The Surprising Origins of Marijuana Slang

Do you call it weed or grass? Pot or maryjane? Do you smoke doobies or spliffs or blunts? The marijuana lexicon is rich and varied. Here are a few of the slang terms and were they came from.


Although it sounds Jamaican, the word Ganja actually comes from the Sanskrit word ganjika. Cannabis comes from central and south Asia and there is evidence that it was used by the ancient India and Nepal.


Comes from Jamaican English, the precise etymology is unknown. The first use of spliff comes from the 1930s. Some people use the word spliff to refer to a joint that is half marijuana and half tobacco.


The use of the word joint could be derived from the practice of calling heroin works, joints after the shady establishments where one could procure such items. The word joint is still used to this day to refer to a dive bar as well as to rolled up marijuana.


There are a couple of different theories about the origin of the term pot to refer to cannabis. One theory is that it comes from potiguaya, a Spanish word for marijuana leaves, although this seems dubious. Another theory is that it is derived from an older slang word for marijuana “tea” as in teapot.


Is said to come from the children’s television show Romper Room where good children were referred to as Do-Bes. The show also featured a magic mirror so perhaps it was inspired by a bit of smoke itself.


The name comes from the kinds of cigars that are used to wrap these joints. They were called blunts because of they had broad or rounded tips, not thin, tapered ones.


This could be a shortening of the Spanish word “tocar” which means to touch or to play as in a musical instrument.


Comes from the Thai word baung, a bamboo pipe, cylindrical container or tube. These have been used to smoke in Thailand and Laos for centuries.


Can You Die from Smoking Pot?

Weed, also known as cannabis or marijuana, is a psychoactive drug because of the primary substance, THC. A psychoactive drug is a chemical substance that affects the central nervous system, meaning it affects brain function by altering mood, perception, cognition (coping with and understanding new information), consciousness and behavior.

Although marijuana is known to have a multitude of positive and negative effects, there are absolutely no confirmed human deaths associated with cannabis overdose. This means that nobody has ever died directly from marijuana.

Does that mean that you cannot die from weed? Well, no. Let me explain, Medicines are usually given a LD-50 test. The LD-50 test lets you know at what dosage 50 percent of test animals will die because of this drug. Scientists have attempted to determine marijuana’s LD-50 evaluation, but they’ve all failed. To put it simply, this means that investigators have not succeeded in giving animals enough marijuana to lead to their death.

But, it is estimated that bud’s LD-50 lies between 120,000mg or 140,000mg. This essentially means that to be killed from smoking marijuana, you would need to consume 20,000mg to 40,000mg of thc. That is a hella lot of cannabis joints. The normal marijuana cigarette weighs about 1 gram and only contains 20 – 30% thc, meaning you may need to consume 1’500 pounds (680kg) of marijuana within 15 minutes to cause death. That is virtually impossible, I am sure some of you understand that following the fifth joint you would be unconscious or raiding the refrigerator for goodies!

weed overdose

So far we have established that it is virtually impossible to die directly from marijuana consumption. What about indirectly? Well, provided that you have some cannabis knowledge and responsibly, you’re not likely to die from marijuana, directly or indirectly. However, it’s proven that over 25 percent of motorists involved in accidents have narcotics in their system, the most common medication being marijuana. So, I beg you, use marijuana responsibly! Do not place yourself in a situation in which you – while intoxicated, could hurt people.

Furthermore, this is only the case if you smoke pure marijuana. Do not consume tainted marijuana, this may be a lot more harmful and in some unluckily instances even deadly. Ensure that your weed is pure and of high quality, otherwise these extra ingredients can cause uncomfortable or even fatal side effects. It is rare to have your weed laced with other drugs but there have been stories of people getting laced cannabis.
Many politicians that are against legalization of marijuana argue that smoking marijuana may result in lung cancer. Are they right? Can smoking marijuana lead to lung cancer? Absolutely not, on the contrary! Research also suggests that people who smoke marijuana have a lesser risk to be diagnosed with lung cancer compared to people who don’t smoke in any respect. This means that smoking marijuana might even function as a protective shield against specific kinds of cancer, because of it’s main ingredient, THC.

To summarize:

  • No one has died directly from marijuana ingestion.
  • Researchers have not succeeded in providing animals enough marijuana to lead to their death.
  • You would have to eat 1’500 pounds (680kg) of marijuana within 15 minutes to cause death. Which is virtually impossible.
  • Don’t put youself in a place in which you, while intoxicated, could potentially hurt people. Consume weed responsibly.
  • Make sure your marijuana is pure and of high quality, laced marijuana is a lot more dangerous.
  • Smoking Weed might even function as a protective shield against certain kinds of cancer.

Can you die from marijuana? In a nutshell, no. It’s very unlikely you will die from marijuana, provided that you consume responsibly.


Does Marijuana Protect You Against Cancer?

There appears to be the consensus that frequent or even occasional marijuana use will lead to deterioration of your lung function, in some cases even to lung cancer. But is this claim really supported by evidence? Let’s find out!

