Best Pot Brownies: Peters Secret Cannabis Brownies Recipe

So I have this friend, his name is Peter. He lives a pretty interesting life and makes the best pot brownies. I wouldn’t say he makes a living selling his pot brownies, but on several occasions, I’ve seen him show up at parties with a freshly baked pan in his hands. He usually sets up his makeshift brownie stand in the corner. It looks like he’s selling grilled cheese sandwiches at a Dead show, but he can liven up any crowd. His secret? The amazing pot brownies he makes with his homegrown cannabis.

Lots of my friends have eaten one of his brownies whole and ended up sitting on my front porch, head in their hands, completely couch locked. They experienced the true power of Peter’s brownies.  A mere half brownie is more than enough to keep you happy for a few long hours.

The next time I saw Peter, I mentioned our site and asked him to submit his famed recipe. He, of course, said no. I told him that we couldn’t find any pot-brownie recipe close to his on the Internet. We wanted to be the ones who got to share his secret recipe. He still declined, stating that it’s not the ingredients but how they were brought together.

Well thanks a lot, man. Seeing as though you believe you’re the only one who can cook the best brownies, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

From what I could gather, the core of Peter’s secret lies in the butter. I heard he sifted the weed down to shake sized particles and emulsified it into the butter, or something like that.

Finally, we decided to approach Peter once more. This time we would implement an exhaustive search to find more information on his famous pot brownie recipe.

After some few days, and many long hours we actually got us some results. Below is Peter’s Secret Pot Brownies recipe.

How to cook canna butter for pot brownies

Best Pot Brownies with canna butter

1lb of real butter for 1 oz of weed (or 1/2 lb of real butter for 1/2 oz of weed).

First grind up the herbs as fine as you can. It is advised to dry your nugs by allowing them to sit inside a cardboard box for one day. This will take most of the moisture out and will allow you to break up the nugs into a fine powder. Using a regular hand grinder is also just as effective. Just make sure the flower is grinded well.

Put butter and weed into a crock pot with lid on for 1 day (24hrs) on low setting. Stir every 3 to 4 hours. You don’t want to stir too much and you want to keep the lid closed as much a possible.

Your house and all surrounding areas will be filled with a nice cannabis aroma. After the 24-hour period, let the pot cool to room temperature.

How to bake pot brownies

Best Weed Brownies canna oil

Find the best brownie recipe you like: Grandma’s old-fashioned, double fudge, with or without nuts, or even one from an instant box will do just fine.

Make the recipe as instructed. When it says to add the butter, add your ‘canna butter’ instead as a replacement – do not attempt to add more butter than the recipe calls for, as you will have greasy brownies. The measurement that is called for in your recipe will be the right amount. These brownies will be very potent, I promise.

You will have plenty of leftover canna oil so put it in an airtight container and keep it in your refrigerator for the next batch you decide to make. You should get at least 6 pans of brownies per pound of butter. This canna oil also works with anything that requires butter for baking. You can use it for cakes, cookies or muffin recipes.

Best Cannabis Brownies
It is our duty to advise responsible consumption, we suggest the following:
  1. Make a second pan of brownies that does not include any canna oil, so that when you have the craving for more brownies, you can eat some without getting any higher. Just be sure to mark each pan accordingly and don’t get them mixed up.
  2. Drinking plenty of water is best while you are digesting the brownies. Avoid any alcohol because this can make you sick really fast.
  3. When you’re ready to test your first batch, eat just ½ a brownie. Be patient and wait at least 2.5 hours before you decide to consume the other half. Never eat more than 2 of these brownies.
  4. Do not eat a brownie after you have eaten a meal, eat the brownie on an empty to a semi-empty stomach, it will kick in faster and you will get the full effect. If you have eaten prior then it may take longer to feel the effects, and you may need to eat more.