Best Pot Brownies: Peters Secret Cannabis Brownies Recipe

peters best pot brownies

So I have this friend, his name is Peter. He lives a pretty interesting life and makes the best pot brownies. I wouldn’t say he makes a living selling his pot brownies, but on several occasions, I’ve seen him show up at parties with a freshly baked pan in his hands. He usually sets up his makeshift brownie stand in the corner. It looks like he’s selling grilled cheese sandwiches at a Dead show, but he can liven up any crowd. His secret? The amazing pot brownies he makes with his homegrown cannabis.

Lots of my friends have eaten one of his brownies whole and ended up sitting on my front porch, head in their hands, completely couch locked. They experienced the true power of Peter’s brownies.  A mere half brownie is more than enough to keep you happy for a few long hours.

The next time I saw Peter, I mentioned our site and asked him to submit his famed recipe. He, of course, said no. I told him that we couldn’t find any pot-brownie recipe close to his on the Internet. We wanted to be the ones who got to share his secret recipe. He still declined, stating that it’s not the ingredients but how they were brought together.

Well thanks a lot, man. Seeing as though you believe you’re the only one who can cook the best brownies, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

From what I could gather, the core of Peter’s secret lies in the butter. I heard he sifted the weed down to shake sized particles and emulsified it into the butter, or something like that.

Finally, we decided to approach Peter once more. This time we would implement an exhaustive search to find more information on his famous pot brownie recipe.

After some few days, and many long hours we actually got us some results. Below is Peter’s Secret Pot Brownies recipe.

How to cook canna butter for pot brownies

Best Pot Brownies with canna butter

1lb of real butter for 1 oz of weed (or 1/2 lb of real butter for 1/2 oz of weed).

First grind up the herbs as fine as you can. It is advised to dry your nugs by allowing them to sit inside a cardboard box for one day. This will take most of the moisture out and will allow you to break up the nugs into a fine powder. Using a regular hand grinder is also just as effective. Just make sure the flower is grinded well.

Put butter and weed into a crock pot with lid on for 1 day (24hrs) on low setting. Stir every 3 to 4 hours. You don’t want to stir too much and you want to keep the lid closed as much a possible.

Your house and all surrounding areas will be filled with a nice cannabis aroma. After the 24-hour period, let the pot cool to room temperature.

How to bake pot brownies

Best Weed Brownies canna oil

Find the best brownie recipe you like: Grandma’s old-fashioned, double fudge, with or without nuts, or even one from an instant box will do just fine.

Make the recipe as instructed. When it says to add the butter, add your ‘canna butter’ instead as a replacement – do not attempt to add more butter than the recipe calls for, as you will have greasy brownies. The measurement that is called for in your recipe will be the right amount. These brownies will be very potent, I promise.

You will have plenty of leftover canna oil so put it in an airtight container and keep it in your refrigerator for the next batch you decide to make. You should get at least 6 pans of brownies per pound of butter. This canna oil also works with anything that requires butter for baking. You can use it for cakes, cookies or muffin recipes.

Best Cannabis Brownies
It is our duty to advise responsible consumption, we suggest the following:
  1. Make a second pan of brownies that does not include any canna oil, so that when you have the craving for more brownies, you can eat some without getting any higher. Just be sure to mark each pan accordingly and don’t get them mixed up.
  2. Drinking plenty of water is best while you are digesting the brownies. Avoid any alcohol because this can make you sick really fast.
  3. When you’re ready to test your first batch, eat just ½ a brownie. Be patient and wait at least 2.5 hours before you decide to consume the other half. Never eat more than 2 of these brownies.
  4. Do not eat a brownie after you have eaten a meal, eat the brownie on an empty to a semi-empty stomach, it will kick in faster and you will get the full effect. If you have eaten prior then it may take longer to feel the effects, and you may need to eat more.

Enhance Your Social Bong Smoking Sessions With These 5 Tips

You’re out drinking, enjoying the beautiful night, and a friend pulls out his latest coolest bong. This thing is gigantic and has at least two percolators. The bong looks super trippy because of the intense colorful glass art inter laid inside the bong.

That’s great, your ready to join your friends, but your social bong smoking rituals are a bit rusty. How much should you smoke? How hard do you inhale? Do you break up the cannabis before loading it? Who do you pass next to after taking bong rip?

If you are not too familiar with social bong smoking, we have created this post to help you remember the top 5 things when you’re out smoking a bong with friends.

Corner the bowl

Corner the bowl

For those who don’t know what cornering is, it means lighting a small portion, or a corner, of the packed bowl, to preserve the ‘greens’. You do this because you want to give everyone in your smoke session the chance at a flavorful and tasteful bong hit.

Cornering is usually only done on glass bongs and glass bowls. When you corner the herb, you make sure the flame stays on the edge of the cannabis, on one side of the bowl, while you are inhaling. This will cause only a portion, or a corner, of the finely ground buds to light up, leaving plenty of ‘greens’ for your friends to burn.

Cornering also allows the bowl to last much longer, as apposed to torching the bowl, where you could possibly, in one hit, leave nothing but ashes for your friends.

Use hemp wick

Use hemp wick

Hemp wick is also known as hemp string, hemp wire, hemp line, and beeline. This was recommended to me by a chronic smoker who I have been friends with for many years. He uses hemp string for every smoke session and stands by it.

Hemp wick is made with a coat of bee wax, preventing it from burning quickly. This allows you to have a constant candlewick-like flame always lit and ready to be passed around with the bong. Not only does this make it much easier than a lighter, it also gives you a much better tasting bong rip.

When your ready to share that fruity delicious blueberry haze or that bubble hash with your friends you’ll want to use hemp wick. It definitely gives you a smoother hit and it makes your hit much tastier.

Check your bong water level

Check your bong water level

If you’re about to sit down and rip the bong, please check to make sure you have the right amount of water in your bong. This is easily done by filling up the bong with some water and inhaling as if you were about to smoke.

If you didn’t get any backsplash of small water droplets add some more water. When you start to feel the small water droplets as you are inhaling then you know this is the max the bong can be filled with water.

Keeping just the right amount of water in your bong is important for the best and smoothest rips. If you add too little you will leave everyone coughing up a lung or two, too much and everyone will have some great tasting bong water in their mouth.

Get a grinder

Get a grinder

When you have to sit there and dedicate one person to break up the buds it can be quite annoying, especially in a social situation. Everyone is excited and pumped to taste this new buds you hyped them up with, but now they have to wait while you break up the flowers.

Breaking up your buds is important when smoking out of a bong because it allows the buds just enough oxygen to fully burn through, and burn quicker, when you take a rip. This means you don’t have to be sucking the life out of the bong and it is much easier to corner the bowl.

A grinder is handful in social situations because it can break up your flowers in just a few seconds. There are many different grinders available, plastic or metal they all get the job done much faster than a person can. Grinders also break up the buds consistently and allow you to collect the crystals that drop when the buds are grinded.

Save your lungs

what is a gravity bong

You don’t need to kill yourself in one hit. Inhale lightly, obey your limits and don’t give yourself a headache. If you have ground the flowers then there should be no need to inhale very hard.

If you are having a hard time inhaling then this means either the bong is clogged, or most often, that you just threw a nug into the bowl. A dense nug has virtually no oxygen flowing through it, how do you expect it to light?

You need to break up, or better yet grind up, your buds before you pack the bowl. When you inhale too hard, it makes it much harder to clear the bong when you finally pull the slide. Don’t take every hit like it’s your last.

Keep your bong clean

bong bath soak

Bongs are designed to filter the smoke with water. When you smoke a bong, the water breaks up the smoke particles and holds back the dirty and unhealthy parts. This is the source of the dirt and grime your bong has only a few uses.

The slide eventually develops gunk and can cause trouble when clearing hits. To prevent this, you will need to keep your bong clean. After all smoke sessions, it is always good to clean your bong. Do not be lazy and allow the grime to collect, this will only make it harder for you to clean it later.

If you let the grime collect you will also notice that your bong hits are extremely harsh. This is because, when you take a hit, some of the grime detaches when you are inhaling, changing the taste of the smoke. This means it is time to give your bong an iso bath.