Smoking a Joint

Marijuana use is known to cause burning and stinging of the mouth and throat, as well as heavy coughing. Researchers have discovered that marijuana smokers can suffer under similar respiratory problems as tobacco users do. These include

  • Daily cough and phlegm production
  • More frequent acute chest illnesses
  • Increased risk of lung infections

Studies have shown that weed smoke contains certain carcinogens (particles that can cause cancer) but not enough to where it is a danger such as cigarettes or pipe tobacco. There are no studies that show a correlation between marijuana smoke and lung, upper respiratory or even upper digestive tract cancer. It remains a mystery to sciences and is truly an interesting property of cannabis.

Recently, a study that had been going on for over 20 years was concluded. From March 1985 to 2006, over 5100 (otherwise healthy) men and women had been regularly smoking 2-3 joints a month. The results? Their lung function had improved slightly! However, other factors such as air pollution were not taken into account.

Additionally, heavy users (1-2 joints/day) had seen 1.6% increase in lung capacity. This could be explained with the fact that these users made a habit out of deep inhaling and exhaling, thus increasing their lung’s capacity.

New studies even suggest that marijuana smoke might act as a protective shield against certain types of cancer! What? Simply put, THC, the main substance in weed, acts as an immunosuppressant. This means that it blocks or even acts as a shield against various respiratory issues.

On the other hand, this study is contradicted by an older study, which claimed that marijuana smokers in many cases were sick more often than non-smokers, the main cause usually being respiratory illness.

As you can see, by no means has a consensus been reached! Some studies insist marijuana has positive effects on the lungs, while others claim they are neutral or even negative. I believe we’ll have to wait a couple more years for conclusive results. In the meantime, I’m going to use this a guilt-free card to keep on toking.

If you’re worried about the effects of weed on your lungs, but still want to continue using marijuana, perhaps you should consider alternatives, such as space brownies or cookies!


CBD: Miracle Drug of the 21st Century?

When you have a headache, you take an anti-inflammatory. Back pain? Pop some pain pills. Panic attacks or anxiety? Swallow a couple Xanax. Don’t mind the side effects; you can battle those pesky new ailments with more pills or holistic remedies.

Forget the pills…

For years researchers have known that Cannabis provides a wide range of medical uses for pain management, nausea, asthma, eating disorders, inflammation and more.  It hasn’t been clear until recent years that the compound Cannabidiol (CBD), also found in the plant, plays a significant part in alleviating medical conditions without the psychoactive qualities of THC.

Recent studies, have shown that CBD may have the capability to treat more ailments than any single pharmaceutical drug on the market.

In Zuardi’s research abstract he wrote, “The last five years have shown a remarkable increase in publications on cannabidiol… studies have suggested a wide range of possible therapeutic effects of cannabidiol on several conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral ischemia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, other inflammatory diseases, nausea and cancer.”

Illustration of the current and potential medical uses of Cannabidiol as per a 2008 study exploring CBD

A German study published last March explores the effects CBD has on those suffering from Schizophrenia. Whereas THC shows a negative impact on Schizophrenics, causing increased anxiety and agitation, preliminary reports suggest that CBD may provide anti-psychotic effects helping to stabilize the patients while causing fewer side effects than any anti-psychotic drug on the market.

Strains that have shown the highest levels of CBD include; Sour Tsunami, Omrita RX3, Jamaican Lion, Cannatonic, and Harlequin. The CBD levels in these strains range from approx. 4% – 12%.

CBD has played a large role in my own quality of living. I suffer from severe scoliosis with a 50 degree curvature which causes extreme discomfort and pain in my mid to lower back. As a result of my scoliosis I also encounter pain in my ribs, tender joints and intense migraines that can derail entire days. There are days where my productivity and mental focus is severely inhibited.

With the addition of CBD, my pain goes nearly unnoticed and I am provided with a clear alertness. The problem is the difficulty of locating CBD-rich strains to alleviate my ailments. Very few collectives have been educated on the benefits of providing CBD strains for patients and very few resources are available for research on the abundance of medical uses it provides.

If you are interested in learning more about CBD and its benefits, or would like to locate collectives that provide safe access to these tested meds, I recommend bookmarking for the most reliable information regarding Cannabidiol. There you can find everything from current scientific studies, to strain guides, and leading providers of stabilized CBD-rich strains.



6 Songs Most Enjoyed Stoned

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Everyone knows that when you’re stoned you develop a finer appreciation for music. We all have our own favorite music to listen to while chillin’ in a haze of magic smoke. Some people like to listen to rap while stoned but we think trippy, mellow music is way more popular. See if you’ll agree with our short list of songs most enjoyed while stoned.

Number 1. Space Oddity by David Bowie

“Take your protein pills and put your helmet on…” What? This song actually makes sense after you’ve smoked a joint.

Number 2. Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles

Most Beatles music from the late 60s and early 70s is best while stoned but the melody and lyrics of this one are just so enjoyable after smoking weed. “Let me take you back cause I’m going to…Strawberry Fields…where nothing is real…” Forever.

Number 3. Comfortably Numb or most songs from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

What is it about Pink Floyd that makes it so perfectly suited for smoking up? Wish we had a good answer but we don’t. It just is and you shouldn’t bother questioning it. One thing’s for sure though, the lyrics of this song are fun to listen to when you’re stoned. “There is no pain you are receding, a distant ship’s smoke on the horizon…”

Number 4. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

No description is needed as to why this song is so awesome while stoned. None. “If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now. It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.”

