About Slant33

Why this site exists:

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I grew up being told–and believing–that cannabis was bad. I was taught that it destroys minds, lives, and families; for years, I even regurgitated the hate, myths, and lies. I know what it is like to know cannabis is bad. I remember how it feels to desperately grasp onto your beliefs despite the fact that as you get older and more independent, the facts that once were in stone are no longer facts but other peoples views and opinions.

I also remember how freeing it was to have my ignorance stripped away as I took the initiative to learn for myself the truth regarding this very misunderstood plant.

Whenever I am in a heated discussion or argument with someone, regarding cannabis, and I do not believe what they are saying I simply ask them to show me the facts. I think anyone can believe whatever they want, for whatever reason(s) they want. I also think people have the right to their own entitled opinions, however, when they attempt to impose their beliefs on others, they should bring the facts along with them to be put on the table. This website is my table.

When it came to debating cannabis, I often found myself having to reference websites that offered their research data alongside banner ads advertising bongs or “legal herbs”.

While I support the work of sites like that, I personally feel that an average anti-marijuana individual has been so ingrained with the idea that “cannabis is bad”, the sheer sight of the iconic leaf or paraphernalia causes a subconscious rejection of any message which was attempted to be shared.

I always wished I could find a site that was simple, direct, and concise in regards to cannabis questions, issues, and other related information. A site that did not bury research or cause you to dig through link after link to find answers. A site which defied and broke the stereotypes.

This is my attempt to fill in that niche.

What this site is:

SLANT33, is my attempt to shed light on the reality of cannabis in what I feel to be a unique, powerful, open, and friendly way.

While there are many different sites which promote positive aspects of cannabis, most of them fit into one of two roles in the war on cannabis. Actively fighting on the front line, you will find the soldier-websites; launching wave after wave of attack on enemy ignorance, lobbying and driving back the onslaught from all sides. Thank you!

Other websites act as re-supply units; building research studies and showcasing the beneficial aspects of cannabis while deploying this informative ammo to the troops. These are both highly important mechanisms which are absolutely invaluable.

My goal for this site, however, is to develop a new type of cannabis resource; SLANT33’s primary goal is not to attack but, rather, to respond.

Arguments and opinions against cannabis will be heard and examined. Each will be responded to using tasty bits of logic combined with hearty helpings of cited-research and factual evidence. At no point am I asking you to trust me, only to read for yourself.

If at any point you disagree with anything you read on SLANT33, I encourage you to contact me immediately so we might find a resolution. If I am wrong, please show me your facts and correct me.

The secondary goal of SLANT33 is to act as a friendly, professional, easy-accessible resource for cannabis facts, research, and articles. A site professional and educational enough to be cited in a paper or report, yet friendly and attractive enough to show to even the most confident of cannabis-prohibitionists.

What this site is not:

This website is not an endorsement for cannabis use; no more than an encyclopedia is an endorsement of all information it contains. SLANT33 should be considered and viewed as a starting point for you to form your own thoughts, opinions, and/or research.

While I do personally support and advocate the beneficial and medicinal properties of marijuana, I will never ask or expect you to listen or consider what I say at face-value; I will happily show you the facts.

Thanks for vising my website and taking the time to read my content.