beaker bong

grav-beaker-best-bong-2017At 16 inches tall, this Grav Labs Basic Beaker bong comes with a 14.5mm female joint and is hand blown in Austin, Texas.

The major highlights of this bong would be the large beaker base, diffused downstem, ice catcher, and the thick clear borosilicate branded glass.

Grav Labs Basic Beaker Bong Review


Price: $100 - $150
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Grav Labs has effectively created by far the simplest yet most effective bong to date. The Basic Beaker bong is an iconic bong that just about every honest smoker has tried before. The simplicity and aesthetics of the bong allow for easy quick cleaning. This is bong is recommended for those who are just starting out.

  • Size
  • Flavor
  • Glass Thickness
  • Weight

Grab Labs Basic Beaker Bong Review

This is the classic Grab Labs Basic Beaker that has become the iconic symbol of their creative work. The 5mm thick borosilicate glass makes for a sturdy bong that is sure to outlast you. It comes at 16 inches tall with an ice catcher. You can throw in some ice at the top before a session and enjoy the cool refreshing bong hits. The ice catcher also acts as a splash-guard, ensuring no water gets in or near your mouth when inhaling. The base is shaped like a classic beaker you would find in any science lab.

beaker bongThis Basic Beaker bong is very sturdy and can handle the accidental bumps and tips due to being bottom-heavy. This relieves the anxiety of friends accidentally breaking your bong. The simplicity of Grav Labs Basic Beaker bong allows for easy cleaning and bowl replacement. Another cool feature that you get with the Basic Beaker bong is they usually tend to come with (multiple) percolators inside them and you usually have the option to purchase external percolators. The percolator will give you even smoother hits.

Just about every high-quality bong will have (multiple) percolators built inside them. A percolator is essentially an additional water chamber that is usually located inside the main shaft of the bong or can be purchased as an attachable onto the downstem of the bong. The main idea behind percs is the focus on more water and smoke interaction, allowing better filtered smoke and a cooler, refreshing hit. Most top brands will use thicker glass to produce their bongs. This creates a sturdy bong that won’t break so easily.

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grav-labs-beaker-base-glass-bongWhen looking for a quality bong is best to look for certain aspects as this is what you can use to determine whether or not the bong you are going to purchase is right for you. You want to be on the lookout for bongs with multiple percolators. That’s because they tend to retain the flavor better.

You also want to keep an eye out for larger mouthpieces as this make a big difference in flavor and harshness of the bong rip. Bongs are usually created with a larger mouth opening because of the large amount of air needed when ripping a bong.

The last thing you want to look for in a good bong is the option to attach external percolators. This is because after chronic use you will notice your lungs hurting. Adding an addition percolator to your bong will allow you to smoke more and for a longer period of time.


The Basic Beaker bong by Grav Labs is made with the best optimal flavor and the smoothest hit in mind.  The percolators will keep your bong rips satisfying and the ice catcher will allow you to cool your smoke to optimal temperatures. This allows for a smooth refreshing and satisfying super rich thick flavors.

This beaker bong is a classic and belongs in everyone’s collection. With the iconic glass beaker design and being well known for their consistent innovation and modest pricing, you can’t go wrong with a basic beaker bong from Grav Labs.  Check out our other best bong reviews!