Top Dab Rigs of 2017

We are going to go over our top picks for the best dab rigs of 2017. We feel the need to help everyone who is interested in purchasing their first oil rig so please read our full reviews before you make any decisions.

What qualifies us?

Here are some of the brands we have tested:dab rigs

  • Flow
  • Grav Labs
  • Grasscity
  • Empire Glassworks
  • Hi Si
  • Honey Supply
  • Illadelph
  • High Tech Glassworks
  • Burner Glassworks
  • Pulse Glass
  • Nexus Glass
  • Pure Glass

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We test each brand ourselves and take the durability, the quality, the flavor, and other aspects into consideration before we recommend them. Our recommendations are not for everyone and should be used as a guidance towards your next purchase of a dab rig.

Top Dab Rigs of 2017

So So Keen
So So Keen Dab Rig

Let one of these mini rigs be a sign of how much you adore peaches. What’s not to love; bold colors, sweet juices, and plenty percolation. And you’ll have FUNctional piece for your next smoke session. Each small water pipe is topped off with a worked peach, of colored glass, that doubles as a mouth piece. An extra peach is even perched on the downstem, because one is never enough. This size pipe works best with legal oils and concentrates and ships with a quartz banger, but will work with any 14.5mm male accessory. Not sure how long this glass orchard will last. Pick up one of these collectible rigs today!!

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 6 inches

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Lil Piata
Lil Piata Dab Rig

How sweet is this pineapple themed pipe? A small piece that will look great sitting outside on a sunny day with you and your best buds. These simple rigs use a three-hole diffused downstem to supply cool hits with a smooth pool. Topped off with not one but two bright yellow worked pineapples. The large one has a touch of dichro and doubles as the mouth piece. Limited quantity available make sure to pick one up today!

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 6 inches

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Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom Dab Rig

This beautiful themed micro rig from Empire Glassworks is handmade in California and features a miniature curved downstem attached to a 14.5mm female male joint. This piece is themed after the psychedelic world that everyone’s favorite Italian plumber inhabits. Included with the rig is an expertly worked male flower bowl fashioned to look like a piranha plant.

Joint: 10mm Male, Height: 7 inches

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The Infinity Loop
The Infinity Loop Dab Rig

When it’s time to sit back and chill, you need a pipe that’s gonna keep those strong and clean hits coming. The “Infinity Loop,” with its powerful recycling capabilities and quality showerhead to Swiss percolation system, may be just the pipe that your coffee table has always needed. Its 14.5mm female ground joint comes with a matching flower bowl to give your dry herbs the time of their life. If you’re a professional when it comes to relaxation, add this pipe to your queue.

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 12 inches

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Under the Sea
Under the Sea Dab Rig

Empire Glassworks is known for their remarkable detail work, and their “Under the Sea” mini rig is no exception. Adorned with a friendly underwater scene complete with clown fish, coral, starfish, a turtle, and an octopus. Complete with a 14.5mm female joint to a fixed percolated downstem. A matching green slyme octopus flower bowl. The attention to detail on this piece will make it a staple in your collection.

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 7.25 inches

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Small Puck Rig
Small Puck Rig Dab Rig

From our good friends at Nexus Glass comes these sweet mini pucks, available in an entire rainbow of colors! Despite their small size, these puck-style rigs pack quite a mean punch. The 10mm polished joint on the main chamber connects to a diffused downstem to give it that airy diffusion that smokers love so much. This piece comes packaged with a 10mm polished female dome for concentrate use. This puck is perfect for the concentrate smoker looking for a discreet rig that can still get them the powerful hits that they desire. The Nexus logos can be found on both the bent neck and the female dome.

Joint: 10mm Male, Height: 4 inches

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Coiled Shenron
Coiled Shenron Dab Rig

This Rocket Ship Worked Mini Rig with Dichroic Accents is made for dabbing. Introduced by Empire Glassworks, this piece was created in Placentia California. With its subtle dichroic accents, this piece is sure to win your heart. A matching 14.5mm flower bowl is included with this fun rig.

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 5.5 inches

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Avocadope Dab Rig

Avocados are a what you call a superfood. And when you combine the superfood with functional glass, you get this super fresh rig from Empire Glassworks. The “Avocadope” Mini Rig is a vibrant piece that will always bring a smile to your face.