Enjoy the session

best bong smoke session

Great, now that you have caught up on your old bong smoking habits, it’s time for you to go find some friends and share your amazing buds or oils. Bong sessions have got to be one of my most favourite things to do with friends, I hope you get the chance to share such an experience yourself.

Share within the comments what you recommend for others when they are out smoking with their friends.


Let’s Be Logical – Is There A Legitimate Risk of Laced Cannabis?

dealer really sell you laced marijuana

Would a dealer really sell you laced marijuana?

Sometimes I find it interesting that drug dealers are portrayed as some sort of evil-charity… seemingly existing only to try to kill or harm as many people as possible. Let’s think about this all this laced cannabis reasonably.

Realistically, people deal drugs to make money. Just like so many other businesses, it is in their best interest to make as much profit as possible with the finite amount of product they have. Above all else, they require good relationships with their customers to increase their business (be it by word of mouth, or simply return customers).

So, logically, why would a drug dealer secretly “lace” their product with something such as crack cocaine? If there is a demand for marijuana (which there obviously is), there is no need to put other substances into the marijuana which:

  1. Cost more money than the product itself
  2. Has the potential to anger your customers who are looking to purchase an unlaced product; thus, potentially causing lost sales.

The cost of lacing your cannabis with cocaine or crack

Current cost for one gram of cannabis

According to a June 28th, 2007 publication of the Economist (source), a gram of cocaine in the United states costs about $110. And while “crack” is indeed not exactly the same as “cocaine”, according to a 1998 publication from the White House Drug Policy website (source), a gram of crack cocaine is upwards of $70 to $100 depending on the area.

Current cost for one gram of cannabis

Is my cannabis laced with fentanyl

According to a 1994 report by the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the United States, a gram of marijuana, on average, costs only about $10.16. More recent reports from marijuana smokers themselves puts prices in the United States anywhere from $10 a gram to $20, depending on where you live (source).

Government view on laced cannabis

Below I talk about the statements released from our trusted government and pro-prohibition researchers on the risks of laced cannabis. Much of the war on marijuana is filled with government propaganda, in fact, it is well known the government put out misleading advertisement to discourage marijuana use as past of the ‘War on Drugs’ campaign.

National Institute on Drugs Abuse on laced cannabis

lacing your cannabis

Most users roll loose marijuana into a cigarette (called a joint or a nail) or smoke it in a pipe. One well-known type of water pipe is the bong. Some users mix marijuana into foods or use it to brew a tea. Another method is to slice open a cigar and replace the tobacco with marijuana, making what’s called a blunt. When the blunt is smoked with a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor, it is called a “B-40.” Lately, marijuana cigarettes or blunts often include crack cocaine, a combination known by various street names, such as “primos” or “woolies.” Joints and blunts often are dipped in PCP and are called “happy sticks,” “wicky sticks,” “love boat,” or “tical.” – National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Even in a student’s essay, attempts to make any similar claims would require the addition of a source. So, where are the facts to support these statements? From the people I know that smoke cannabis, they do so with vaporizers; a method not listed here.

The statement I find truly sad is the claim that, “marijuana cigarettes or blunts often include crack cocaine”. That is a powerful statement that hooks two very different substances together. Since the NIH is unwilling to show me the facts, I can only provide research that counters their claims.

Center for Substance Abuse Research on laced cannabis

laced cannabis

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR) at the University of Maryland:

“Though reports of laced marijuana are infrequent, and most lacing of marijuana is done at user-level, it is important to remember that with unregulated drugs such as marijuana, the user has no way of knowing what other types of substances have been added.” – CESAR UMD.

While this, again, does not cite any research to where it got its numbers to make a claim towards the frequency of laced-marijuana cases, it does, however make the point that the reason there is any risk of lacing is due to the drug being unregulated (illegal). Regulation has proven itself as a major contributor to the increased quality, as well as safety, of many products throughout history.

Is my cannabis laced with fentanyl?

Research on laced cannabis

“There are some marijuana dealers that will tell their clients that I have no doubt there is fentanyl in it and some of the more addictive folks, especially folks that also use other drugs, will get that marijuana laced with fentanyl in hopes of getting a better high. The bottom line is, anyone, anywhere could mix fentanyl and marijuana and there’s no way of knowing it until it’s too late.” – Tennessee District Attorney Matthew Stowe.

Once again, we have a government official stating that marijuana is being laced with Fentanyl, with no facts or data to back up his claims.

The best line from this quote is ‘the more addictive folks, especially folks that also use other drugs, will get that marijuana laced with fentanyl in hopes of getting a better high.” Not only is this inaccurate it is completely offensive to all smokers. Stowe has correlated a stoner to a heroin addict, something that you really cannot compare.

So is there laced cannabis being sold on the streets?

Does marijuana sometimes get laced with other substances such as crack cocaine or fentanyl? Of course. Like any unregulated substance, many things can happen. The reality is, however, that most drug dealers are just salesmen looking to trade their products for your cash.

The study by the NIH also makes it seem more like a game of Russian roulette when purchasing marijuana. Perhaps to a new user with no one to help them find a provider, there are increased risks, however–like with any products–when a customer finds a provider of a product he or she likes, they will continue to go back to them rather than risk going to another dealer.

There are no “linkable” facts to this piece besides the sources provided. My opinions stated in this post have developed due to my own relationships with people whom use cannabis, as well as from reading forums and other blogs of cannabis users.


How To Blow O’ Rings With Thick Smoke Or Vapor

learn how to blow o ring

Blowing smoke rings is a complex art which requires a great deal of practice and control in order to master. Once you do, you can be the life of the party (just convince yourself of that and perhaps you won’t mind practicing so much).

There are primarily three parts of the body which you must have excellent control of in order to blow smoke rings:

  • The Lips
    I’ll assume most people have decent control of their lips. You will need to keep them in a proper “O” shape in order to form the ring. The size of this will vary depending on the individual, see below for specifics.
  • The Diaphragm
    The diaphragm is the muscle which controls breathing. You will need to be able to maintain precise control of this muscle, even if the smoke in your lungs is beginning to burn. The diaphragm is one part of a coordinated effort which is required to create an air pulse through your smoke-filled mouth which will cause a ring to form.
  • The Epiglottis
    The epiglottis is a flap of cartilage which you can pull shut over where your trachea (i.e. wind-pipe) meets your esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth and your stomach). It’s primarily used to prevent food/liquids from entering your lungs when swallowing.

Blowing large O’ rings using your lungs

how to blow smoke rings

After filling your lungs with smoke, you will need to contract your diaphragm as if to exhale but use your epiglottis to only let a small amount of air out. This will fill your mouth with smoke. This should be so slow as if to be subdued, with no real noise produced by the action.

Next, with your diaphragm still contracted, let loose a short gasp while dropping your jaw and keeping your lips in an “O” shape approximately 1″ – 2″ in diameter. The sound of a gasp you are going for is not the typical “aaaaah”, it’s more of a whispered version of Butt-head’s “huh” (as in “Huh huh huh huh, that was cool, Beavis”).

You should close your epiglottis immediately after you finish making the sound, which will create a small air pulse through the smoke in your mouth. This will force a small amount of smoke through the “O” shape you should still be making with your lips, creating a smoke ring.

If you create a disorderly puff of smoke rather than a ring, chances are the “O” you are forming with your lips is either misshapen or too small; vary the diameter and find the size that works for you.

Blowing small O’ rings using your mouth


The secret to this method is to push the smoke in your mouth out with your tongue, while making the slightest inaudible puff from your lungs. This will push some of the smoke out, creating an O’ ring. This method requires much more precise control in order not to push too much smoke out, as well as incredible tongue control.

If you struggle to products rings using this method, you can also try curling your tongue upward on both sides and curling your lips inward then back out as you exhale the smoke to produce the same effect. The lip movement is similar to the way a goldfish maneuvers its mouth to eat or search the water for food fragments.

One thing you want to keep in mind is that you don’t want to pucker your lips like the dreaded duck face. Instead you want your mouth and lips to be wide and firm, but not tense as you complete the motion.

Once you have mastered this method or the other, you can start playing around with the size of the ring by adjusting the amount you keep your mouth open. When going for mini rings make the mouth opening small and use small jaw movements to help form the rings as you carefully blow each ring out.

