Glow Art Graffiti Party For Stoned People High On Cannabis

Tired of the same old casual routine of getting high and staring at the TV? Learn how to turn a normal night of pot-smoking into a social event. You don’t have to host a fabulous dinner party for a get together with friends. Let us entertain you with our glow art idea.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Why does everything involved with smoking marijuana have to end in the viewing of florescent colors? Well… why not? I mean you’re here so you obviously enjoy the consumption of weed. And, as smokers, we all know how enjoyable bright lights and fun colors can be. So, sit back and relax. Bake your pot brownies, munch down and come along. That’s right, come join me in our high idea of Glow Art Graffiti.

Supplies that will be needed:

  1. Black Light
  2. Variety of florescent paints (large bottles)
  3. Paint brushes, sponges or whatever you like to paint with
  4. Large roll of white paper
  5. Tape
  6. Stereo
  7. Drinks
  8. Lots of Cannabis
  9. An empty room to play in

The Basic Glow Graffiti Idea

glow body art high idea

Oh.. you’ll love this.  Basically, this involves you and a group of friends getting together and creating some high art!  Lock yourselves in a room and paint the walls, the floor and each other.  What could be better!

(Okay, I’m sure there are many answers to that but bear with me here. You have to admit… it sounds pretty fun.)

Now let’s get onto the steps to glow art graffiti

Step 1

Make a guest list of 5-8 friends to join you.

When creating this list, you always need to take into consideration the personalities of the people who should be invited. People with a wild sense of adventure are ideal. Invite guests who play nice with one another.

Step 2

Create your invitation.

Make sure you tell your guests to come wearing all white clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty. Or, you could be a very gracious host and provide white t-shirts for everyone. You make the call. Remember, the clothing can be part of the art.

Another tip here is the element of surprise. This is my personal favorite. Tease your guests in your invite as to the night’s activities. But don’t tell all. This will allow them to relish the anticipation. You’ll also benefit from the ‘teasing element’ as you spend hours creating the ‘fear of god’ factor in your friend’s minds. Okay, that was a little evil.

Step 3

Now it’s time to head on down to the art store. Go nuts. Acrylic works best. Think florescent, bright. Choose colors that look good under normal light as well as black light. Get a variety of brushes and painting implements. Sponges work well for texture. Think big too. You have a lot of paper to paint. If you have the cash, be creative and buy a few cheap bongs that you can paint with your friends.

Step 4

The big night!

The night has come. Before your guests arrive, prepare the paint room. You’ll need to tape up sheets of the white paper. Where? Everywhere you stoner! The walls and the floor are the most important areas to cover. Double-check the room to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Step 5

Prepare the refreshments.

Now you need to figure out where the stereo and bar area should be. You could just prepare a cooler with a variety of drink options. More serious bar connoisseurs might want to create a small bar with glasses, ice, and all the necessary mixers and liquors. If you go this route though, don’t be cheap. Bring on the shots. I’ll take a chilled Jägermeister!

Step 6

Set up the lighting.

Find a good spot to place the black light. Paint, brushes and sponges should be placed in all areas of the room for ready access to all participants.

Step 7

Get dressed you fool!

Just in case you’re stoned right now… I’ll include this important direction: Put your pants on. Remember… wear white!

Step 8

Greet and prepare your guests.

When your guests arrive, make sure they’re properly prepared for the evening’s activities. Smoke a fatty… have a drink… locate all the lighters… whatever feels right.

Step 9

Introduce The Glow-Art Room.

If you’ve taken my suggestion on the surprise element, now is the time to describe the idea to your friends. I’d do this once they’re in the room.

Make a group decision on what type of music is preferred. Usually, your baked guests won’t want to make any major decisions at this point in the evening. Neither will you. This shows us how important pre-party planning is. So… prior to your guest’s arrival, select some music options to present to them. This will shorten the decision-making process and allow your party to reach the next level… so to speak.

Step 10


Do it!

Ok, must I have to tell you everything? Get the stereo cranking, pour another cocktail and get paintingGo nuts.

Step 11

Drop the brush, Picasso.

When done, you and your guests will be able to marvel at the work you’ve created. Here’s a tip: let it dry before you take it off the walls.

The next day you must make a judgement call: Does this look as great now as it did while high? If so, cut apart the most elegant pieces of the work. You can then frame them as gifts for your guests. High Art!

Please send us pictures from your party. Show everyone your high art.