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 6.5 inches

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Mini-Sippy Dab Rig

The perfect oil accessory for your dabbing needs. From Rehab Glass this concentrate pipe comes from Southern California. The “Mini-Sippy” features a quartz banger and diffused downstem. This standard oil accessory is positive to make your smoking experience much easier.

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 5 inches

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Rocket Ship
Rocket Ship Dab Rig

This Rocket Ship Worked Mini Rig with Dichroic Accents is made for dabbing. Introduced by Empire Glassworks, this piece was created in Placentia California. With its subtle dichroic accents, this piece is sure to win your heart. A matching 14.5mm flower bowl is included with this fun rig.

Joint: 14.5mm Female, Height: 5.5 inches

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Learn about Dab Rigs

dab rigs review

Rigs are a kind of a concentrate water pipe which are used to smoke legal, essential oils and concentrates. They make smoking easily as the smoke produced in it is not actually the smoke but the vapors that deliver the best essence of the product.

Concentrates like oil and wax (dabs) have always been around but dabbing didn’t take off until recently. For a very long time dabbing was never popular and many concentrate dabs were made at home. Because of the recent legalization of marijuana in some states, dabs hcave lead to the development and growth of marijuana rigs.

Many people would say the trend started back in 2010 because of the legalization activities. Some people also believe dab and rigs are a healthier alternative to smoking the flower. Around 2012 many new shops and online head shops started offering rigs of all kinds for sale. The demand is still constantly growing and has a tremendous momentum.

Dabbing has increasingly become popular in recent years, as it gives smokers a safer and healthier way to enjoy their concentrates. Rigs and concentrate pipes are constantly increasing demand. The increase in the demands is a sign of the increased numbers of people that are now looking for a more real and enjoyable smoking satisfaction. As dabbing gains in popularity grows, the new devices for enjoying different extracts are popping up all over.

Dab rigs cost anywhere between $30 and a several hundreds of dollars depending on the complexity of the rig.  If you’ve never tried dabbing but are looking for alternatives to smoking, a dab rig may be just the thing for you. Despite most concentrate rigs being similar and carrying out the same function, there are several factors that may influence an individual choice when it comes to buying.

Who Would Want A Dab Rig?

If you had the opportunity to try an oil rig , and you plan on converting to the much healthier option, it is best if you invest in a well-built rig.

Tip: If you have an old bong lying around you can use it as the base and create your own rig for a fraction of the price.

If you have never tried dabs then it would be best for you to visit our Dabs & Rigs 101 page for more information. Dabbing is essential for those who dislike the usual ‘out of there’ mentality that you get with smoking flowers. It also allows you to feel the side effects for a much longer duration.

Pros And Cons Of Dab Rigs

If you’re into dabbing a decent oil rig is definitely an absolute must. Some of the advantages of using an oil rig include:

  • Convenience – You will have everything you need to quickly take a dab.
  • Safety – You are dealing with torches and high temperatures, not using the right equipment could result in small burns.
  • Style – Just Like bongs, pipes, and bowls rigs are usually the works of art. There are many different styles and pieces to choose from that allow you to mix and match to create personal one-of-a-kind set up.
  • Health Benefits – You may find health benefits yourself with dabbing. Many people argue smoking vapor is healthier than typical marijuana plant and we have to agree.
  • Taste – The best and quality concentrate oil gives the best smooth hits that won’t leave you with coughing up your lungs.
  • Sweet Smell  – A lot of people like oil because it does not leave a pungent marijuana smell. Depending on your oil you can smoke indoors without the worries of anyone identifying the odor.
  • Cleaner Feel– The first thing you notice with concentrate oil is they give you a much cleaner experience. Dabs have been said to provide more focus and to have higher medicinal benefits than the regular flower.

When looking for your first oil rig it is best you get the right rig with the proper attachments. If you decide to purchase a poorly designed rig made with thin glass it may result in your glass rig cracking or shattering under pressure. Nothing is more frustrating when you are dabbing and you hear the glass start to crack as you take your dab. Talk about buzz kill.


These problems can be avoided by purchasing top quality rigs, and choosing the proper attachments. Check out our top reviews:

  1. Stephen Pierce Glass
  2. Helix Flare Base
  3. Circuit Dab Rig
  4. Fat Can With Tree Perc

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