Can You Die from Smoking Pot?

Weed, also known as cannabis or marijuana, is a psychoactive drug because of the primary substance, THC. A psychoactive drug is a chemical substance that affects the central nervous system, meaning it affects brain function by altering mood, perception, cognition (coping with and understanding new information), consciousness and behavior.

Although marijuana is known to have a multitude of positive and negative effects, there are absolutely no confirmed human deaths associated with cannabis overdose. This means that nobody has ever died directly from marijuana.

Does that mean that you cannot die from weed? Well, no. Let me explain, Medicines are usually given a LD-50 test. The LD-50 test lets you know at what dosage 50 percent of test animals will die because of this drug. Scientists have attempted to determine marijuana’s LD-50 evaluation, but they’ve all failed. To put it simply, this means that investigators have not succeeded in giving animals enough marijuana to lead to their death.

But, it is estimated that bud’s LD-50 lies between 120,000mg or 140,000mg. This essentially means that to be killed from smoking marijuana, you would need to consume 20,000mg to 40,000mg of thc. That is a hella lot of cannabis joints. The normal marijuana cigarette weighs about 1 gram and only contains 20 – 30% thc, meaning you may need to consume 1’500 pounds (680kg) of marijuana within 15 minutes to cause death. That is virtually impossible, I am sure some of you understand that following the fifth joint you would be unconscious or raiding the refrigerator for goodies!

weed overdose

So far we have established that it is virtually impossible to die directly from marijuana consumption. What about indirectly? Well, provided that you have some cannabis knowledge and responsibly, you’re not likely to die from marijuana, directly or indirectly. However, it’s proven that over 25 percent of motorists involved in accidents have narcotics in their system, the most common medication being marijuana. So, I beg you, use marijuana responsibly! Do not place yourself in a situation in which you – while intoxicated, could hurt people.

Furthermore, this is only the case if you smoke pure marijuana. Do not consume tainted marijuana, this may be a lot more harmful and in some unluckily instances even deadly. Ensure that your weed is pure and of high quality, otherwise these extra ingredients can cause uncomfortable or even fatal side effects. It is rare to have your weed laced with other drugs but there have been stories of people getting laced cannabis.
Many politicians that are against legalization of marijuana argue that smoking marijuana may result in lung cancer. Are they right? Can smoking marijuana lead to lung cancer? Absolutely not, on the contrary! Research also suggests that people who smoke marijuana have a lesser risk to be diagnosed with lung cancer compared to people who don’t smoke in any respect. This means that smoking marijuana might even function as a protective shield against specific kinds of cancer, because of it’s main ingredient, THC.

To summarize:

  • No one has died directly from marijuana ingestion.
  • Researchers have not succeeded in providing animals enough marijuana to lead to their death.
  • You would have to eat 1’500 pounds (680kg) of marijuana within 15 minutes to cause death. Which is virtually impossible.
  • Don’t put youself in a place in which you, while intoxicated, could potentially hurt people. Consume weed responsibly.
  • Make sure your marijuana is pure and of high quality, laced marijuana is a lot more dangerous.
  • Smoking Weed might even function as a protective shield against certain kinds of cancer.

Can you die from marijuana? In a nutshell, no. It’s very unlikely you will die from marijuana, provided that you consume responsibly.