Number 5. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

A lot of people say that Hendrix wrote Purple Haze about a dream he had. We’d like to know what he smoked before he went to bed to have a dream that would inspire such an awesome song. And it’s especially enjoyable after you’ve smoked some flowers.

Finally Number 6: White rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

You should only listen to this song while stoned, otherwise it’s a waste of time. You might never notice how fucked up the lyrics of this song are until you listen to them after smoking some good weed. “And if you go chasing rabbits and you know you’re going to fall, tell ‘em a hooka smoking caterpillar has given you the call.” Nice.


Why Marijuana Legalization Just Makes Sense In 2018

Legal weed could be coming soon

It’s time to let go of preconceived notions and take a factual look at why marijuana legalization just makes sense. The USA could not only save millions of dollars by making marijuana legal but also bring in valuable tax revenue.

Just as organized crime flourished during prohibition, making marijuana illegal has also encouraged criminal activity, causing damage both to people and property. While marijuana is a drug with intoxicating effects, it has not been shown to cause physical dependency or have health and mental effects more serious than those caused by other legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes or prescription medication. The ‘gateway drug’ argument has been shown to be overstated and again, the same argument could be made for legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Marijuana legalization would free up law enforcement and the courts to concentrate on more serious crimes and to work on reducing the manufacture and trafficking of more dangerous drugs such as heroin and crystal methamphetamine. The true cost of making marijuana illegal might never be known as it’s difficult to put a dollar amount on human potential that is stunted by having an arrest record, families that are thrown in disarray when one member is jailed and so on.

The individual social benefits of marijuana are very similar to those of other legal drugs like cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol, such as increased feeling of well-being, relaxation and relaxation of social inhibitions. Again, any drug has dangers and can be abused and the risks involved with marijuana use are very similar to alcohol use, both in kind and severity. The answer, then seems to be to education and to continue to have penalties for irresponsible use of drugs like driving under the influence.

There can be positive health effects to marijuana use and these should be considered when thinking about why marijuana legalization makes sense. While many of us only think of marijuana as being beneficial to those undergoing chemotherapy, it can offer medical and therapeutic benefits for those suffering from many different health conditions. Smoking marijuana can increase appetite and relieve feelings of nausea, produce effective pain relief and allow those suffering from chronic conditions a chance to relax.

Making marijuana legal means that the government can tax marijuana, can ensure that buyers are not getting ripped off or worse, given drugs with toxic additives and can effectively educate users about safe use. Right now, this is not really possible as it is an illegal substance in many of the states so the only education most people get is ‘just say no’. As we’ve seen from the failure of abstinence only sex education, that is not an answer and our young people would be better served by learning the facts about marijuana use.


The Oldies (Lesser Known) Marijuana Songs

Marijuana and music are a natural combination. Countless musicians have either used cannabis to help unleash their creativity to write and compose music or to help them let go and perform at their best.

Here are some of the best songs ever written about cannabis. Note: I left out songs that aren’t explicitly about marijuana.

Every marijuana connoisseur knows all the ‘classic’ weed songs by groups like Cypress Hill, or Kotton Mouth Kings. Here are some from a little deeper in the bargain bin.

Number 10:

Sweat Leaf by Black Sabbath. I always wondered if the makers of Sweat Leaf tea know about this song? I think that granny on the bottle rocking out to Sabbath is an awesome image.

Number 9:

Don’t Bogart that Joint by Little Feat. I really like the message of sharing in this song.

Number 8:

Muddy Waters Champagne and Reefer. Classic blues with a pro-legalization slant.

“ Well you know there should be no law

on people that want to smoke a little dope.

Well you know it’s good for your head

And it relax your body don’t you know. ”

Number 7:

When I get low I get High by Ella Fitzgerald. Sure sounds like a good idea to me!

“ But I’m not gonna holler

’cause I’ve still got a dollar

And when I get low

Oooo I get high “

Number 6:

Fats Waller The Reefer Song. Nobody did it like the jazz artist of the 30s and 40s.

Number 5:

Seeds and Stems (again) as Commander Cody says “are you ready for the saddest song ever?”

Number 4:

Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam by Steppenwolf is call for legalization of marijuana and condemnation of the government.

“ Well it’s evil, wicked, mean and nasty

(Don’t step on the grass, Sam)

And it will ruin our fair country

(Don’t be such an ass, Sam)

Well, it will hook your Sue and Johnny

(You’re so full of bull, Sam)

All will pay that disagree with me

(Please give up you already lost the fight alright) “

Number 3:

Roll Another Number (for the road) by Neil Young is perfect for karaoke. It’s deliciously twangy and easy to sing along to.

Number 2:

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 by Bob Dylan. Who can forget being a young kid and hearing this song for the first time and giggling their butt off? I can’t remember for sure, but I’m thinking the first time I heard this song, Cheech and Chong were involved somehow.

Number 1:

Nobody is cooler than Cab Calloway and his song Reefer Man is a swinging classic. Depending on your point of view it might not be the most pro marijuana song ever, but it sure is catchy.