How to successfully blow perfect O’ rings

Blowing smoke rings

Thick smoke is key, especially for blowing large rings. If you are attempting to blow smoke rings with a cigarette, your best bet is to puff off of it quite a bit without inhaling, filling your mouth, at which point you can push small smoke rings out.

Cigars will provide a substantially better source of smoke than cigarettes, and the same applies to herbal sources of smoke, which are much less harsh on the lungs and are probably the ideal candidate for blowing smoke rings.

Spice up your O’ ring blowing techniques

how to blow smoke rings

The velocity at which you exhale controls their speed. Beware that not all ring configurations will be stable, for example larger rings need to move slower to remain stable. Practice making different sizes of rings and you can do some fun tricks, for example blowing a large, slow moving ring then blowing a small fast moving one through the middle of it.

Blow your O’ rings away from faces

blow smoke rings

Please – for the love of all that is good – do NOT blow your O’ rings in someone’s face. This is giving blowing O’ rings such a bad reputation. We’ve seen it on social media on more than one occasion.

People are venting about inconsiderate smokers that blow smoke into or at the person they are having a conversation with. Not only is second-hand smoke a real thing, it extremely offensive when someone blows it straight in your face. Turn your head and exhale in the other direction so you don’t offend people around you.

Just because you can blow O’ rings doesn’t mean you’re a celebrity

how to blow o ring

Don’t act like you are better than all smokers just because you now know how to blow O’ rings. Remember that you used to be just like them and just because you learned this new trick, you are not superior.

While you might passionately try to teach your friends how to blow O’ rings, you won’t be able to make anyone practice enough to master the skill. Practicing blowing O’ rings is one of the main things you have to do to conquer the art.


Cannabis Smoking Culture Terms & Lingo

This post contains a list of several terms and lingo used in current smoking culture. For those who are new to the scene, this is a great starting point to understand what we are talking about when we use certain terms or lingo.

If you have any suggestions of terms to be added, or definitions that you think should be altered or added to, please use the contact page to let us know.

what is a bong

Glass Bong – A smoking device that uses liquid to filter out some of the harmful particles in smoke. A mouthpiece is used to draw smoke through water contained in the base of the bong, smoke bubbles up through the water and into the smoker’s mouth and lungs. All cool bongs usually come with percolators for better filtration.

What is a bong bowl

Glass Slide– Sometimes used to describe a hand-held pipe. Generally, this a glass bowl is the removable piece of glass on a bong that is shaped like a bowl with a small hole in the bottom. On a bong this is where the blend to be smoked is placed and then burned.

water glass bongs pipes bowls

Glass Bowl – Hand-held device used for smoking. Does not involve any active filtration. Generally glass pipes are made out of glass or metal and has a hole on one end that acts as a mouthpiece, and a hole on the other end that acts as the bowl where the smoking blend is placed. Many bowls have carbs on them.

what is bong carb

Carb / Rush – Short for carburetor. A finger sized hole on a bong or pipe that allows the smoker to regulate whether they want to continue burning the bowl or if they want to inhale the remaining smoke without burning any more of the smoking blend.

what is bong stem

Stem – Sometimes known as the female piece. It is the tube that connects the bowl to the base of the bong. On some bongs it is integrated into the wall, while on others it is a removable piece. The stem is partially submerged under the water which causes the bubbling effect when air is drawn.

bubbler - best bongs

Glass Bubbler – Very similar to a bong, uses water filtration but can be operated with just one hand. Bubbler’s are much smaller than typical bongs and are generally one piece as opposed to a bong which has removable pieces.

glass zong bong

Zong – A bong that has kinks or curves in the neck allowing more smoke to fit without the height of the bong increasing.

what is a gravity bong

Gravity Bong – (aka. bucket bongs, g-bongs, depth-charges, or turbos) A smoking device that uses water to help slowly draw smoke into a chamber rather than using water to filter the smoke. The water exiting a gravity bong generates a steady constant pull that allows the chamber to fill with very dense smoke, helps to conserve smoking blends.

what is weed vaporizer

Vaporizer – One of the healthier ways of “smoking“, rather than burning the smoking blend, a vaporizer heats it enough so that constituents are secreted from the herbs and turned into vapor. Since the vaporizer doesn’t produce smoke or nearly as much heat as traditional smoking methods, it is much less harsh to inhale and much of the harmful particles in smoke are eliminated.

what is a bong diffuser

Diffuser – A diffuser is an optional accessory for bongs, it is an upgraded stem that has several slots or holes towards it’s end. The multiple holes cause several smaller bubbles to be created instead of single large bubbles, these smaller bubbles help to filter the smoke and make it much smoother.

Ash Catcher – An ash catcher is another optional accessory for bongs, it is an extra chamber that is added onto the bong between the bowl and the stem and helps to catch ash and other impurities. It helps keep solid waste out of your bong that can be difficult to clean out.

what is a bong ice catcher

Ice Catcher – An ice catcher is a feature that is integrated into some bongs. Several pegs are formed into the shaft of the bong close to the base reservoir and is used to hold ice cubes in the shaft to prevent ice from falling into the reservoir. Ice in the shaft helps to cool the smoke and make it more enjoyable and is highly recommended.


The Legalization Of Marijuana In Colorado

The Legalization Of Marijuana In ColoradoI remember clear as day when cannabis was legalized in Colorado. I know it wasn’t that long ago, but I can remember the sensations, the yelling and even the smells that were coming from the street that night.

I had been stressing over the presidential election hoping with meager reserve of hope that the president I would vote for would win. I remember the stress and then of course the feelings that came over me once our president won.

I was so focused on that experience that I completely forgot about the potential legalization of marijuana. When I voted for Colorado Amendment 64, I did so absentmindedly. I came from a state where marijuana was incredibly criminalized and I had even less hope that this act would pass. As I said, I even forgot it was on the ballot.

So when I left the election party and walked out onto the streets of my Colorado hometown, I was surprised to see people dancing down the street and screaming in excitement that marijuana was legalized.

I didn’t believe any one, I assumed people had been celebrating too much around the presidential election but I was absolutely wrong. These individuals were celebrating the legalization of marijuana.

legal containers around marijuana

Of course, you couldn’t immediately buy marijuana because there were so many logistics that still needed to be worked out. They had to decide about taxes and how they could create legal containers around marijuana to ensure that people were using this recreation in a safe manner.

One of the things to consider were marijuana couriers who could safely and quickly transport marijuana to the desired destination without revealing they are transporting a stash box full of medical marijuana. Many shops pride themselves on having the fastest delivery services available to ensure that every dispensary is going to receive their order as soon as possible to get it into the public’s hands.

marijuana couriers

So, a little over a year later, people can buy marijuana legally and this would not be possible without the cannabis couriers who ensure that there is plenty of product in each dispensary.

Now people are flocking to Colorado even more so than the usual tourists who have come to be in the mountains and see the wild life.

The jubilation that came from the streets on the night of the passing of Amendment 64 is now met with excellent customer service and a great supply to meet their demand.

legalization of marijuana

A few years ago marijuana wasn’t legal and now you can get weed coupons!

It seemed to me that so many people were opposed and I grew up in a state that really criminalized marijuana so I certainly couldn’t fathom what the recreational legalization of cannabis would look like.

By the time I went up to the front range to live, there were recreational shops popping up all over the place. That is something I didn’t think could happen in my life time or at least as soon as it was happening.

Now not only were there medical dispensaries everywhere, there were actual recreation dispensaries opening everywhere and there are more and more opening all the time. Friends would tell me that they would get all sorts of weed and cannabis deals from these dispensaries like get a free joint when you buy your first quarter from them and things like that.

recreational marijuana sales

One dispensary I know people really enjoy going to is the Cannasaver, which is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that is always offering more deals to people coming in. I certainly never thought you could get recreational marijuana coupons in my lifetime and now they are definitely doing it.

Companies like Cannasaver are being very creative in how they are offering their goods and services.

It is so amazing to me how far we have come historically as a nation when it comes to marijuana.

Growing up, weed was so incredibly taboo and now people are offering all sorts of discounts and coupons for cannabis, it is really just amazing. People have told me how much money in taxes we had raised the first year alone in recreational marijuana sales and it is a staggering number.

I am so thrilled that my vote made a difference even when I didn’t think it would. Now people can even pick up their very own weed coupons at their local recreational and medical dispensary shops. Poor Obama definitely paled in comparison to the marijuana hype in Colorado.

