flare base bong grav labs

flare base bong grav labsAt 8 inches tall, this Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs comes with a 14mm male joint and is hand blown in Lost Angeles Ca.

The major highlights of this bong would be the geometric ice-pinch, fixed downstem, and durable borosilicate glass.

Grav Labs Flare Base Bong Review


Price: $80 - $100
Find Here: Smoke CartelBillowbyDankstop

Flare bongs always seem to capture your attention, the sheer finesse of small bongs and their functionality.

This bong includes the crème de la crème of flare mini bongs - the limited edition tree percolator with specialized sprocket discs. Grav labs does a great job with making very sturdy stable bases that guarantee spill proof solidarity. The specialized built in sprocket disks provide extra refined filtration and allows for a more comfortable toke that is sure to satisfy your guests.

This bong is recommended for the more experienced users who are interested in a larger, more aesthetically pleasing bong.

  • Size
  • Flavor
  • Glass Thickness
  • Weight

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