Top Bongs Pipes & Bowls Reviews

We are going to go over our top picks of bongs, pipes and bowls and then will follow with short bullet points about our top picks. We feel the need to help everyone who is interested in purchasing their first paraphernalia so please read our full reviews before you make any decisions.

bongWhat qualifies us?

Here’s some of the brands we have tested:

  • Flow
  • Grav Labs
  • Grasscity
  • Empire Glassworks
  • Hi Si
  • Honey Supply
  • Illadelph
  • High Tech Glassworks
  • Burner Glassworks
  • Pulse Glass
  • Nexus Glass
  • Pure Glass

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Our Top Bong Reviews

After thorough research we have come to the conclusion that the following pieces meet our guidelines, thus we are recommending these pieces if you are looking to purchase your paraphernalia online:

  1. Grav Labs Basic Beaker Bong (Full Review)
  2. UPC Single Domed Showerhead Beaker Bong (Full Review)
  3. Sesh Supply Orpheus Bong (Full Review)
  4. Three Monkeys Designs Internal Recycler (Full Review)

We only recommend the brands that produce thick glass, best air flow, and best flavor pieces. We also take the length, portability as well as other things into account before we recommend a brand. Our recommendations are not for everyone and should be used as a guidance towards your next purchase of a water-bong, bowl or pipe.

Our Recent Reviews

1) Basic Beaker Bong by Grav Labs

beaker bong

  • 16 Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Female Joint
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Ice Catcher
  • Beaker Base

This is a Basic Beaker Bong from Grav Labs. It is an affordable, sleek and simple beaker piece recommended for those who are just starting out. It comes featuring an ice catcher and diffused down stem that is sure to leave you pleased. Read Full Review …

2) Single Domed Showerhead Beaker Bong by UPC

domed showerhead beaker bong

  • 14 Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Female Joint
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Ice Catcher
  • Beaker Base
  • Showerhead Percolator

This one is for those who are experienced and are interested in smoother hits because it comes with a shower head perc. This percolator will allow a smoother and better tasting hit that will bring out pretty much all of the flavors. That combined with a diffused down stem will leave you satisfied with this piece.. Read Full Review …

3) Orpheus Bong by Sesh Supply

sesh supply orpheus bong

  • 8.5 Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Female Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Iconic Propeller Percolator
  • Large Bubbler Base
  • 90 Degree Joint

Watch the internal glass propeller percolator come to life as you take a rip. This will not only impress your friends but will leave you with satisfying rips. If showing off your latest pieces is your thing this one might be for you. Orpheus water-bong by Sesh Supply is sure to provide entertainment during your sessions… Read Full Review …

4) Internal Recycler Bong by Three Monkeys Designs

recycler bong

  • 13 Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Female Joint
  • Straight Neck Design
  • Recycler Percolator
  • Tree Percolator
  • 90 Degree Joint

Looking for the ultimate set up? This Internal Recycler bong by Three Monkey Designs comes packed with a recycler perc and a shower head perc that will leave you with the smoothest hits known to man. Recommended for the experienced users this piece is sure to leave everyone impressed. The thick glass with the straight neck design makes for a durable work of art… Read Full Review …

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Glass Bowlswater glass bongs pipes bowls

Glass bowls are usually the most popular paraphernalia because they are so simple, small, and very effective. One of the essentials to look for in a good glass bowl is the thickness of the glass. Cheap bowls crack a lot easier and have a higher potential of breaking because of the nature of the piece and glass used. The bowls also have to fit well in your hand and the carb should be located in a well accessible area.


weed pipesWeed pipes seem to be hardly popular but some can find it easier to handle and clean, as well as they see a weed pipe as a good investment as it will never break. A pipe is usually made of metal or wood and can be a short pipe, called a chillum, or a long pipe like the Gandalf Pipe. Some pipes are even made from glass, they are called steamrollers. A weed pipe could be a good (small) investment if durability is something you are looking for.



Dry herb vaporizers have been becoming ever seemingly popular. They are very affordable and allow you to travel in utter discrete. The sheer convenience of a herb vaporizer allows you to toke when you are in need of medication. Many people have come to realize that dry herb vaporizers allow them to save on buds costs as well as benefit from a completely different mental state that typical ingestion methods produce. They enjoy the idea of portability and how the vapor is not damaging to their lungs. Check out our reviews of the best dry herb vaporizers in 2017!