How to Grow Marijuana with Fluorescent Lights

grow marijuana indoors using fluorescent lights

It’s possible to grow marijuana indoors using fluorescent lights and create an outstanding, mature potent harvest. All you’ve got to do is know the life cycles of your plant and mimic the environment that is most suitable for it.

standard four-foot fluorescent fixtures

Mimic means to emulate, not necessarily re-create, therefore, close is usually good enough. Light, temperature, medium, humidity, rain, nutrients. I use standard four-foot fluorescent fixtures purchased at your local Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot for about eight dollars. Then I use a standard 40-watt residential bulb and an aquarium/terrarium bulb, also 40 watts. The two produce a nice and suitable combination of light. All of this is all pretty cheap.

fluorescent growing

Always keep the plants 2-4 inches from the bulbs at all phases of growth. With fluorescent growing, you grow near the bulbs because they are not hot like HPS or metal halide. Start with seeds on moist paper towels laid on a tray.

Cover them with another layer or two of paper towels. Put it in a dresser drawer for two days, checking on them every once in a while. They will soon sprout. Take those that do sprout and push them in 1-2 inches below the surface of your potting soil mixed with perlite. You want 80/20 dirt to perlite ratio.

Start with small 3-4 pots

Start with small 3-4″ pots (top diameter). Put under 24/7 fluorescent light. As they break the soil and grow upwards keep the lights adjusted to 2 inches over the tops.

Transplant to a six-inch pot

Transplant to a six-inch pot once the plant outgrows the starter pot, usually around week three.

After four weeks of vegetative growth you should be able to go to a 14 on 10 off cycle. Eventually, your strain will sex. Some will sex better and faster at 12 on and 12 off when growing with fluorescent light. I say start with four weeks of vegetative growth then move on to sexing/flowering.

It might actually be more than four weeks depending on your strain and how well it takes to fluorescent growing. I’ve had decent luck with the strain I’ve used and I look forward to trying different, established well-known strains.

how to see weed growing male pollen packets

The distinguishing factors when determining the sex of your plant are the pistils. You want to make sure you do not see any tiny pollen packets growing – this is a male plant indicator. I have discovered there are many ways to grow with normal seeds and soil. However, when you use newer technology and more expensive equipment, the techniques and methods and tastes vary a whole lot more.

Your plants will respond one way or another to different ecological changes thrown at it. If it appears you have only development and growth and eventually budding/maturing plants, it’s likely that you are doing something right.

Basically, all you do is germinate/sprout your seeds. Then stick them down in dirt medium. Place them on 24/7 lights and keep them watered as well as fed through the duration of vegetation. Finally, there’s the flowering stage and you should be all set.

look for cannabis flowering stageI hope your get your process down by attempting to grow some old seeds. If you’re like me and have a few lying around, get some to germinate. Plant them. Experiment. Ask questions. I will offer any help I can in my replies to your questions. I am not a professional but have had great success with fluorescent cannabis growing up to now.


How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) can stay in a person’s body for as long as 3 to 90 days after smoking a bong or being ingested orally.

There are numerous determining factors for how long drug toxins stay in your body that differ from person to person, such as the method of use, your health, your body weight, metabolism, fluid intake, the type of drug, and the level of exposure to the drug toxin.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, one of nearly 400 chemicals in a cannabis plant, accounts for most of marijuana’s psychoactive mind-altering and medicinal effects. The potency of the drug is determined by the amount of THC it contains which varies from plant to plant. Marijuana stays in your system for different amounts of time depending on how often you smoke it, how much you smoke, and the composure of each individual.

Site note: There are many drug test kits available and some of them work. Try our eBook out:

If you smoke cannabis occasionally, it can remain in your system for up to 10 days. If you smoke marijuana on a regular basis, it can remain in your system for as long as 45 days. If you are a chronic cannabis smoker then THC can stay inside your system for up to 90 days.

Why is that?

Because marijuana is fat soluble. It stores in the fat cells of the body, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, and most other significant organs.

Delta-9-THC enters your bloodstream rapidly after smoking (in just few short minutes) or more slowly when ingested orally (40 minutes to 1.5 hours). It’s rapidly metabolized into inert molecules known as metabolites. These chemicals also have the word Tetrahydrocannabinol in them and are known as THC, which can be quite confusing.

psychoactive mind-altering and medicinal effects

Delta-9-THC is detectable in your blood for a couple of hours, but none of the active chemicals can found in your urine and none is stored in the fatty tissues like the liver and brain.

What most drug tests look for is not the lingering delta-9-thc, but the metabolites created as a byproduct. These usually linger around in your body fluids and organs for some time until it is disposed of when you go to the bathroom.

It is those metabolites that are detected in the body organs and urine, long after the effects of Delta-9-THC have worn off. These metabolites can even linger over 90 days. For occasional users, an average of 13 days was recorded. Some individuals had metabolites detectable for only three days. Others found the substances still in their urine after up to 30 days.

The only way to figure out how long cannabis stays in your system is to test it yourself. You would need to go and purchase tests kits at your local CVS. The ones at the Dollar store are worthless. You then enjoy a bowl and start testing yourself.

cbd alternative to stop smoking cannabis

Many people would believe this is a waste of their time. Fortunately, I have been able to test myself and secure a job multiple times after smoking cannabis. I figured out that cannabis stayed in my system for 15 days. It is better to know for sure than to guess. That way you can control your usage in a better way and still have a good time!

