coiled-shower-head-perc-bongAt 10 inches tall, this Coil Showerhead Mini Bong by Grav Labs comes with a 14mm male joint..

The major highlights of this bong would be the coiled showerhead percolator, stemless flare mouthpiece as well as the durable glass material.

Coil Showerhead Mini Bong by Grav Labs Review


Price: $150 - $200
Find Here: BillowbyDankstop

Very simple yet do not let that fool you! The Coil Showerhead Bong is the best water pipe for your collection. The small bong design from Grav Labs allows you to have a fully functional piece while out traveling about.

This one features a direction intakestem as well as an x-cut downstem. These features allow for smoke filtration that cool down the smoke to prevent burning feelings in lungs after a large rip. The beaker base allows for stability and you get to choose between clear accents or black accents.

Like all Grav Lab's pieces you can expect efficiency and durability.

  • Size
  • Flavor
  • Glass Thickness
  • Weight

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