What are The Colorado Marijuana Laws

What are The Colorado Marijuana Laws

Under Amendment 64: marijuana is legalized for personal use in the State of Colorado. Under this law, adults may privately possess and legally use cannabis and other derivatives. Possessing and cultivation laws will be based on quantity, those who disobey the quantity laws are subject to penalties.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 required the state’s Department of Revenue to adopt all necessary regulations by July 1, 2013, and to begin accepting and processing license applications that October 1st. The plan called for commercial retail sales by early 2014.

The Colorado medical marijuana law mandates the use of cannabis for medical purposes, this law allows patients to buy limited amounts of medical cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries.

Those approved for Colorado’s medical marijuana program may legally possess the drug. However, they are only allowed to possess no more than 2 ounces of usable cannabis at one time.

Adults in Colorado can legally transfer no more than 1 ounce of cannabis without compensation. Retail sales of marijuana in Colorado are only allowed through state-licensed entities, all other sales are subject to criminal prosecution.

Colorado’s Amendment 64 makes it legal to privately grow marijuana. Growers can cultivate no more than 6 cannabis plants at one time, with no more than 3 of them being mature, all other cultivation is illegal, and penalized.

Marijuana is legal for personal use in the State of Colorado. Those who cultivate their own cannabis may use it outside of public view without penalties from the state. People suffering from certain chronic, debilitating medical conditions may use cannabis under the state’s medical marijuana law.

Recreational Cannabis Enforcement in Colorado

Recreational Cannabis Enforcement in Colorado

The federal government maintains the power to enforce federal law, however, it cannot compel states to assist in enforcing that law. The states have no obligation to forbid the same drugs that the federal government forbids.

The practical capacity of the federal government to suppress marijuana production and sale without cooperation from the states and localities is open to question, since more than 95 percent of marijuana-law arrests are made by state and local police rather than federal agents.

By contrast, federal officials lack the resources to identify or take action against the individuals who can now legally possess marijuana in both states, or against individuals who are authorized to grow (but not sell) small amounts of marijuana, either as authorized medical users in Washington or all adult residents of Colorado.


How To Make A Book Stash Box In 5 Easy Steps

How To Make A Book Stash Box

Discretion is something that we need at times. Having mounds of Blue Dream or J-1 around doesn’t seem like the best idea. Being a medical marijuana user is something that I’m proud to be, but it’s not something that I want to parade around all the time.

I found myself bored the other day, and to cure my need for discretion, and boredom, I decided to make my own book stash box. This was an interesting experience. I did not expect what seemed like a quick DIY for storing your cannabis, to be so painstaking and meticulous.

By the end of the project, I felt like I had handcrafted something as large as the Rolling Through The Bay Toothpick Sculpture. The entire process is pretty straightforward with the normal tools; glue, book, knife, the usual.

If you are an anal person, you will thrive at this DIY. If you’re a perfectionist, I hope you survive. If you are prepared to take on this task, I would warn you to make time to do so.

You can expect roughly 2 evenings of work to get this one completed. So if you’re ready, get yourself a music playlist, take a rip and grind on.


  • Glue – Elmers worked the best for me.
  • Book – Has to be hardback and as thick as you want. To give you an example on book size, mine was roughly 600 pages
  • X-ACTO Knife – Maybe 2, I broke mine…
  • Brush – to use with glue
  • Ruler
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Water – 1/4 cup approx.
  • Small Container – Enough to hold at least 1 cup
  • Patience– Lots of it…

Although I didn’t use it, I would suggest a sharp knife that you don’t mind dulling. The X-ACTO knife worked, but it was painstaking to get the corners.

Step 1

dyi book stash box in 5 easy steps 0

Begin by mixing up 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup glue in a small container. You don’t have to have exact measurements, just mix the glue and water to have a runny consistency. You are going to be brushing on about half of the glue that you just mixed onto the outside edges of the book, so make sure to save some glue for the inner pages.

Step 2

Step 1 - How To Make a Book Stash Box

At this point you need to decide where you want your first page, if you are planning on having one at all. After you have decided whether or not to have a front page, close the book and begin brushing the edges. Make sure to not brush the pages you want at the beginning of the book, the ones before the actual hollowed out part.

Step 3

Step 2 - How To Make a Book Stash Box

Now that you have your book brushed with glue you will need to set it aside for 15 to 30 minutes to allow it to dry. Make sure that you use something to separate the loose pages and the glued pages. After the pages are separated, put an object on top of the freshly glued book. Now leave it to dry.

Step 4

Step 3 - How To Make a Book Stash Box

Now that it has been 15 to 30 minutes open the book to the first glued page and use the pen/pencil and ruler to mark out half an inch lines from each edge. Don’t forget about the edge closest to the spine of the book. Now use the ruler to make your initial cut on the book. Repeat this until you are at the bottom of the book. See you in 2 days…

Step 3.5 - How To Make a Book Stash Box

Step 5

I’m glad to see you made it. That wasn’t too hard right? I hope you had less annoyances that I did. I almost broke that book in half a few times. Okay so now you have a book with a solid front cover and a few pages, if you saved them, and a hollowed out inside, now we go back to the glue that is left and then brush the inside pages.
Step 4 - How To Make a Stash Box
This is just like step 3. Only do the inside pages, unless the outer pages got loose like mine did, then glue them all. After you have applied the glue, set the book aside for 15 to 30 minutes with an object on top of it applying pressure. This time you do not need to put a spacer into the book.

You’re Done!

Step 5 - How To Make a Stash Box

After all the cussing and hurt fingers you finally have done it! A book stash box just for your supplies. Now I never said that this was going to be pretty, but it does the job.

If you feel so inclined, you should send over your pictures of your book stash box! If you get stuck or have any questions, leave em’ in the comments. Now that you are done, it’s time to find the perfect medication for you!


What is Cannabis (drug, marijuana, weed)? All About Marijuana

What is cannabis

Cannabis is a leafy plant which grows wild in many of the tropic and temperate areas of the world. It is cultivated both indoors and outdoors for the production of its flowering tops. These beautiful tops give off an amazing aroma and are usually stored in an air tight container to preserve freshness. The most commonly used form of cannabis are the leaves and flowering tops (buds) which may be either smoked with a glass bong or eaten; It also comes in a more concentrated resinous form called hashish, and as a sticky black liquid called hash oil.

There are three distinct species of cannabis: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis, though there is some argument as to whether these should be considered varieties rather than species.

Most recreationally used cannabis is the result of interbreeding between these three types. The term ‘hemp’ is generally used to describe low-thc varieties of cannabis which are grown for industrial uses.

Earliest Record of Cannabis Use

Earliest Record of Cannabis Use

The earliest record of cannabis use is from a compendium of medicines which was compiled for the Chinese emperor Shen Nung in about 2727 BC. Although it grows in many parts of the world and so has a long history of use in many cultures, especially in Asian and African where the plant thrives in the warm climate.

Since then the cannabis plant has been used for everything from making rope and cloth to its many medicinal purposes. Queen Victoria used to take cannabis in a tincture form (dissolved in alcohol) to alleviate her period pains.

Cannabis has been used medically world-wide for centuries, and legally in this country up until 1928, although many people in the UK use it illegally as an effective reliever of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, hypoglycaemia and, in certain instances, as a medication for the terminally ill.

Cannabis in United Kingdom

Cannabis in United Kingdom

The use of cannabis for its psychoactive (intoxicating) effect has always been a political issue. In Britain cannabis was first used by young West Indian immigrants and by people who went to fashionable Soho jazz clubs during the 50s onwards.

The 60s hippy culture predictably reached Britain and with it came the availability of cannabis to a wide range of young people.

The use of the drug declined slightly during the 70s but with the dance scene kicking off in the 80s with acid house, ravers, party goers and clubbers found it the perfect drug to bring them down and chill out with after a hard nights dancing.

Cannabis: Different Variations

Cannabis Different Variations

The various forms of cannabis mostly come from the plants Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, which grow throughout the world. Cannabis is available in three main forms, as a dried herb (composed of top leaves and buds – usually known as grass), as a resin (usually known as hash or hashish) which is extracted from the buds and flower heads in the country of origin, and less commonly as a sticky liquid (hash oil) which is prepared from the resin.