Everyone is different and some may have more cells metabolites can attach to. I’ve personally known friends who have passed tests the same day as smoking. This is just an example and I highly suggest you stay away from trying to pass a drug test after smoking the same day. I believe he happened to pass the test because he was very thin had little to no extra fatty tissues.


How to Dry and Cure Your Marijuana for Maximum Potency

cannabis curing and drying stage

Drying marijuana buds generally takes from two – six weeks and curing cannabis can take two weeks up to two or more months. Drying time also depends on where you live and the location you dry your plants as well as the soil used. Places in a desert would dry cannabis faster, and tropical areas would take longer.

Drying your cannabis buds

Drying your cannabis buds

The first step after harvesting your marijuana buds is the drying stage. This can be done by taking the cut cannabis branches and hanging them upside down so that the fan leaves droop and cover the buds. During this step, you want to place the branches in a cool dark place (not humid) with enough ventilation. It’s very important there’s enough air circulation in the room. You can get the air moving with a simple fan or two.

It’s best to check up on the buds each day to watch for signs of mold or mildew and fix the problem if anything happens. After the fan leaves droop down over the flowers and turn crisp or break off easily, you’d want to start trimming off the fan leaves only.

Trim your cannabis fan leaves before drying.

It would be better to cut the leaves off before drying your marijuana buds since it will be far more difficult to cut off the fan leaves after the buds have dried. So, I suggest you to cut them off before you hang your marijuana branches upside down.

harvesting your marijuana buds

The point for drying your cannabis this way is to dry it slowly but not too fast. If you dry your buds too fast it’ll make them smell like pine needles, hay, or taste bad. Drying your buds too slow isn’t a fantastic idea either because often mold and mildew will grow.

After the fan leaves are trimmed, you need to hang it up to dry since the marijuana buds will still be moist or wet. At this point the cut stocks should still have their little inner leaves. These will droop and cover the buds when hung.

Hang the branches in a cool dark place with proper ventilation until the little leaves and bud tips turn crisp to the touch. This is when you will know that it is time to remove your buds from their branches. This is also the time to use your creative mind and figure out a way to get rid of the extra leaf material.

This is what is known as trimming of marijuana buds. Trimming is usually done before the bud is hung because it allows the actual buds to dry faster as well as it removes a microclimate where bacteria can grow.

After a few short days of drying, you will notice your buds will be a little moist on the inside. This stuff can be packed into a bong and smoked or you can complete the full curing process by following the steps below.

How to cure your marijuana with a brown paper bag

How to cure your marijuana with a brown paper bag

After your marijuana buds are trimmed (and a little moist) you want to dry them further using the brown paper bag method. The best choice would be a brown shopping bag located at any supermarket. You want a brown one because it is unbleached. Unbleached is very important because this will ensure your buds do not collect any synthetic contaminants.

Next throw in the trimmed buds into the brown paper bag loosely. Try not to fill it too much, you want a layer of four inches of buds. Don’t fill the bag to the top because mold and mildew can contaminate your buds.

When your cannabis is curing in the brown paper bag you want to look at it each day and rotate the buds in the bag so they dry evenly. This can be accomplished by shifting positions of the cannabis buds, turning them often or shaking the bag.

As your buds dry they will naturally compact to a self-preserving state. At this time your buds can be compacted together and the bag can be folded close. By compacted I mean lightly pushed down or vacuumed sealed.

Just be sure to remember that all climates and environments are different. Some cannabis may dry faster than others. Some may develop mildew or mold and will need to be tossed out. One of the best ways of avoiding this is by checking on your drying progress daily.

How to cure your marijuana with canning jars

How to cure your marijuana with canning jars

Your last step is to find a way to bring out the full flavor and smoke from your cannabis buds. This can be done by using an air tight jar or something similar. Make sure you use an air tight container! Put the dried buds inside your jar without compacting them.

It is very import, when curing cannabis buds using this method, you open up each jar and introduce fresh oxygen at least once a day. Shaking the container will also help with even drying. You can do this up to 10 days until you are satisfied with the moisture quality of your buds.

You have to be on the lookout for mold and mildew when curing your cannabis with jars. Every day when you open them up be sure to look for dark brown, light green, or black spots. Also, be sure to smell each container as this can be an easy way to determine if your buds are contaminated.

If you happen to find one contaminated bud then you should throw it away as soon as possible. You can then take the rest of the buds and start with the brown paper bag curing method above.

This cannabis curing method can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. Really it all depends on how you want you buds to develop its distinguishing characteristics. The longer the curing process takes, the better.

How to determine when your bud is cured?

How to determine when your bud is cured

A bud is totally dry, cured, and ready for consumption once the stem in the center of the bud snaps easily with the fingers. The snap is easy to detect with practice. Your marijuana buds can now be sealed and stored for a very long period of time without developing mold or mildew.

Lastly, there are many different ways of curing cannabis, however, I believe this is the best way and it has never failed me.


How To Clone Your Marijuana Plant Made Simple


There is no better way to keep the quality and integrity of an exceptional marijuana plant, than to create an exact duplicate of it. Luckily, in her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature provided the means of doing that. I’m going to teach you how you can start with Marijuana Cloning!

