sesh supply orpheus bong

sesh supply orpheus bongAt 8.5 inches tall, this Sesh Supply Orpheus bong comes with a 14.5mm female joint and is designed here in Savannah, Georgia.

The major highlights of this bong would be the bent neck, propeller perc, large bubbler chamber, and the 90 degree joint.

Sesh Supply Orpheus Bong Review


Price: $100 - $150
Find Here: Smoke CartelGrass CityBillowby (mini version)

Want to impress your friends? Like to show off your newest peices? This bong is for you! This bong features a unique one of a kind propeller percolator that will leave you and your audience stunned while you take your rip. Very well built and good quality bong over all. It is recommended you know your bongs before purchasing this bong.

  • Size
  • Flavor
  • Glass Thickness
  • Weight

Sesh Supply Orpheus Bong Review

Sesh Supply’s Orpheus Bong is an instrument of vitality and amusement.

In the old Greek Myth, Orpheus was the musician and prophet who was able to charm and manipulate humans, animals, and objects with his beautiful music. Sesh Supply created Orpheus to be just as charming and to allow you to easily travel the word with your essentials.

The Orpheus bong comes at 8.5 inches tall allowing for easy portability and packing. While there are many advantages to a bent neck design the one to keep in mind the most is the ability to prevent any splash-back in your mouth. Some will prefer the bent neck because of the sleek look it gives the bong.

sesh orpheus bongOne of the most unique features of the Orpheus bong is the propeller perc that comes with it. The propeller percolator is composed of kinetic glass. The air is forced through angled holes, creating a force that spins the propeller blade inside the water when you are taking a hit. This percolator allows for a more even distribution of smoke. This awesome percolator gives the Orpheus bong life and is sure to surprise and intrigue your friends.

Made with high quality and high grade glass materials, this bong was designed to resist the effects of thermal shock. Orpheus is available in a wide variety of colors.

Just about every high-quality bong will have various percolators built inside them. A percolator is essentially an additional water chamber that is usually located inside the main shaft of the bong or can be purchased as an attachable onto the down-stem of the bong.

The main idea behind percs is the focus on more water and smoke interaction, allowing better filtered smoke and a cooler, refreshing hit. Most top brands will use thicker glass to produce their bongs. This creates a sturdy bong that won’t break so easily.

sesh supply bongWhen looking for a quality bong is best to look for certain aspects as this is what you can use to determine whether or not the bong you are purchasing is right for you. You want to be on the lookout for bongs with multiple percolators.

That’s because they tend to retain the flavor better. You also want to keep an eye out for larger mouthpieces as this make a big difference in flavor and harshness of the bong rip. Bongs are usually created with a larger mouth opening because of the large amount of air needed when ripping the bong.

The last thing you want to look for in a good bong is the option to attach external percolators. This is because after chronic use you will notice your lungs slightly hurting. Adding an addition percolator to your bong will allow you to smoke more and for a longer period of time.

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About Sesh Supply

sesh supply logoSesh Supply is located in Savannah, Georgie. Every Sesh Supply bong, bowl or pipe is named from a similar creature or character from Greek mythology. They are dedicated with providing everyone with premium glass pieces that are sure to give attention and the smoothest hits. Sesh Supply is mainly known for their amazing propeller percolators but also have a wide variety of other cool and unique percolators. They are designed to capture anyone’s attention and to deliver the best tasting hits. Sesh Supply is setting new standards for affordable quality glass pieces.



The Orpheus Bong by Sesh Supply is a great little piece. It is a unique bong built with a working propeller percolator that allows you to watch your smoke bubble to creamy perfection. The well-made design and thick durable glass will leave you happy with your purchase. Check out our other best bong reviews!