Gotta Dab ‘Em All Pokeflute by Empire Glassworks

At 5 inches tall, this Empire Glassworks ‘Gotta Dab ‘Em All’ Pokeflute comes with a 10mm male joint and is hand blown in Placentia, California.

The major highlights of this concentrate rig would be the pendant themed rig, flute mouthpiece, 3 slit stemline percolator, and the thick high-quality dichroic glass.

Gotta Dab 'Em All Pokeflute by Empire Glassworks


Price: $149.99
Find Here: DankstopSmoke CartelBillowby

Empire Glassworks has earned the reputation of producing more reliable and of higher quality dab rigs. This is the Pokeflute dab rig and is quite the masterpiece. The Pokeflute is designed to attract quick attention as well as deliver the optimal flavor. No glasswork can be compared to Empire Glassworks.

  • Size
  • Flavor
  • Glass Thickness
  • Weight

Gotta Dab ‘Em All Dab Rig Review

Gotta Dab ‘Em All glass dab rig is the ultimate nostalgic piece. This work of art features a 3 slit stemline percolator to filter and diffuse your concentrate vapor. One of the most unique features of Gatta Dab ‘Em All dab rig is the full flute mouthpiece and a glass Pokemon at the top. You will receive your Gotta Dab ‘Em All dab rig with a 10mm male joint and a Rasta capture capsule for your smoking needs.

Only 5 inches tall this dab rig can easily be stored without taking up much space. The thick borosilicate glass is durable and ensures a long-lasting masterpiece without the usual threats of cracking and deformation under the extreme temperatures.

When looking for a quality dab rig it is best to look for certain aspects as this is what you can use to determine whether or not the dab rig is right for you. You want to be on pokeflute_dab_rigthe lookout for smaller dab rigs as less interaction with oxygen won’t dilute the concentrated vapor. You also want to keep an eye out for smaller mouth pieces as this make a big difference on the harshness of the taste. A bong is usually created with a larger mouth opening because a large amount of air needed when ripping a bong, but when looking at dab rigs to purchase it is best you pick one with a smaller and comfortable mouth piece. Lastly, you want to look out for dab rigs with too many percolators. Concentrate turns into vapor when laid out on the nail, it doesn’t need many percolators and is recommended you only purchase a rig with one perk.

The Gatta Dab ‘Em All dab rig by Empire Glassworks is made with the best optimal flavor and the smoothest hit in mind. The small design allows vapor to hit you instantly with minimum effort, while the 3 slit inline percolator cools the vapor to optimal temperatures. The Gatta Dab ‘Em All design is specifically created to give you that satisfying super rich and thick flavor. This specially-designed dab rig is lightweight making it easy to carry and transport. The uniqueness and vibrant color will ensure you stand out in your crowd.

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Empire Glassworks History

Based in Placentia, California, Empire Glassworks creates amazing, highly detailed and unique dab rigs and paraphernalia. They are crafted by Empire Glasswork’s team of high skilled glassblowers who have over 40 years of experience creating hand crafted glass. Most of their work is based on trending popular culture and genres. Just about all of their colors are custom mixed to get the perfect color. All masterpieces are created by a specific glassblowing process called lampworking. Empire Glassworks takes great pride in their work and have created Aventure Time rigs and other delightful characters.

empire-glass-works-dab-rigsBelieve it or not, Empire Glassworks originally started out creating figurines for Disney. They eventually moved into the paraphernalia industry and took their sculpting skills with them. Every character, flower, and swirl is hand created and attached to create the ultimate glasswork masterpiece. This young company gained popularity very quick because of their attention to detail and honest prices, as well as the nostalgic pieces they produce.

Empire Glassworks has a wide selection of oil rigs, bubblers, water pipes, and hand pipes. They also create glass accessories such as slides, dabbers, and dab sets. Empire Glassworks wanted to ensure their extreme durability and strength so they decided to use dichroic glass for all of their pieces. Dichroic Glass was first developed by NASA for use in face shields of space suites.

All of these aspects set Empire Glassworks as one of the highest rated glass companies around.


If the impression is something you look for in a good dab rig then Gatta Dab ‘Em All by Empire Glassworks is the right dab rig for you. With the unique, colorful, one of a kind design you will be able to attract attention to your nostalgic masterpiece. Along with the attention, you are guaranteed to have the best-tasting vapor. Check out our other top dab rigs reviews.