The basics of cloning marijuana plants

Cloning marijuana success

I’m not going to go over the fundamentals of the botanic reproduction cycle, nor do I plan on explaining the process of regeneration at the molecular level. I also will not bore you to tears outlining things like oxygen and soil conditions. Today I will tell you how I clone my favorable marijuana crops.

Go buy the materials needed.

To begin with, there’s a couple of things you want to pick up prior to cloning cannabis. The best places to go would be either a Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot. Make sure to grab some extra more miracle-gro moisture control potting soil while you’re there. Can never have enough.

Grab plant rooting hormone

cannabis plant rooting horomone

For cloning cannabis, we need to grab some plant rooting hormone. You can find it in the plant section or the garden center, which all stores should have. Most will be on the side of the store. Look for a fence and flowers, that’s where you can find most of your growing supplies.

If you have any problems finding it, you can always ask the clerk. On the other hand, if you don’t want to call attention to yourself, you can find it by spending some time and looking.

Grab peat pellets

growing cannabis in peat pellets

Now you need some peat pellets for cloning your cannabis. Most garden centers seem to supply trays of twenty-five. You want to look for the larger pellets. These will be used with the soil to create an enriched grow medium. Check out the image below so that you can get an idea what it is where looking for. You can also do a simple Google search for peat pellets to see if local shops sell any locally.

Anyway, they usually put the peat pellets with the pots and planters. Sometimes they have a display at the checkout counter (in the garden center) so be sure to check there as well.

Mixing the soil for cloning cannabis

Now, head on home, and follow the directions below to create your cloning cannabis in grow medium:

First you need to gather a few household items and prepare a few things:

  • Razor blade: Any kind will due as long as it is sharp and clean, and by clean I mean not rusty or dripping with oil. If it looks clean just wash it off carefully with a paper towel and use it.
  • Planter or container: seven or eight inches in diameter, and seven or eight inches high. Whatever you decide to use will probably work, but you’ll want to fill it with potting soil same as you would for any start or transplant. You will need one per clone.
  • Shallow dish or bowl: Filled with some water, deep enough to dip the stem in without touching the base of the container.
  • Peat pellets: These you’ll need to wet down and expand completely, it should look like a tiny brown blown up saucer, or whatever, when they are fully saturated. Just follow the instructions that comes on the packaging. You’ll use one of these per clone.
  • Plant rooting hormone: The best thing to do would be to pour or scoop appropriate amount into a clean and dry small container and place it next to the bowl of water.

Cloning your cannabis plant

Now you are ready to clone your marijuana crops. It is always best to work on a desk or a flat surface. Make sure you have everything in reach since it’s important to get a freshly trimmed clone to its grow medium as quickly as possible.

Using a toothpick or small poker, clear a small hole about a quarter inch deep into the tops of each peat pellet. The hole has to be just as wide as the stalks of the clippings.

choosing stem when cloning cannabit with rooting horomone

Assuming your marijuana plant is doing well and has lots of new growth, carefully pick a small branch. Estimate at least a quarter to half inch distance from the stem and cut it off on a slight angle from the host plant.

cut it off on a slight angle from the host cannabis plant

Without touching the cut end of the marijuana clone dip it into the water and then into the plant rooting powder.

dip the cannabis into rooting powder horomone

Now carefully insert your clone into the hole you’ve prepared in the peat pellet. Try not to disturb the power, which has stuck to the cut end.

Gently press the top of the pellet to close the hole around the stem. Finally, bury your marijuana clone within a quarter inch of the top of the pellet. The plant into the awaiting planter.

Cloning marijuana success

cannabis clone wither and sag

You can look at your new marijuana clone as a new beginning. At first you will see your cannabis clone wither and sag within the first ten to fifteen minutes. There is nothing to worry about as long as you see the clone spring back to life in a few hours. This is the best part of cloning your own cannabis plant. You get to see life spring up in front of you, literarily.

Here is a helpful hint for the serious growers: If you are cloning from multiple plants be sure to index and identify the clones. You always want to be able to match your plant to their prospective hosts.


How to Transplant Your Marijuana Plant and What Nutrients to Use

How to Transplant Your Marijuana Plant

Unless you have planted your seeds into a pot large, that is enough to sustain a full-scale increase, then you’ll have to transplant your young plant a couple of times, in order to ensure maximum return. A germinating marijuana plant will quickly outgrow its starter cup, and the root bound plant will grow very slowly.

A good guideline to go by is to check your plant size against the cup size – when the plant gets taller than the container it’s in, then it’s time to transplant. Another indication would be droopy leaves or a plant that requires a lot of water – these are sure signs that your plant has outgrown its pot.

transplant your young plant

Another good guideline would be to transplant the marijuana plant into a container that’s double the size of the present one, or bigger. This allows the roots to spread out and develop. Marijuana requires one foot of soil height for each foot of plant height, so prepare to have a minimum of a 5 gallon container for the final transplant.

Water your plant just enough to moisten the roots. If the soil is moist, it is going to hold together better for the transplant process. Fill the container with potting soil, leaving enough room to place the plant and root ball in.

Place your hand over the top of the cup, keeping the stem between the thumb and fingers. Turn the small container over and ease the cup off the plant. Gently set the plant upright into the new soil, then fill in the rest of the larger container with dirt. Give the plant a thorough watering, as this will loosen the roots and allow them to begin spreading and growing. Tidy up your area, and you’re done.

