Quick Start Guide To Using Dab Rigs

We know at first this can be a bit confusing, so we created this as a fast start guide to clarify some basics about dab rigs.

What Do You Need For Bare Essentials?

For a proper dab rig set up you will need a bong base, a dome, the nail, your best refillable torch and a dabber also known as a pick.

Pictured to the right are the absolute bare essentials – the dabber, the refillable butane torch, the glass dome with glass nail assembled, and the base.

There are other options for dab rig set ups, but most people when starting out want the most simplest set up.

Try one of these out to see if you like it, and then you may want to look into more advanced things such as peculators, thicker glass, larger durable torch etc.

Most Affordable Way To Get Out Of The Gate:

Look for best prices on recommended online head shops and use available coupons. Dab rigs can get very expensive quick, but if you are interesting in purchasing your first dab rig it is recommended you get the basic simplest model as shown in the picture. This wont leave a huge hole in your pocket and when ready you can upgrade to something a little more sturdy.

How Does A Dab Rig Work?

With the basic models, there is a titanium, glass, or ceramic nail that is heated with a torch to red hot temperatures. Then the glass dome is attached firmly and the dabber is used to lay out the product (dabs, cbd oils, other concentrates) as you inhale the vapors. For more information and in depth details visit our what are dab rigs page.

best-dab-rigs-setupWhat About Brand & Expensive Dab Rig Setups?

You can spend quite a lot of money and end up with a prize possession that will satisfy you for years. These ultimate dab rig set ups are usually brand models, thicker glass with multiple percolators, larger better built torches, electronic nails or specialty nails, and durable dabbers.

To the right is a simple, yet elegant, e nail dab rig set up.

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Which Brands Are The Best?

Just like with the analogue predecessors everyone has their own preferred styles of dab rigs. You may want to try out a few brands before you come to the conclusion of what best fits your desires.

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You can navigate to our full reviews of recommended brands above. We have taken the time to write in depth reviews of our top dab rigs and recommend only those that satisfy our need and desires.

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We hope that clarified some of your basic questions with dab rigs.

dab-rigs-anxiety-freeAn Introduction To Slant33 Reviews

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