Cannabis resin found in the UK comes from a variety of sources, traditionally the Indian subcontinent, Lebanon and Morocco, all of which differ considerably in texture, colour and aroma. Some are soft and pliable (usually from Pakistan), whilst others can be hard and brittle (often from Morocco and Lebanon).

Most resin turning up on the streets will have been reformulated in Europe after leaving its country of origin. Different types of resin have different names such as ‘red seal’, ‘gold seal’, ‘squidgy black’, ‘rocky’, ‘slate’ and ‘soapbar’ (although there are many more).

Herbal Properties of Cannabis

cannabis herbal properties

Herbal cannabis or grass is slowly gaining a greater market share. On a practical level grass is much harder to smuggle due to its bulk and aroma. Traditionally imported from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, herbal cannabis is increasingly being ‘home grown’ in the UK and Europe, mainly due to the increasingly sophisticated growing equipment available.

Many strains of intensively grown and particularly strong herbal cannabis are becoming increasingly common. Strains known as ‘Northern lights’, ‘Super skunk’ and ‘Sensi (sensemilla)’ have a far higher content of the chemical in them which causes the drugs intoxicating effect (the chemical is called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol).

How is Cannabis smoked?

How is Cannabis smoked

Cannabis is most commonly smoked. Usually by mixing it with tobacco and rolling it up with cigarette papers into a cannabis cigarette (often called a ‘spliff’, ‘joint’, ‘reefer’, or ‘jay’).

However, it can also be smoked with or without tobacco in various forms of pipes and smoking devices (such as ‘bongs‘ or ‘water pipes‘). Nowadays the smoking of Cannabis through pipes (often using water to cool the smoke) has become more prevalent due to its greater efficiency.

In cultures where Cannabis is predominant such as the Caribbean it is most commonly smoked neat. This method is safer since it avoids problems associated with tobacco smoking.

Can you eat Cannabis?

Can you eat Cannabis

Cannabis can also be eaten on its own or mixed in with recipes such as cakes, biscuits (hence ‘hash cookies’) or hot drinks. Eating Cannabis means that the active ingredients have to fight their way through the stomach contents before they can be absorbed into the blood.

This is less efficient (therefore the user gets less ‘value for money’) and the dosage is less controllable. A smoker of Cannabis can stop smoking once he or she reaches the required level of intoxication, however when eating getting the dosage right is a far harder business.


How to Clean a Glass Bong for Beginners

How to Clean a Glass Bong

One of the worst things is a dirty glass piece. All innuendos aside, smoking out of a device that has a nasty buildup is horrible. You should always remember to clean your pieces.

Glass pipes are meant for slow easy hits, and if you let it get too cruddy, then you are defeating the purpose. You also run into a bigger chance of inhaling hot embers due to having to hit it harder. I have had that happen on many occasions when I had no motivation to clean my bong. It sucked.

Change Out the Bong Water

Change Out the Bong Water

If you are using a water pipe, such as a bong or bubbler, then please change out your water. That is nasty. Have you ever sucked in hard on a bong only to have nasty water come back into your mouth? Again, this is nasty. I may have said that one too many times, but when it happens, you will understand how disgusting it is.

Clean Your Glass Bong Often

Clean Your Glass Bong Often

Cleaning your piece is not hard at all. It only takes about 30 minutes, and you can do it with household items. More than once, I have had to smoke out of a dirty pipe that a fellow patient was too lazy to clean. Don’t be the guy that never cleans his smoking devices.

Over time, any frequently used bong or pipe will begin to collect tar and other particles and will require cleaning. There are several ways to clean bongs and pipes. This guide will detail a few of the ways that I found effective. This is by no means a definitive guide, so feel free to submit suggestions and or corrections on our contact page.

Use Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Bong

Use Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Bong

One effective method of cleaning bongs and pipes is to use an alcohol like isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to break down the deposits in the bong or pipe.

  • Simply submerge the bong or pipe completely in alcohol and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours. Rinse with water and you should have a sparkly clean piece again.

The only downsides to this are that the first few uses after cleaning can have some alcohol scent left over. This method is also very time consuming and requires waiting unlike some of the other methods.

Use Salt with the Isopropyl Alcohol

Use Salt with the Isopropyl Alcohol to clean bong

A variation of the above technique that works much quicker is adding salt to the alcohol and shaking the bong while covering all of its openings, the salt works as an abrasive and helps to scrub the deposits off much quicker than the alcohol alone.

Commercial Bong Cleaning Products

In our research on the best methods of cleaning bongs and pipes, I found some commercial products that suited our needs and made the process easier.

The Original Buddy – Magnetic Glass Cleaner

The Original Buddy – Magnetic Glass Cleaner is a neat little device that has a magnetic scrubber that is dropped into the bong and then directed around the bong’s inner walls with a magnetic wand, cleaning any area you pass the wand over.

I also discovered several cleaning solutions made specifically for cleaning bongs and pipes, however I also found that for the most part the do-it-yourself cleaning techniques listed above worked just as good if not better than their expensive store-bought counter-parts.

Tips for Preventing Dirty Bongs

Tips for Preventing Dirty Bongs

Here are some tips on preventing your bong or pipe from getting dirty in the first place.

  1. Don’t use any other liquids besides water inside of your bong, other liquids tend to leave sticky residue which can be painful to cleanup.
  2. Tap water often has many organisms or minerals and for this reason should not be left in the bong for an extended period of time. If you plan on not changing the water very frequently, use distilled water as it is pure and has no minerals.
  3. When the remaining burnt ashes are “pulled through”, the ash and other residues dissolve into the water causing it to stink and change color. To maximize time between cleanings, try not to completely pull the ash through.

You can Collect Bong Resin

Collect Bong Resin

There is another added benefit to cleaning your bong. Resin. Yes, the black sticky stuff at the bottom of your pipe is a benefit. This is completely smokable. It will also get you pretty blazed depending on the quality of bud that you had previously smoked.

Now although I don’t necessary recommend that you clean your bongs just for weed resin, it is a bonus of the process. At this juncture you have to make a decision. You need to decide if you want to keep the resin that is in your pipe, bong, or other glass device.

If you chose the path to collect it, then don’t do the next steps. First you must scrape the resin out of your pieces. Use the scraping utensil to get out as much of the resin as you want, and then proceed.

Cleaning Your Dirty Bong

Cleaning Your Dirty Bong

Sweet, so now the fun part. It’s pretty straightforward, but I don’t recommend cleaning while medicated. It’s not a difficult task, but just imagine how much it would suck to break a pipe.

One warning, do not try using ISO alcohol on an acrylic bong, you will melt it.

  1. Depending on the size and how dirty the piece is, you can either let the bong soak for a bit, seal and shake, or you can just dig in and scrub. I usually do the latter of the three. I am impatient, and I do not want to wait all night for my bong to be clean.
  2. If you choose to scrub there is really no method to the madness, just use an ample amount of your abrasive, hot water and scrub away.
  3. Next you pour the abrasive of your choice and the ISO alcohol into the bong, cover the holes, and shake it. This would be the part where you would probably break it if you were intoxicated. After doing this for a few minutes, pour the liquid out and you should notice that most of the newer resin is gone.

If shaking it a few times didn’t clean it out, then it looks like it’s an overnight bath for your bong.
bong bath soak

  1. You need to fill up a container with enough hot water to cover your piece, you can probably locate a large bin or tub in your home for this.
  2. After finding the container, pour a mix of the ISO alcohol, hot water, and abrasive, and let it sit. There is not a precise measurement for the water and alcohol mixture. You need enough to break down the resin, so don’t skimp.
  3. The next day your bong will look brand new and now you only need to let it air dry. Do not smoke out of the wet bong! Remember that you just used alcohol in the container, and if you light up, you are probably going to regret it.

Just be sure that you let the piece dry and the alcohol is all evaporated. No matter the method you chose, make sure to be careful with the resin, it will stain your clothing and will block up the drain. Make sure to clean it up quick.

Sweet, you’re done! It’s time to grab some AK-47 and test this bitch out. Check below for the before and after photos of the test pipes.


How to be Motivated on Cannabis (and Get Your Shit Together)

How to be Motivated on Cannabis

Marijuana users have an unattractive stigma of being lazy and extremely unproductive. This can be somewhat true but it is very easy to build great living habits, while still being able to hit your bong, and be medicated on your favorite herbs.