What food and nutrients should you use for your marijuana?

Marijuana requires one foot of soil height

Marijuana plants require food to grow. The three main elements are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These are needed for strong root growth, strong vegetative growth, and for lush, full flowering and high yields.

Most potting soils include a balanced NPK ratio that will sustain a plant for the first 2-3 weeks. However, as the plant grows taller and wider, supplemental nutrients are required.

At the vegetative phase, about 20 supplements are often adequate to maintain proper growth and development. Most growers dilute this formulation to one-half or one-quarter strength, as cannabis doesn’t tolerate full-strength nutritional supplement feedings well. This may be given once or twice per week, although some growers use it in each feeding.

In the flowering stage, a higher ratio of phosphorus is needed to promote and encourage flowering, as these flowers are the bud sites, and the number of flowers affect the end yield. Phosphorus alone or phosphorus in a greater ratio is often utilized in this stage.

cannabis transplant process

Secondary foods which the marijuana plants need are Calcium, Sulphur, and Magnesium. These foods guarantee that plant photosynthesis is maintained, allowing strong growth and good development.

The basic minerals a plant needs are boron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, iron and manganese. The marijuana plant takes up a minimal amount of these components, but they are necessary to the overall well-being of your plant.

All of these nutrients work together to maintain healthy growth and development. Plants will grow poorly or not at all if deprived of any one of these nutrients. If the lack is intense, the plant may go into a nutrient lockout, which is the absence of a single nutrient blocking the uptake of all the rest, thus causing the plant to die.

Careful occasional evaluation of your plant will determine whether it’s healthy and secure, or lacking in any of these nutrients. These problems may be fixed but correcting them is vital to the continued growth and development of your own plant.


The Vegetative and Flowering Stages of Marijuana

vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis

When your seedling has thrust its head through the soil, it enters into the vegetative stage of growthVegetation simply means to be growing.

The vegetative stage is a short time where your marijuana plant will be growing as fast as possible. Photosynthesis begins immediately. This is the period where your plant will develop its height, stem thickness and will start developing side branches. During this time, it will also develop its future bud sites

This is a period of great natural stress for the crops, so care must be taken to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity level, in addition to providing sufficient water, along with the nutrients required to obtain maximum development.

The flowering stage of your cannabis plant

Transplanting is done during this period, it is always best to transplant as few times as possible, as each transplant shocks your plant and stunts its growth for a few days. Your plant has to be handled gently during each transplant. Some people let their plant sit in the dark until it recovers from the transplant. Some will keep the typical light schedule.

Overwatering or underwatering also shocks your plant, forcing growth to a halt for a short time, so be sure and check your plant often and make sure that it’s getting sufficient water, but take care not to give it too much.

Lighting is mandatory for good vegetative growth. It is crucial to prevent sudden blackouts, a lot of hours of sudden daylight, or light leaks, since these issues will cause your plant to become a hermaphrodite.

Regular potting soil provides sufficient nutrients for the first 2 – 3 months. After that, your plants need to be inspected frequently to spot symptoms of nutrient deficiency and treated immediately if any problems are found.

Marijuana will remain in a vegetative state until the lights are switched on – this is often called flipping. When your plant is determined to be ready for flowering, or if space and time are of great concern, then your plant is ready to go to flowering stage.

The flowering stage of your cannabis plant

Once your marijuana plant has reached 12 inches, or to the height of your choice, it is time to start the flowering phase. The plant will start to preflower, then it will fully flower.

Growth Stage Hours of Light Hours of Darkness
Seedling 16 – 24 8 – 0
Clone 18 – 24 6 – 0
Vegetative 18 6
Flowering 12 12

You can now expose your plant to a regular 12 hours of daylight / 12 hours of night cycle. Alternatively, you can begin with 14-hours daylight / 10-hours night cycle and gradually adjusted until the 12/12 cycle is attained. Some growers will take the light steadily back into a 10/14 schedule, or even as far back as an 8/16. This is determined by each grower’s taste.

Pre-flowering usually begins in the fourth week. Pre-flowering can only be determined with a closer look at your plant. At the 4th node down the stem, you should be able to see a tiny pear-shaped node. This node determines if your plant is female. You should also see two miniature pistils. Occasionally the pistils will not develop for several days during the start of pre-flowering. Make sure you determine if your plant is male or female before you choose to pull it.

The complete flowering starts 1 to 2 weeks

The complete flowering starts 1 to 2 weeks after altering the light schedule. In a few days, most or all the nodes on the marijuana plant will be covered in white pistils. These will begin to develop into flowers, which will reach their maturity in 6 to 8 weeks’ time.

The buds will also develop at these nodes. They will be covered with white crystals, and when close to maturity the trichomes will be able to be seen. These start out as white and clear, then turn amber or get darker, and the small white pistils turn red or get darker as well. When you find these changes beginning to occur, pay close attention to your plant, because soon they will be ready for harvesting.

harvest when the trichomes are white

The buds are ready for harvest when the trichomes are white, or you may wait until they darken. Most of the time only some buds will be ready while the trichomes in others are still developing. If this should happen, you can then cut off the ripened buds and leave the rest to grow for a week or two more. This will guarantee a maximum yield and it won’t kill your plant.


