legalizing weed is a bad idea. I started smoking cannabis at 15 years old and by the time I was 18 I was hooked on harder stuff...
    • It sound's like your Will was depleted. It was not the cannabis that had you hooked, it was all your doing, your own Will. You can choose and decide what your next action path is and only you can control the direction your life is going. 
  • I am 26 years old and have been smoking cannabis everyday since I turned 18. I would classify myself as a chronic smoker. I usually smoke 3 big joints every night after work as well as the weekends.
    • People have been turning to Cannabis self medication rather than asking doctors for pharma to fix their problems. It is not uncommon for a chronic smoker to self medicate for 6 or more years, they understand the medicinal effects of cannabis and choose to self medicated. Those especially who suffer from chronic pain or a debilitating mental health issue such as anxiety or depression, are more likely to keep on self medicating as long as they see more benefits rather than negative side effects. Cannabis has helped me personally fight my own demons and I believe medical cannabis will be part of my life for some time.