Starting a business, writing a novel, learning a new hobby, all while being stoned out of your mind are possible. This is especially important for people with illnesses that require them to smoke several times a day, every day.

In this post, and many more to come, we will take a look at building proper habits and creating a more meaningful lifestyle while smoking.

Get Your Finances in Order

Get Your Finances in Order

Managing what money you have and juggling that with your ‘want to have a good time’, while still paying your bills, is absolutely key to getting motivated and becoming productive. There are so many great resources online to help you track your spending and set budgets for weekly or monthly goals.

One, of these is which allows you to connect your bank account to your online account and track spending in real time. Using the tools provided you can set up monthly and weekly budgets as well as track and sort every dollar you spend. They also have great tools for sending you alerts when you get close to your budgeted quota’s or when you surpass your monthly budgets.

Define Your Long-term Goals

Define Your Long-term Goals

After you have your budget in order, it’s time to take a look at your long-term goals. What do you plan to accomplish within the next year, how about the next five years, and possibly within the next twenty years? Today is the day to start on that journey. There are many great ways to work toward your long term and short-term goals.

My personal favorite is “Don’t Break The Chain” which is a research backed mind hack popularized by Jerry Seinfeld. It uses your basic instincts and your evolutionary need to create patterns to build powerful habits.

Don’t Break the Chain Basics

Don’t Break the Chain Basics

The basics of the system are that you start small and decide on one or two habits you want to build into your life. A good example would be going for a run every morning, reading a book for 30 minutes, practicing a foreign language for an hour a day.

Then using a calendar in your home or an online website you mark a red “X” in the square of the calendar for every day that you succeeded in doing the task.

Make sure to put the calendar in a place that you see every day, such as, your kitchen/living room/bedroom. You want to make sure that you are forced to see it. If you are using the website version set the calendar as your homepage or install this Google Chrome extension.

It will be a struggle at first, but once you start to see the chain building on the calendar you will find it harder and harder to want to break that chain and miss a day.

After a while you will find that the task has formed into your life as a habit that you naturally do. When this happens, you can move on to the next task.

Prioritize Your Day

Prioritize Your Day

The only thing that is keeping you from fulfilling your dreams is yourself. If you have chores or other work that you need to get done, make sure to get them done at the beginning of the day. Then you will have the entire day to have fun and do what you want without it weighing on you.

As Mark Twain said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

Use Engaging Tools to Build Discipline

Engaging Tools to Build Discipline

Another great tool although a little childish (it’s great for kids or those in a roommate situation) is the website Which allows you to build quests out of daily chores and earn experience points, gold, and items from completing them.

Defeat monsters, level your character, and make your life better in the process.

These are just a few of the many ways you can make yourself more productive and all of this can be accomplished while you smoke and use marijuana.

Marijuana can expand your mind and thoughts, which in turn could spark new creative stories, inventions, and more. I say, light up with your best bong and start thinking about your future. It is up to you to put pen to paper.


Why is Glass Used for Smoking Weed?

how is glass used for smoking cannabis

Ever wonder why is glass BETTER and a healthier choice than other common materials on the market such as wood, steel, plastic or aluminum?

Glass doesn’t burn, give off any odor or flavor, or contribute to any impurities to the smoke or flavor. When heated, wood and plastic can burn and melt giving off toxic fumes. Steel and aluminum can vaporize with torch lighters and give off poisonous fumes as well as cause serious health problems in your future.

Glass is chemically inert. There is nothing burning when you hold a lighter up to it for a long time, it just gets really hot. As well, with glass, you will be smoking nothing but what you put into your pipe.  Glass can be cleaned to brand new condition every single time you clean it. Woods and plastics CANNOT.

Although there are many available cleaners on the market for cleaning smoking tools, anything made out of wood or plastic will have a residual smell and taste no matter how hard or long you try to clean it. Try cleaning it, if you have one, and then just inhaling air through it, like you are using it for a breathing tool.

Pretty nasty, eh? Can you taste that? Over a long period of time, or for chronic smokers, that is exactly what you are doing, using it like a prefilter for the air which enters your lungs. And think of repeated use, doing this over and over for a long duration of time, measured mostly in years.

It is also nice to be able to SEE the smoke through the pipe and the translucent optical qualities of glass allow you to clear stale smoke before taking a next hit. Stale smoke is disgusting and nasty, as well as it causes choking.

Clearly glass is the professional and most healthy material to smoke out of. 95% of the people who smoke prefer glass. NOTHING compares.  Of course some people prefer to eat their marijuana and use the cannabis cooking guide to prepare their food infused with thc.

Why buy Borosilicate Glass?

glass used for smoking weed

Glass pipes, bongs and bowls are made from borosilicate glass, commonly referred to, or known to the general public as Pyrex. It is the STRONGEST glass. They are always inspected for defects and cracks in their workmanship. All products are carefully made and all seals and welds should be perfectly fused together.

They will always use heavy wall glass tubing (you can get thick and thin stuff) so make sure your pieces are thicker, heavier, and consistently stronger. They will eliminate all stresses induced on the glass when being made by annealing the glass and allowing it to cool evenly throughout the piece. Always keep in mind structural integrity as well as artistic design in all of your pieces.

Pipes are usually aesthetically and ergonomically sound, they fit comfortably when you hold them in your hand.  Some pieces are designed to stand up (with water) others are designed to lie down (Gandalf pipes).

If you are an original spirit and don’t like buying what is on the market, you can also get custom work done with the ability for you to design your own smoking tool, from shape and form, to colors and design. Things like which side your carb hole is on, where is it placed, how big it is, how deep your bowl is, hole size, decorative/grip marbles, etc,.. there are endless options you can choose for your own personalized piece.

What is the Difference between Borosilicate and Soft Glass?

handwork glass weed

Hard glass is commonly known as borosilicate or hard glass. Soft glass is known as soda lime.

Borosilicate glass is a very unique and specialized variety of glass. Its composition is different from the “soft” glass that is normally used for beads, paperweights, art glass bowls, ornaments, etc. Borosilicate glass is far stronger than “soft” glass and has been used for everything from stovetop cookware to nuclear waste containment.

One of its most frequent uses is to make scientific glassware such as beakers and test tubes. Chemically speaking, borosilicate glass substitutes boron oxide particles in place of the soda and lime particles found in soft glass. The boron oxide serves as a flux or glue to hold the silicate particles together with aluminum oxide and sodium oxide.

Because the boron oxide particles are so small, the silicate is held together more closely resulting in a much stronger glass. One big reason we only work with borosilicate glass is because it results in a much stronger finished piece. It will stand up to a lot of wear and tear without having to treat it as carefully as soft glass jewelry.

It often amazes people how many “accidents” this glass can survive without breaking or cracking. The other major reason I prefer borosilicate glass is the color palette available. There are actually fewer colors available to work with but each one is an organic, living color that can be manipulated and shaded with careful torch work and annealing.

The finished piece appears much more dynamic and subtle in my opinion. Also, because of the chemical composition of borosilicate glass, different precious metals such as silver and gold may be used to color the glass in some very unique and amazing ways.

How are glass pipes made?

why is glass used for smoking marijuana

Raw glass (starting material) is available in both rods and tubes varying in size. Pieces of this tubing are rotated in the flame of a lampworking torch, and heated until the glass is in the working range. Once the glass is semi-liquid like honey or molasses, it can be manipulated with tools, gravity, and by blowing into the hot vessel.

Patterns and designs are added by applying colored rod, and/or fuming of metals (mostly gold and silver). It is too complicated to get into any specifics here, but basically the mind is the limit. If you can think of it, there is probably a possible way of achieving that color or design.

How are colors and other visual effects added into glass pipes?

why is glass used for smoking cannabis

Silver and gold are held in the flame of the torch until it fumes (vaporizes). The glass is rotated in the flame until a layer of the fumed metal is visible on the surface of the glass. Then colored and clear glass is applied encasing the fumed metal in between layers of glass.

Numerous techniques and methods of applying the fumes and clear glass exist making an infinite range of different colors, and endless types of patterns. Silver can produce anywhere from a slight yellow tinge, to a bluish/purplish glow and can go even opaque or a shiny metallic finish.