What Types of Soil Should You Use When Growing Marijuana Plants?

What Types of Soil Should You Use When Growing Marijuana Plants

Ignore whoever told you plants don’t need food. Maybe not during the first 12 days, but after they germinate, like all living plants, your cannabis will need food to live. They may have been referring to using potting soil with added nutrients and fertilizer. Adding more fertilizer to potting soil already saturated with nutrients will fry your plants.

The best potting soils have a mixture of compost and peat moss, with seabird/bat guano, seaweed/kelp, worm castings and a bit of hydrated lime and perlite. Some growers like to add lots of perlite but you should never use more than 15% in my opinion. Soil with these organic nutrients doesn’t need any additional nutrients for the first 4 weeks or so. Then it will be time to add small amounts of nutrients to the water when you water your plants.

For a beginner, I’d recommend FoxFarm nutrients. You’ll need one type for the vegetative stage and another kind for the flowering stage.

Top quality potting soil is expensive. Fox Farms Ocean, Forest, Black Gold Potting Soil start at $10.00/bag. Luckily it is very cost effective. Your plants will grow faster, be a lot healthier, and you’ll have more buds to harvest.

Growing cannabis in soil common questions

How do I know which dirt is perfect for me to buy?

which dirt is perfect for me to buy

Do some reading on the subject, marijuana requires certain elements in order to grow well, so the better soil mix you buy, the better growth and yield you will have in the end. When buying soil, you really get what you pay for, trust me.

My soil cracks into chunks when it gets dry and my plants aren’t growing much at all. What’s wrong?

soil cracks into chunks when it gets dry

Your soil is too tightly packed to permit the roots to grow and distribute. Compacted soil will choke a plant and stunt the development. Remove your plant, add some perlite or moss or other additive to the soil mixture, then transplant. It should perk up and begin growing in a day or two.

I just planted five seeds, but I have 8 sprouts in my cups. How can this happen?

Chances are you used old soil or (cheap) affordable soil. Pull the ‘weeds’ as soon as possible, but make sure you don’t pull your bud seedlings out by mistake!

I started 2 other grows using this soil, but my other plants all died. Can I still use this?

2 other grows using this soil

That depends on why they died. If they were good seeds and you gave them great care, then I believe your soil has issues or is contaminated. The best thing is to dispose of it and purchase new, better grade of dirt.

Help! My dirt is filled with brown bugs! Can my two-week-old plant be saved?

My dirt is filled with brown bug

That sounds like a terrible infestation. If the plant looks healthy, spray it down with a soap mixture, then remove it from the pot, gently shake the dirt out of the roots, and transplant it into fresh soil, after you wash your container well. Throw all of the old dirt out, it can’t be used for anything.

My soil was EXPENSIVE, why cannot I reuse it?

Reusing soil is a matter for much debate. Some growers do, some don’t. Some will include fertilizer and nutrients, then flush it out and allow it to sit between grows. Some use the same soil over and over with great results, while others throw it on the compost heap as soon as the crops are cut. I would think, the better the soil, to begin with, the more reusable it would be.

I saw four distinct brands of dirt in the garden center today. How do I tell which is best?

four distinct brands of dirt

Compare the ingredients in each bag, then go with the one that has the ingredients you want inside. If it doesn’t satisfy you, you can always change to a different brand.

I planted my seeds in plain soil. What do I do?

planted my seeds in plain soil

Purchase a bag of soil at the local shop and transplant your seedlings, as soon as possible.

What type of cup do I start my seeds in? How much dirt? How much water?

Any small container will do – make sure it is 3-4 inches deep and has drainage holes in the bottom. Fill it to ½ inch on the top with dirt. Water with half to one ounce of water daily until it sprouts.

Can I keep my seeds on the stove to germinate?

Yes. Your germinating seeds have to be kept nice and warm and be sure the soil stays moist too.

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Impress Your Friends with Your Joint Rolling Skills

impress friends with tulip joint rolling

Here is a great way to impress your friends with your joint rolling skills:

Rolling a joint is easy, and if you put a little bit of time into it you can roll a perfect joint. Here are a few ideas for rolling cannabis joints that will impress your friends! So, take a hit of your glass bong and start rolling.

How to roll a normal joint:


Tip: If you put down tobacco, spread it a little bit so when you start rolling your Joint, the excess falls around your buds and burn it better.

How to roll a Super Joint:


Tip: Get some good quality Rolling paper and make sure your roach isn’t to narrow. It’s nicer to make it a little bit wider. This makes the smoking a much nicer experience. The extra rolling paper at the tip allows you to load up a good amount of your buds.

How to roll a Tulip Joint:

Tip: Throw your buds into the tulip bulb on step 2 and then twist the ends to hold it in place while you attach the stem. The stem is just a hollow tube that the smoke will travel through, almost like a pipe.

Use your joint rolling skills to impress your friends. There are many more different unique and amazing things you can roll with tobacco and cannabis. It’s always fun to show off your skills in a social environment. People will be asking if you can teach them your rolling skills. Up next, does cannabis have any withdraws?

Send us some pictures of the joints you’ve rolled!