Cannabis Smoking Culture Terms & Lingo

This post contains a list of several terms and lingo used in current smoking culture. For those who are new to the scene, this is a great starting point to understand what we are talking about when we use certain terms or lingo.

If you have any suggestions of terms to be added, or definitions that you think should be altered or added to, please use the contact page to let us know.

what is a bong

Glass Bong – A smoking device that uses liquid to filter out some of the harmful particles in smoke. A mouthpiece is used to draw smoke through water contained in the base of the bong, smoke bubbles up through the water and into the smoker’s mouth and lungs. All cool bongs usually come with percolators for better filtration.

What is a bong bowl

Glass Slide– Sometimes used to describe a hand-held pipe. Generally, this a glass bowl is the removable piece of glass on a bong that is shaped like a bowl with a small hole in the bottom. On a bong this is where the blend to be smoked is placed and then burned.

water glass bongs pipes bowls

Glass Bowl – Hand-held device used for smoking. Does not involve any active filtration. Generally glass pipes are made out of glass or metal and has a hole on one end that acts as a mouthpiece, and a hole on the other end that acts as the bowl where the smoking blend is placed. Many bowls have carbs on them.

what is bong carb

Carb / Rush – Short for carburetor. A finger sized hole on a bong or pipe that allows the smoker to regulate whether they want to continue burning the bowl or if they want to inhale the remaining smoke without burning any more of the smoking blend.

what is bong stem

Stem – Sometimes known as the female piece. It is the tube that connects the bowl to the base of the bong. On some bongs it is integrated into the wall, while on others it is a removable piece. The stem is partially submerged under the water which causes the bubbling effect when air is drawn.

bubbler - best bongs

Glass Bubbler – Very similar to a bong, uses water filtration but can be operated with just one hand. Bubbler’s are much smaller than typical bongs and are generally one piece as opposed to a bong which has removable pieces.

glass zong bong

Zong – A bong that has kinks or curves in the neck allowing more smoke to fit without the height of the bong increasing.

what is a gravity bong

Gravity Bong – (aka. bucket bongs, g-bongs, depth-charges, or turbos) A smoking device that uses water to help slowly draw smoke into a chamber rather than using water to filter the smoke. The water exiting a gravity bong generates a steady constant pull that allows the chamber to fill with very dense smoke, helps to conserve smoking blends.

what is weed vaporizer

Vaporizer – One of the healthier ways of “smoking“, rather than burning the smoking blend, a vaporizer heats it enough so that constituents are secreted from the herbs and turned into vapor. Since the vaporizer doesn’t produce smoke or nearly as much heat as traditional smoking methods, it is much less harsh to inhale and much of the harmful particles in smoke are eliminated.

what is a bong diffuser

Diffuser – A diffuser is an optional accessory for bongs, it is an upgraded stem that has several slots or holes towards it’s end. The multiple holes cause several smaller bubbles to be created instead of single large bubbles, these smaller bubbles help to filter the smoke and make it much smoother.

Ash Catcher – An ash catcher is another optional accessory for bongs, it is an extra chamber that is added onto the bong between the bowl and the stem and helps to catch ash and other impurities. It helps keep solid waste out of your bong that can be difficult to clean out.

what is a bong ice catcher

Ice Catcher – An ice catcher is a feature that is integrated into some bongs. Several pegs are formed into the shaft of the bong close to the base reservoir and is used to hold ice cubes in the shaft to prevent ice from falling into the reservoir. Ice in the shaft helps to cool the smoke and make it more enjoyable and is highly recommended.