Gold fuming creates a spectrum or orange and reds.  As you use your pipe, the fuming will become more visual, causing a color change. By adding special supplements, glass obtains the most beautiful colors.

Many glass blowers make real works of art which are very expensive to purchase.  A collector’s market is starting to develop in which the design of certain artists can increase in value.

What is ‘inside-out’ work? Why does it seem so much more expensive?

best glass used for smoking cannabis

Most glass pipes have a color pattern on the outside surface of the glass .  ‘Inside-Out’ work usually refers to glass that has the color patterns on the inside surface of the glass.  The color pattern is magnified by the thick layer of glass between the outer surface of the glass and the pattern encased.

As the inside work melts flush with the inner surface of the pipe, the color patterns ‘sink’ into the glass creating mind blowing 3 dimensional structures to appear deep inside the glass. It is impossible to benefit from the optical qualities of glass with just outside work.

Working on the inside is much more difficult and time consuming for the blower, making pieces done this way much more expensive than their outside worked counterparts.

What is a kiln, and why do glass bongs need to be annealed?

A kiln is basically an oven often used to fire ceramics. In glass, it is used to remove the stress that occurs to pieces as they are being made, and to prevent stress from occurring as the piece cools (this is what is known as annealing).

Annealed pieces on the other hand are surprisingly strong, especially since glass is made of a harder glass called borosilicate (commonly known as Pyrex).

What is a Waterpipe?

delux bubbler bong dry herb wax attachment

Water pipes come in many different sizes and designs. On each pipe, there is a bowl that you pack your smoking material into. When lit, the smoke is drawn through a water chamber in the pipe before it reaches your lungs.

The water filters out a large part of carcinogens like tar and other nasty things that would normally go into your lungs making the smoke purer. The water also has a cooling effect on the hot smoke.

What is a Bong?

glass used for smoking cannabis

A bong is basically a large vertical waterpipe.  There are bongs with a finger hole carb, and a pull bowl (where you just pull the bowl out when you want to clear the chamber). The smoke is also inhaled through water, acting as a filter for the smoke.

Waterpipes and bongs share the same filtering qualities of water. It is always advised to only purchase best bongs because they are made of quality material and have the best taste with every rip.

What is a Chillum or Smoking Bat?

The Chillum is like a vertical pipe, or funnel. A smoking bat is just another name for a Chillum with a different shape. It is held in cupped hands forming an air chamber which creating vacuum with your lungs when you smoke. It is a nice way to smoke that is different.

What is a Vaporizer?

Fez Vaporizer Apart

A vaporizer is a device with a built-in heating element that heats up your smoking substrate to a very high temperature. It is all contained in a chamber similar to a glass bubble. The temperature is under combustion, but hot enough to release all the active chemicals in your smoking material.

As you aren’t burning the plant matter, only the active ingredients and essential oils are vaporized, leaving tars and unwanted goodies out of your body.

Do you use a Screen or a Filter in Glass Bongs?

You can use glass screens, but DO NOT USE METAL screens in your glassware. All shops should make little glass filters (prongs, jax) that fit into your bowl to prevent ash from going down. These work well with bowls with a larger bowl hole to be used specifically with glass screens. (This is for the connoisseur of smokers who prefer the use of filtering glass screens.)

How do I fix a glass bong that broke?

A clean break can often be easily repaired, but sometimes you have to know when to say your goodbyes. It really depends piece by piece so there are no guarantees that something can be fixed.


Learn How to Roll Your First Joint

What to do if you see mold on your Cannabis

How to Roll A Joint

One of the biggest problems of a beginning pot smoker is how to roll a joint. To make things easier, I created a new tutorial with actual photos of all stages of the rolling process. Joints have been popular for as long as anyone can remember. The history of marijuana shows joints are the #1 choice of smoking your herbs. It is time you have learned how to roll the perfect joint. Hit your best glass bong and enjoy the guide!

how to roll joint 1

You need:

  • Big sized rolling paper (about 5cm by 11cm). I usually use “King Size Smoking” manufactured by Miquely Costas & Miquel S.A., Spain. For small one person joints you can also use regular size rolling paper (Rizla, Mascotte, Drum). You can find rolling papers in a good headshop.
  • A piece of thick (writing) paper or thin cardboard, size about 2cm by 6cm (here in Holland we call it a “tip”). This is used as a mouthpiece. It gives you something to hold on. No more burned fingers or lips while trying to inhale the last of the joint! Don’t use the filter of a normal cigarette, as they tend to filter out too much THC.
  • Tobacco (hand-rolling tobacco works best, tobacco from a normal cigarette usually is too dry and is in general very bad tasting)
  • Flowers/hash, as much as you like; 0.5 gram of good Dutch weed is more than enough to get 2-4 people very stoned. It depends on the quality of the stuff. Experiment to find the right amount.
how to roll joint 2
Step #1

Step #1: You need the small piece of paper to use as a mouthpiece. Roll it up tight into the form of a cylinder.

how to roll joint 3
Step #2

Step #2: Carefully heat the tip with a lighter, so that it won’t unroll.

how to roll joint 4
Step #3

Step #3: Take the rolling paper with the “glue” side on top, away from you. Put the first layer of tobacco on the rolling paper.

I use tobacco because the superb dutch cannabis is simply too strong to be smoked pure. And I like the taste more. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, and use more buds instead.

Here in the Netherlands, almost everyone smokes with tobacco. I always use good hand-rolling tobacco. Tobacco from filter cigarettes is too dry and tastes like crap.

how to roll joint 5
Step #4

Step #4: Break up the weed, remove any seeds, stems and leaves. Crumble it well. Then spread the weed over the tobacco. Spread it evenly.

Then add a second layer of tobacco. This is to improve the mix of the joint. A good mix makes the joint burn nice and evenly.

Then the most important and also most difficult part: Don’t panic if you screw up horribly. It will come with practice 🙂

how to roll joint 6
Step #5

Step #5: Take up the joint and hold it with your thumb, index and middle finger.

Use your index fingers to spread the weed and tobacco evenly over the paper. Support the paper with your thumbs and middle fingers.

how to roll joint 7
Step #6
how to roll joint 8
Step #7
joint tutorial 9
Step #8

Step #6, #7, #8: Then start rolling. Start in the middle, rolling outwards. Let your thumbs do most of the work and give support and pressure with your forefingers. Keep rolling, until you start to feel the mix firming inside the paper. Don’t worry if some stuff falls out; you can put it back in later. Keep rolling until the shape is right.

joint tutorial 10
Step #9

Step #9: When you have an even consistency and the shape is right, tuck down the facing paper edge with the tips of your thumbs and tuck it in.

joint tutorial 11
Step #10
joint tutorial 12
Step #11
joint tutorial 13
Step #12
joint tutorial 14
Step #13

Step #10, #11, #12, #13: Wrap the excess paper around the joint. The trick is to wrap it as tightly as possible, so you get a firm joint. Don’t worry if you don’t do it right the first time, just keep trying until you get it right. Then wrap the paper around the joint (Steps 10, and 11), wet the glue (Step 12) and seal that baby (Step 13).

roll a joint 15
Step #14

Step #14: If your joint is a little bit loosely rolled, you can use a pencil of other thin object to compress the weed and tobacco.

roll a joint 16
Step #15

Step #15: Then twist the end of the joint so that nothing falls out (picture 16) and trim the joint nicely.

All joints should be: slightly cone shaped with the tip rolled tightly in the rolling paper. The best joints are firm but not so tight you have to burst a lung drawing smoke. Loose joints taste rough, burn too fast and have a nasty habit of setting light to clothing and furniture.

Now light it up and have fun!


Difference between Indica vs Sativa Marijuana

sativa marijuana

Indica Marijuana is traditionally what many users are talking about when they are discussing the recreational use of cannabis. It is the poster child for cannabis in general while sativa, another strain of marijuana, is accepted as a medical herb.

Although there are many different strains these two main strains are what people are speaking of when they are talking about cannabis in general.

Difference in Effects

sativa vs indica

Indica and Sativa Marijuana have different effects on the user. Plants grown from Indica Marijuana Seeds are often described as a pleasant buzz; users reporting a feeling of deep relaxation. Indica Marijuana has been historically considered an effective way to obtain stress relief and a sense of calm.

This calm is so intense that many users report using Indica marijuana as a way to escape from the stress of everyday life. Medically, in many other countries, Indica is used as a sleep aid and an effective pain reliever. Indica Marijuana, grown in its pure form, has also been used to treatment insomnia and aid in weight loss.

What Is Indica Marijuana?

So what is Indica Marijuana at its core? Classified as a desert and mountain plant, scientists believe that the plant was originally based in a wet climate. Following the evolution of the plant, scientists believe that over the decades Indica has “adapted” to dry climates. This often happens when the seeds of a plant are carried outside their natural habitat and then germinate in a new environment.


The Indica Marijuana plant portrays a short and squat appearance and has densely branched large leaves and tight buds. The Indica plant can also grow to be fairly large. This is the plant type that most people see depicted on t-shirts, in ads and in campaigns to legalize marijuana in general. Non-users generally have no idea that there is more than one strain of the marijuana plant.

Indica has traditionally been a cultivation plant, being farmed in some areas, while Sativa is mainly grown for seeds. The Indica Marijuana plant seems to be specialized in preserving water which explains why it is easy to grow in dry regions with low humidity and rainfall. Indica plants are usually fast flowering.

Indica marijuana, although generally illegal in the United States, has historically been used in other countries around the world. In the United States 29 states are just now legalizing it for medical use and some for recreational use. People around the world, however, have long acknowledged its medicinal and ritual purposes using it for everything from a sleep aid to rituals to send away a deceased loved one.

The history of Indica is extensive. The plant has been traced throughout early Central Asia and, experts believe, that it may also have origins in Afghanistan. Indica is typically grown in Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and India. Today, Indica is exported and the plants are often selectively bred for different purposes.

It is very important to note that plants grown from Indica Marijuana Seeds and Sativa Marijuana Seeds are not the same species. Just like tomato plants have different strains, so does cannabis. Experts used to believe that Indica and Sativa marijuana plants were the same species; however after many studies, it has been determined that they are two separate species.

In fact, all cannabis plants are interbred constantly creating new variations. The Indica marijuana usually has the appearance of a small shrub.

What Is Sativa Marijuana

sativa marijuana - bongs

The Sativa marijuana plant is categorized as a part of the Cannabaceae family. Throughout the years this strain of marijuana has also been used around the world.  Early tribes used Sativa marijuana as fiber for clothing, seed oil for health purposes, food and a recreational outlet and as a religious and spiritual tool.

Spiritualists believe that when used for “opening the Spiritual pathway, sativa cannabis can clear the mind and ready the soul for communication with those who are beyond this world.

Sativa is a whole purpose plant, meaning that every part of the plant can be used for some purpose. The seeds are used as feed for birds as well as people due to their protein content. The flowering of the plant is where the psychoactive chemical compounds known as cannabinoids are and are used for both personal relaxation and medical purposes.

Sativa has long been used as a recreational outlet and the medicinal uses were discovered while the compound was used during spiritual ceremonies. Users of sativa can prepare it to be used in smoking out of your new bong or using your dry herb vaporizer as well as oral ingestion. Learn how how people smoke their marijuana in the 21st century.


Sativa Marijuana Seeds produce plants that are generally taller. Its leaves are narrow and serrated giving it loose spear-like flower clusters.

The Sativa marijuana plant is not as strong psychoactively as Indica marijuana seeds. The ratios of CBD:THC can be up to 4 times higher in the Indica plant.

Users of the sativa plant report less anxiety and experts believe that this be because the CBD’s antagonist effects at the cannabinoid receptor level is less.

Sativa marijuana causes a “cerebral high” which users enjoy when combating pain and depression. Sativa marijuana is often used for medical use and does not induce a sedative affect.

This particular strain of marijuana is often used by people who need to fully function during the daytime. Sativa effects the emotions making it the perfect medicinal plant to treat the psychological aspects of illnesses.


How People Smoke Marijuana in the 21st Century

joint - best bongs

One question I always get asked is “What are the best/healthiest ways to consume THC?”. Well here are some of the more commonly known ways of consuming weed.


one hitter - best bongs
One-Hitters are not so popular around here because I’ve only seen them a couple of times. These can come in many different styles, in my opinion the ones that look like a cigarette are the most popular. One-Hitters are not my style I don’t like getting ash in my mouth and they simply just don’t get me to the level that I want.  I will say they are very stealthy for when your somewhere public and you want to take a quick hit.

Tea & Sodas

tea - best bongs
Teas can be made fairly easy by boiling water and pouring it over your leaves and stems and letting them soak for about half an hour. Adding oil, butter or alcohol is necessary for dissolving the THC. It is a nice way to relax and drink some tea for those cold winter months.


edibals - best bong
Edibles often made with butters or oils derived from the cannabis plant, often called cannabutter or cannabis infused oil, are simple and give you a different pleasant feeling. It is more of a deeper body feeling mostly used for body aches. The problem with edibles is that every edible has a different amount of THC as well as they taste amazing. People also tend to overdose on them. Edibles are like drinking alcohol; your body takes more time to digest the goodies so you really don’t feel it at first. It takes some time which causes a lot of people to eat more (like me). My experience with edibles was great at first until everything hit and my stomach couldn’t take it anymore. I will definitely be munching on these again now that I have a little bit of experience.

Tinctures & Tonics

tincure - best bongs online
I’ll be honest with you guys, I have never tried these.  I’ve just never had the opportunity to try them. From what I understand you can put them in food or drinks or by placing some drops under your tongue. They work pretty much like edibles but are made differently. Tonics are usually used when you feel sick or nauseas or just don’t want to smoke.


topical - best bong online
Topicals are a great way to consume marijuana without any psychoactive effects. You use topical application infused with hemp by placing it directly on your skin.  This will provide you comfort from muscle aches, swellings and joint pain.

Hash & Wax Bars

hash - best bongs
Hash is made by collecting the resin from flowers of a female marijuana plant. It can then be smoked, eaten or added to tea. Smoking hash is probably my top choice for consuming flowers. My favorite is to smoke hash with an eCig. It tends to hit you faster and usually a couple good hits will give you a really nice and relaxing feeling.


blunts - best bongs
Blunts are one of the public’s favorite, everyone knows someone that can roll a nice fat and tight blunt. Blunts are great for solo smokers and for those that like to share with a group of friends because you can pack a lot of flower into a blunt and they burn for a long time. Some people don’t like them because of the flowers mixing with the tobacco but who cares, fat blunts are the shit.


joint - best bongs
Joints are typically smaller than blunts and are easier to roll, well at least from my point of view. I really don’t like sharing my joints as much as blunts because they burn faster. I also like the taste of a joint better but I am still a blunt man if I had to choose.


pipes smoking
I personally love to smoke out of pipes. This is a great way to enjoy a session. Sadly, heavy smokers like me need to load them a couple of times to get where we want to be. Pipes are small and can be hidden fairly easily (most of them). Pipes are my favorite when its only me and another person smoking. Three is a crowd and you will need to keep loading it constantly.


what is a bong
Now this is where it’s at, best bongs are the way to get stoned period. I absolutely love smoking out of a bong. Either a homemade contraption or a 5 foot bong, I am ready for it. Smoking out of a bong for the first time will probably make you cough and tear up (happy tears or just noob tears). After the first hit you’ll realize that you’re in love and will even name your bong.


bubbler - best bongs
These seem to be a cross between a pipe and a bong. Very similar to pipes but there is water involved with no removable bowl. I’ve actually only seen a bubbler in action once and I wasn’t really impressed, thanks but I’ll stick to my pipe.


smoke weed out of apple
What can I say, one apple a day to keep the doctor away, am I right or what? Smoking out of an apple is not really convenient but it’s a nice experience. Try it at least once.


soda - best bong
Not really a healthy choice to be smoking out of a can but who hasn’t? Sometimes you gotta do what you gatta to do. Smoking out of a can seems to be very popular for those times when nothing else is available.


fez vaporizer review
This is the healthiest way of inhaling flowers. The taste and feeling is better. They are usually expensive and I honestly think I would switch to them but I am not ready to give up my other smoking methods. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy vaping.

Now you know the numerous ways to consume your flowers. I imagine a lot of you have made a homemade bong before or smoked out of some weird shit. Use our comments to submit a picture of your contraption.